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Additive Allometric Models of Single-Tree Biomass of Betula Sp. as a Basis of Regional Taxation Standards for Eurasia

References [1] BASKERVILLE, G. L.: Use of logarithmic regression in the estimation of plant biomass. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, Vol. 2, 1972, pp. 49 - 53. [2] BI, H. – MURPHY, S. – VOLKOVA, L. – WESTON, CH. – FAIRMAN, T. – LI, Y. – LAW, R. – NORRIS, J. - LEI X. – CACCAMO, G.: Additive biomass equations based on complete weighing of sample trees for open eucalypt forest species in south-eastern Australia. Forest Ecology and Management, Vol. 349, 2015, pp. 106 - 121, . [3] BI, H. – TURNER

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Geographical Perspectives on Agritourism in The Czech Republic

between tourism offer and tourism demand in the case of farm tourism in Slovenia. European Countryside, Vol. 5, No. 4, p. 339-355. CLARKE, J., DENMAN, R., HICKMAN, G., SLOVÁK, J. (2001): Rural tourism in Roznava Okres: a Slovak case study. Tourism Management, Vol. 22, No. 2, p. 193-202. CHROMÝ, P., JANČÁK, V., MARADA, M., HAVLÍČEK, T. (2011): Venkov - žitý prostor: regionální diferenciace percepce venkova představiteli venkovských obcí v Česku. Geografie, Vol. 116, No. 1, p. 23-45. CSO (2011): Agrocensus, regions - Farm Structure Survey and Survey on Agricultural

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The Spatial Pattern of Brownfields and Characteristics of Redeveloped Sites in the Ostrava Metropolitan Area (Czech Republic)

References ADAMS, D., DISBERRY, A., HUTCHISON, N., MUNJOMA, T. (2001): Ownership constraints to brownfield redevelopment. Environment and Planning A, Vol. 33, No. 3, p. 453-477. ALKER, S., JOY, V., ROBERTS, P., SMITH, N. (2000): The definition of brownfield. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Vol. 43, No. 1, p. 49-69. BRUINSMA, F., NIJKAMP, P., VREEKER, R. (2002): A comparative industrial profile analysis of urban regions in Western Europe: an application of rough set classification

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Thermal Properties of a New Pavement Material for Using in Road Construction

-Mix Asphalt Thermal Properties during Compaction. Quality Management of Hot-Mix Asphalt, American Society for Testing and Materials, 1996. [10] Asphalt Pavement Sizing Guide CLPM at IAP, 2003. [11] LUCA, J. - MRAWIRA, D.: New Measurements of Thermal Properties of Superpave Asphalt Concrete. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, Vol. 17, 2005, pp. 72 - 79, . [12] MRAWIRA, M. - LUCA, J.: Effect of Aggregate Type, Gradation, and Compaction Level on Thermal Properties of Hot-Mix Asphalts. Canadian

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Assessment and Comparison of Tourism Vocabulary Skills in ESL Learners

References ASHWORTH, G., PAGE, S. J. (2011), “Urban Tourism Research: Recent Progress and Current Paradoxes”. Tourism Management, Vol. 32, Elsevier COUCH, C., FRASER, C., PERCY, S. (2003), Urban Regeneration in Europe. Blackwell Science Ltd. COUNCIL OF EUROPE (2011), The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Cambridge University Press CRYSTAL, D. (2003), English as a Global Language. Cambridge University Press DOUGHERTY STAHL, K. A., BRAVO, M. A. (2010

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The role of landscape preferences in the travel decisions of railway passengers: Evidence from Hungary

of relief as landscape background. Romanian Review of Regional Studies, 6(1): 79–90. CSORBA, P., LÓCZY, D., MEZŐSI, G. (2004): Recent landscape research in Hungary. BELGEO – Revue Belge de Geographie, 2–3: 289–300. DACHARY-BERNARD, J. RAMBONILAZA, T. (2012): Choice experiment, multiple programmes contingent valuation and landscape preferences: How can we support the land use decision making process? Land Use Policy, 29(4): 846–854. DANIEL, T. C., BOSTER, R. S. (1976): Measuring Landscape Esthetics: The Scenic Beauty Estimation Method. USDA, Fort

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Impacts of natural hazards on an early industrial community: A case study of North Bohemia and its implications for long-term vulnerability assessment

., Hart, P. [eds.]: Governing after crisis (pp. 114-147). Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. BRÁZDIL, R. (2006): Historical and reent floods in the Czech Republic: causes, seasonality, trends, impacts. In: Schanze, J., Zeman, E., Maršálek, J. [eds.]: Flood Risk Management: Hazards, Vulnerability and Mitigation Measures (pp. 247-259). Berlin-Heidelberg, Springer Verlag. BRÁZDIL, R. (2009): Historical climatology and its contribution to climate reconstruction in Europe. In: Nachhaltige Geschichte (pp. 65-89). Zurich, Chronos Verlag

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The fuzzy concept of collaborative governance: A systematic review of the state of the art

to policy-making have also been advocated as a way to close the seemingly growing gap between government and citizens and thus to alleviate normative problems commonly besetting Western democracies in the last decades. Collaborative governance has received considerable attention from public administration scholars and is the subject of a burgeoning body of academic literature in policy studies, public management and democratic theory. However, the rapid uptake of collaborative governance and related concepts, such as coordination, cooperation, joined-up governance

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Thermal Insulating Properties of Straw-Filled Environmentally Friendly Building Materials

characterization of tropical wood used as building materials: With respect to the basal density, Constr. Build. Mater. 20, 2006, pp. 929-938. [14] JOSEFOWICZ, J.: Higher Reliability Electronics Through the Development of Thermal Management Materials Using the Modified Transient Plane Source Method, report in: Advancements in Thermal Management Conference, 6-7 August 2014. [15] HARRIS, A. - KAZACHENKO, S. - BATEMAN, R. - NICKERSON, J. - EMANUEL, M.: Measuring the thermal conductivity of heat transfer fluids via the modified transient plane source (MTPS), J. Therm

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Perceptions of Energy Crop Production by Lay People and Farmers Using the Ecosystem Services Approach

– Bevölkerungsumfrage zu Natur und biologischer Vielfalt. Bonn, 66 pp. BfN – Federal Agency for Nature Protection, 2011. Naturbewusstsein 2011 – Bevölkerungsumfrage zu Natur und biologischer Vielfalt. Bonn, 81 pp. BMBF – Federal Ministry of Education and Research (2008): Announcement of regulations for the “Sustainable land management” funding measure, Bonn. BMU (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety) (2011): Erneuerbare Energie in Zahlen – Internetupdate ausgewählter Daten. Bonn, Berlin. [cit. 3.7.2012] http

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