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Influence of surface state of high alloyed creep resistant steels on their oxidation resistance

-434. 7. Bystrianský,J. et al. Determination of conditions leading to localized corrosion initiation on UNS 32100 (AISI 321) stainless steels in nuclear power environments. Nuclear Engineering and Design 1995, 157, 123-136. 8. Vejvoda, S.; Bystrianský, J. Program DIALIFE _ KE; Blok - vysokoteplotní oxidace austenitických ocelí. 9. Aspden, J.D. et al. Some Aspects of Combined Oxygenated Treatment, Proceedings of VGB Conference, Mittwoch, 2001. 10. Kowaka, M. Metal Corrosion Damage and Protection Technology. Ch 5.3 Steam

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Mineral stability of Fe-rich bentonite in the Mock-Up-CZ experiment

layer charge of smectites. Applied Clay Sci. 34, 2-13. Delay J., Vinsot A., Krieguer J.M., Rebours H. & Armand G. 2007: Making of the underground scientific experimental programme at the Meuse/Haute-Marne underground research laboratory, North Eastern France. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 32, 2-18. Drits V.A., Eberl D.D. & Środoń J. 1998: XRD measurement of mean thickness, thickness distribution and strain for illite and illite/smectite crystallites by the Bertaut-Warren-Averbach technique. Clays and Clay

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Determining Influence of Culture Media and Dose-Dependent Supplementation with Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor on the Ex Vivo Proliferative Activity of Domestic Cat Dermal Fibroblasts in Terms of Their Suitability for Cell Banking and Somatic Cell Cloning of Felids

of intergeneric and intrageneric somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) cat embryos and the determination of telomere length in cloned offspring. Cell. Reprogram., 14: 79–87. Ishii T. (2014). Human iPS cell-derived germ cells: current status and clinical potential. J. Clin. Med., 3:1064–1083. Jin L., Guo Q., Zhang G.L., Xing X.X., Xuan M.F., Luo Q.R., Luo Z.B., Wang J.X., Yin X.J., Kang J.D. (2018). The histone deacetylase inhibitor, CI994, improves nuclear re-programming and in vitro developmental potential of cloned pig embryos. Cell. Reprogram., 20

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Deterministic and probabilistic analysis of damping device resistance under impact loads from nuclear fuel container drop

International Conference, Reliability of Structures , p.33-38. Jcss-Ostl/Dia/Vrou-10-11-2000 (2001) Probabilistic Model Code, Part 1 Basis of Design , Working Material http://www.jcss.Ethz.Ch/ Kanický, V. and Salajka, V. (1994) Some Remarks on the Application of Professional Fem-Based Programs. In: Numerical Methods in Continuum Mechanics, Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference , September 19-22, High Tatras, Stará Lesná - Slovakia, pp. 345-352. Kotrasová, K. (2008) Influence of

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Kinetics of Electrons from Plasma Discharge in a Latent Track Region Induced by Swift Heavy ION Irradiation

-Clion irradiation. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, Vol. 272, pp. 1-4. 7. HUANG, D. H., APOSTOLOVA, T., ALSING, P. M., CARDIMONA, D. A. 2004. Phys. Rev. B 69, 075214. 8. CARRON, N. J. 2007. An Introduction to the Passage of Energetic Particles through Matter. New York - London: Taylor and Francis Group. 9. SIGMUND, P. 2004. Stopping of Heavy Ions. Springer Tracts of Modern Physics, Vol. 204. Berlin: Springer. 10. MAYER, M. SIMNRA a program for the simulation of backscattering spectra for ion

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Normal Values of Tissue-Muscle Perfusion Indexes of Lower Limbs Obtained with a Scintigraphic Method

REFERENCES 1. Niewiadomski D, Tryniszewski W, Marzec W, Brocki M, Mikosiński J, Raciborska I, Maziarz Z. The own method and program of isotope quantitatively assessment of perfusion in muscles of upper limbs (initial report). Nuclear Med Rev 2014;17,1:13-17 2. Tryniszewski W, Gadzicki M, Maziarz Z. The assessment of the range of normal values of lower limb perfusion indicators at rest and stress with the own radio isotopic method and program. ClinExp Med Lett 2008; 49(2): 107-113 3. Miles KA, Barber RW, Wraight EP, Cooper M, Appleton DS. Leg

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Multibarrier system preventing migration of radionuclides from radioactive waste repository

: International Atomic Energy Agency. (IAEA-TECDOC-1255). 9. IPPA Report from I Workshop in Poland IPPA FP7-269849 Project Deliverable 6.3, date of issue 08.03.2012; Project co-funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Euratom Framework Programme for Nuclear Research and Training Activities (2007-2011). 10. Lankof, L., & Pająk, L. (2014). Założenia metodyczne w zakresie modelowania migracji radionuklidów w środowisku geologicznym w sąsiedztwie składowisk nisko i średnioaktywnych odpadów promieniotwórczych. Technika Poszukiwań

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Computer Aided Design – Comparative Analysis of Widely Available Software with Analytical Method

, 188 p. ISBN 978-83-7193-600-5. [4] BATHE, K.J. Nonlinear finite element analysis and ADINA. Mechanics Research Communications, Volume 12, Issue 6, November 1985, Page 346, ISSN: 00936413. [5] BATHE, K.J. Finite elements in CAD and ADINA, Nuclear Engineering and Design, Volume 98, Issue 1, 1986, pp. 57-67, ISSN: 00295493 [6] KURZAK, L., MAJOR, M. & MAJOR, I. Computer-Aided Design Using Programs ROBOT and ADINA - Comparison. LEHOCKA, D., CARACH, J., KNAPCIKOVA, L., HLOCH, S. In: 5th International Scientific and Expert

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Isatis Armena (Brassicaceae), New For Flora Palaestina

References B oissier E. 1867. Flora orientalis . 1 . H. Georg, Basileae. B ush N. A. & V asil ’ chenko I. T. 1970. Sameraria Desv. In: N. A. B ush (ed.), Flora of the USSR . 8 : 172–176. Israel Program of Scientific Translation, Jerusalem. D avis P. H. 1965. Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands . 1 . University Press, Edinburgh. H edge J. & R echinger K. 1968. Flora Iranica: Cruciferae . Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt, Graz. M oazzeni H., Z arre S., A l -S hehbaz I. & M ummenhoff K. 2010. Phylogeny of

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Implementation of engineering codes for WWER-440 core calculations

R eferences [1] F. Havl°uj, R. Vočka and J. Vysoudil, “ANDREA 2: Improved Version of Code for Reactor Core Analysis”, Procedings of the 22 nd International conference on Nuclear Engineering , Prague, Czech Republic, July 7–11, 2014. [2] P. A. Bolobov, A. P. Lazarenko and M. Ju. Tomilov, “Development of the Code Package KASKAD for Calculations of WWERs”, Proceedings of the eighteenth symposium of atomic energy research , Hungary, 2008. [3] V. D. Sidorenko et al, “Spectral Code TVS-M for Calculation of Characteristics of Cells, Supercells and

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