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Socio-demographic and lifestyle determinants of loyalty program participation in the Czech Republic

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Systemic Improvement of Management: Case Analysis of a Company Evaluating Quality Costs

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Residential Building Management System Features and Underlying Factors

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Determining Mission Statement Effectiveness from a Fit Perspective

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Predicting overall Staffs’ Creativity and Innovative Work Behavior in Banking

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The Importance of Brand Image on Consumer Purchase Attitude: A Case Study of E-Commerce in Taiwan

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Factors influencing the job search and job selection in students of Generation Y in the Czech Republic in the employer branding context

., Carroll, S. A., Piasentin, K. A. and Jones, D. A. (2005), “Applicant attraction to organisations and job choice: a meta-analytic review of the correlates of recruiting outcomes”, Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 90, No. 05, pp. 928-944. Charbonnier-Voirin, A., Poujol, J. F. and Vignolles, A. (2017), “From value congruence to employer brand: Impact on organizational identification and word of mouth”, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, Vol. 34, No. 04, pp. 429-437. Keller, K. L. (2013), Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing

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Creating Value – From Corporate Governance to Total Shareholders Return. An Overview

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Credit Risk Versus Performance in the Romanian Banking System

References Badea, L. (coord), Socol, A., Drăgoi, V., Drigă, I. (2010), Banking risk management, Ed. Economică, Bucharest, Romania. BCE, (2010), Beyond ROE - How to measure bank performance, available at Financial statements of BCR (2013-2016), available at, Financial statements of BRD (2013-2016), available at www

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Some Insights on the Changing Architecture of the World’s Top 100 Multinationals

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