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Technological relatedness, knowledge space and smart specialisation: The case of Germany

References ACS, Z., AUDRETSCH, D. B. (1989): Patents as a measure of innovative activity. Kyklos, 42(2): 171–180. AGHION, P., HOWITT, P. (1990): A model of growth through creative destruction (No. 3223). Cambridge, National Bureau of Economic Research. ARCHIBUGI, D., PIANTA, M. (1992): Specialization and size of technological activities in industrial countries: The analysis of patent data. Research Policy, 21(1): 79–93. ASHEIM, B. T., GERTLER, M. S. (2005): The geography of innovation: regional innovation systems. In: Fagerberg, J., Mowery

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Solution to Urban Air Pollution – Carbon Free Transport

References Actiņa, G., Geipele, I., & Zeltins, N. (2015). Planning and Managing Problems of Energy and Energy Efficiency at Regional and District Level in Latvia: Case Study. In 2015 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM) (pp. 1-7). IEEE.Hyatt Regency Dubai; United Arab Emirates; March 3-5, 2015; Category number CFP1566Z-ART; Code 112072. Ādamsone, L., & Parupa, D. (2007). Air Quality Management in Riga. Ekonomika ir vadyba: aktualijos ir

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Changing European retail landscapes: New trends and challenges

- Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geography, 10(1): 23-37. Bilková, K., Križan, F., Barlík, P. (2016). Consumers´ preferences of shopping centers in Bratislava (Slovakia). Human Geographies - Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geography, 10(1): 7-21. Bilková, K., Križan, F., Barlík, P., Horňák, M., Barlík, P., Kita, P. (2017): Comparing two distance measures in the spatial mapping of food deserts: The case of Petržalka, Slovakia. Moravian Geographical Reports, 25(2): 95-103. Birkin, M., Clarke, G., Clarke, M

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Location Matters! Exploring Brownfields Regeneration in a Spatial Context (A Case Study of the South Moravian Region, Czech Republic)

definition of brownfield. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Vol. 43, No. 1, p. 49-69. AMEKUDZI, A., FOMUNUNG, I. (2004): Integrating brownfields redevelopment with transportation planning. Journal of Urban Planning and Development, Vol. 130, No. 4, p. 204-212. BACOT, H., O’DELL, C. (2006): Establishing indicators to evaluate brownfield redevelopment. Economic Development Quarterly, Vol. 20, No. 2, p. 142-161. BALL, M. (1998): Institutions in British Property Research: A Review. Urban Studies, Vol. 35, No. 9, p

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Wind farms and rural tourism: A Portuguese case study of residents’ and visitors’ perceptions and attitudes

ENERGIA E GEOLOGIA (2012): Renováveis. Estatísticas Rápidas, No. 93. Lisbon, DGEG. DIREÇÃO GERAL DE ENERGIA E GEOLOGIA (2016): Renováveis. Estatísticas Rápidas, No. 137. Lisbon, DGEG. EUROPEAN COMMISSION (2007): Special Eurobarometer 65.3. Energy Technologies: Knowledge, Perception, Measures. Brussels, European Commission. EUROPEAN COMMISSION (2010): Europe 2020. A European Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth. COM (2010): 2020. Brussels, European Commission. EUROPEAN COMMISSION (2012): Standard Eurobarometer 77. Brussels

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Merging diaries and GPS records: The method of data collection for spatio-temporal research

References: AHAS, R., AASA, A., SILM, S., AUNAP, R., KALLE, H., MARK, Ü. (2007a): Mobile positioning in space–time behaviour studies: social positioning method experiments in Estonia. Cartography and Geographic Information Science, 34(4): 259–273. AHAS, R., AASA, A., MARK, Ü., PAE, T., KULL, A. (2007b): Seasonal tourism spaces in Estonia: case study with mobile positioning data. Tourism Management, 28(3): 898–910. AHAS, R., AASA, A., ROOSE, A., MARK, Ü., SILM, S. (2008): Evaluating passive mobile positioning data for tourism surveys: an Estonian

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Exploring urban agriculture as a component of multifunctional green infrastructure: Application of figure-ground plans as a spatial analysis tool

): Landscape Structure and Biodiversity of Woody Plants in the Cadastral Territory of Kolíňany. Journal of Environmental Protection, Safety and Management, 4(2): 25–32. LIČKA, L., MALDONADO, L. (2016): Space: Introduction. In: Lohrberg, F., et al. [eds.]: Urban Agriculture Europe (pp. 116–119). Berlin, Jovis. LOHRBERG, F., LIČKA, L., SCAZZOSI, L., TIMPE, A. [eds.] (2016): Urban Agriculture Europe. Berlin, Jovis. LOHRBERG, F. (2016): Urban Agriculture Europe: Agriculture Interacting with the Urban Sphere. In: Lohrberg, F., et al. [eds.]: Urban Agriculture

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Visibility and perception analysis of city monuments: The case of Bratislava city centre (Slovakia)

References AMEDEO, D., GOLLEDGE, R., STIMSON, R. (2009): Person environment behaviour research: Investigating activities and experiences in spaces and environments. New York, London, Guilford Press. APPLETON, J. (1975): The experience of landscape. Chichester, John Wiley and Sons. ASHWORTH, G., PAGE, S. J. (2011): Urban tourism research: Recent progress and current paradoxes. Tourism Management, 32(1): 1–15. BATTY, M. (2001): Exploring isovist fields: space and shape in architectural and urban morphology. Environment and Planning B

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Exploring leadership styles for innovation: an exploratory factor analysis

L iterature Amabile, T. M., Schatzel, E. A., Moneta, G. B., & Kramer, S. J. (2004). Leader behaviors and the work environment for creativity: Perceived leader support. The Leadership Quarterly, 15 (1), 5-32. doi:10.1016/j.leaqua.2003.12.003 Arundel, A., & Huber, D. (2013). From too little to too much innovation? Issues in measuring innovation in the public sector. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 27 , 146-159. doi:10.1016/j.strueco.2013.06.009 Bass, B. M., & Bass, R. (2009). The Bass handbook of leadership: Theory, research, and

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