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Subjective Estimation of the Quality of Life in Relation to Neuroticism

WHOQOL Group. Qual Life Res 2004;13:299-310. Radošević-Vidaček B, Macan J, Košćec A. Stres i alergija [Stress and allergy, in Croatian]. Arh Hig Rada Toksikol 2004;55:205-11. Weider A, Wolff HG, Brodman K, Mittelman B, Wechsler D. Priručnik za Cornell Index [Cornell Index Manual, in Croatian]. Jastrebarsko: Naklada Slap; 1997. Weider A, Brodman K, Mittlemann B, Wechsler D, Wolff HG. The Cornell Index. Psychosom Med 1946;8:411-3. Avdibegović E, Sinanović O

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Expectations of patients to nursing staff during the hospitalization


Introduction. Due to the increasing incidence of a number of different diseases of Polish society , there is also a growing need for professional nursing care to be able to objectively assess how it should be expected to find out what the patients’ expectations are in this situation.

Aim. The study aimed to define the main patient expectations for nursing staff during hospitalization. The purpose of the work was also to get to know the public opinion about the model of a modern nurse.

Material and methods. The study was carried out on 200 patients hospitalized at various hospitals in Krosno, Strzyżów and Jasło at the end of January and February 2017. The method of the diagnostic survey was used with the questionnaire survey, which consisted of 10 closed questions.

Results. For 87% of patients the most important care is caring care, 79.5% of the respondents require good practice. For 66% of respondents it is important to provide information on their questions, while 51.5% of people are important to enable contact with family. The overwhelming majority, (95%) of respondents stress the importance of possible assistance rather than helping them in their everyday life in the ward. 72.5% of patients assess the nurse-patient relationship very well.

Conclusions. For patients a very important element of hospitalization is caring nursing care. Hospitalized people are much more likely to appreciate the professional experience of nursing staff than achieved by them academic titles. The profession of a nurse/nurse is perceived by patients as a separate profession. Patients appreciate the smile and nice attitude of the nursing staff.

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Correlates of Depression in the Slovenian Working Population

-012-9406-9 8. Ani C, Bazargan M, Hindman D, Bell D, Farooq MA, Akhanjee L, Yemofi o F, Baker R, Rodriguez M. Depression symptomatology and diagnosis: discordance between patients and physicians in primary care settings. BMC Fam Pract 2008;9:1. doi: 10.1186/1471-2296-9-1 9. Piccinelli M, Wilkinson G. Gender differences in depression. Critical review. Br J Psychiatry 2000;177:486-92. doi: 10.1192/bjp.177.6.486 10. Merikangas KR, Pine D. Genetic and other vulnerability factors for anxiety and stress disorders. In: Davis KL, Charney D, Coyle JT

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Thomas Gordon'S Communicative Pedagogy in Modern Educational Realities


In the article the principles, strategies, methods, techniques of communicative pedagogy of American scientist Thomas Gordon and system components of effective communication training for parents, teachers and administrators are enlightened. It has been determined that the main principle of Thomas Gordon's pedagogy is an interactive way of knowing the world, which is realized within communicative activities through which any views and opinions are transferred to the partner, and his reflection on the expressed opinion is perceived that helps enrich the experience of interpersonal interaction.

The concept, based on Thomas Gordon's educational system, according to which a child is not the property of parents, and is characterized by his/her own identity, different from his/her parent's identity and is entitled to his/her own life, a unique personality, privacy, independence has been marked. The main goal of Thomas Gordon's educational system has been revealed: child's development, his/her creative potential, rather than subordination to some external ideals or beliefs, alien to his/her nature. Thomas Gordon stresses that it is necessary to create conditions for child's development, rather than try to bring up such a type of person which adults created in their mind.

Thomas Gordon's conflict resolution strategy, based on six stepwise algorithm has been characterized: 1) recognition and definition of conflict; 2) search for possible solutions to the conflict; 3) critical evaluation of solution projects; 4) choice of the most appropriate solutions; 5) examining ways of introducing defined solution; 6) monitoring the results of performed actions. The features of using pedagogical heritage in the content of pedagogical education in different countries have been studied. Outlined recommendations for implementation of communicative pedagogy ideas in the realities of Ukrainian education have been outlined.

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Selected conditions for endometrial acceptance and preferred forms of psychological asistance

, V.(2005). Stress reactivity and family relationships in the developmental treatment of endometriosis. Fertility and Sterility, (83), 857-864. Hawkins, R. S., Hart, D. A.(2003).The Use of Thermal Biofeedback in the Treatment of Pain Associated With Endometriosis: Preliminary Findings, Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback,(4), 279-289. Hirsch, K.W., Lapido, O.A., Bhal, P.S., Shaw, R.W.(2001).The management of endometriosis: a survey of patients’ aspirations. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology,(5), 500

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An Evaluation of the Academic Stress’ Affect on Periodontal Tissues

. academic examinations and immunity: Academic stress or examination stress. Psychosom Med, 2004;66:625-626. 16. Griffiths GS. Formation, collection and significance of gingival crevice fluid. Periodontol 2000, 2003;31:32-42. 17. Spielberger CD, Gorsuch RL, Luchene RE. Manual for state-trait anxiety inventory. Palo Alto, California: California Consulting Psychologist’s Press, 1970. 18. Murphy L, Denis R, Ward CP, Tartar JL. Academic stress differentially perceived stress, salivary cortisol, and immune globulin-A in undergraduate students. Stress, 2010

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Occupational Stress as a Correlate of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour and Psychological Capital Among Graduate Employees in Nigeria

satisfaction and burnout. Procedia-Social Beh. Sci., 190: 97-105. American Psychological Association (2013). Stress in America: Missing the health care connection. Amunkete, S.L.N. (2015). Psychological capital in Namibian state-owned enterprises: measurement, antecedents and outcomes. Ph.D Thesis, North-West University, South Africa. Argentero, P., Cortese, C.G. & Ferretti, M.S. (2008). Organisational citizenship behaviour: Podsakoff et al.’s scale. TPM, 15(2): 61-75. Arogundade, O.T. & Lawal, O. (2016). The influence of perceived occupational stress

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Stressors, social support and military performance in a modern war scenario

-Being and Job Satisfaction amongst Military Personnel on unaccompanied Tours: The Impact of Perceived Social Support and Coping Strategies. Military Psychology: 16(1), 37-51. Mandel, D.R., Vartanian, O., Adams, B.D., and Thomson, M.H. (2010). Performance of UN Military Observers Teams: Does Victims Proximity Escalate Commitment to Saving Lives? Human Performance, 23, 229-246. Mastroianni, G.R., Mabry, T.R., Benedek, D.M., Ursano, R.J. (2008) The Stress of Modern War. In: B.J. Lukey & V. Tepe (Eds), Biobehavioral Resilience to Stress (pp

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Salivary cortisol and nitrite concentrations in school teachers: A longitudinal pilot study

em Estudo 9, 255–262, 2004. Bangasser DA, Valentino RJ. Sex differences in molecular and cellular substrates of stress. Cell Mol Neurobiol 32,709–723, 2012. Chou PH, Lin WH, Hung CA, Chang CC, Li WR, Lan TH, Huang MW. Perceived occupational stress is associated with decreased cortical activity of the prefrontal cortex: A multichannel near-infrared spectroscopy study. Sci Rep 6, 39089–39093, 2016. Donald JA, Forgan LG, Cameron MS. The evolution of nitric oxide signalling in vertebrate blood vessels. J Comp Physiol B 185, 153–171, 2015

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Work-Related stress factors in nurses at Slovenian hospitals – A cross-sectional study

-004185 9 Lin SH, Liao WC, Chen MY, Fan JY. The impact of shift work on nurses’ job stress, sleep quality and self‐perceived health status. J Nurs Manag. 2014;22:604-12. 10.1111/jonm.12020 Lin SH Liao WC Chen MY Fan JY The impact of shift work on nurses’ job stress, sleep quality and self‐perceived health status J Nurs Manag 2014 22 604 – 12 10.1111/jonm.12020 10 Adriaenssens J, De Gucht V, Maes S. Causes and consequences of occupational stress in emergency nurses, a longitudinal study. J Nurs Manag. 2015;23:346–58. 10.1111/jonm.12138

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