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The Triaxiality Role in the Spin-Orbit Dynamics of a Rigid Body

the cases ρ ∈ {0, 0.0005, 0.15, 0.35}, which measure the evolution of the model when ρ ranges from the axial-symmetric case to a moderate triaxiality. In Figure 3 it is shown how the performance becomes poorer as the triaxiality parameter grows. More in detail, we observe for the radial variable that differences duplicate in each step from ρ = 0 to ρ = 0.35. Analogously, slow angles ψ and θ reduce their accuracy. However, in this case there is a drastic change from the axial-symmetric case to the first step into the triaxial model, which increases

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The self-similarity properties and multifractal analysis of DNA sequences

data. Section 2 is be dedicated to give the theoretical support of the DNA chaos game paraphrasing the ideas of Barnsley about definition of measures on fractals. In section 3 is showed a didactic approach using a pretty small genome applying the ideas of the last section. Sections 4 and 5 involves the use of these ideas to give a multifractal interpretation to the DNA sequences. In section 5 , we discuss the coarse grained multifractal theory and using the curdling theorem. The alternative definition of the singularity spectra used in the Chabbra

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Review of Printed Fabric Pattern Segmentation Analysis and Application

-467. [24] Kuo, C.-F.J., Shih, C.-Y. (2011). Printed fabric computerized automatic color separating system. Textile Research Journal, 81(7), 706-713. [25] Lucieer, V., Lucieer, A. (2009). Fuzzy clustering for seafloor classification. Marine Geology, 264(3-4), 230-241. [26] Fujiwara, H., Zhang, Z., Hatta, H., Koshimizu, H. (2004). Visual inspection of textile surfaces with translation invariant wavelet shrinkage. In Industrial Electronics Society, 2004. IECON 2004. 30th Annual Conference of IEEE, IEEE. [27] Firdaus, S., Uddin, M. A. (2015). A survey on

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Pierre Liardet (1943–2014)

–27. [L21] G abriel , P.—L emanczyk , M.—L iardet , P.: Ensemble d’invariants pour les produits croisés de Anzai , Mém. Soc. Math. France (N.S.) 47 (1991), 1—102. [L22] K raaikamp , C.–L iardet , P.: Good approximations and continued fractions , Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 112 (1991), no. 2, 303–309. [L23] B roglio , A.—L iardet , P.: Predictions with automata , in: Symbolic dynamics and its applications (New Haven, CT, 1991), Contemp. Math. Amer. Math. Soc. Vol. 135, Providence, RI, 1992, 111–124. [L24] G oodson , G. R.—K wiatkowski , J.—L emańczyk

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A Study on Various Techniques Involved in Gender Prediction System: A Comprehensive Review

. Personality Prediction through Offline Handwriting Analysis. 2017, No February. 28. Tett, R. P., C. A. Palmer. The Validity of Handwriting Elements in Relation to Self-Report Personality Trait Measures. – Personality and Individual Differences, Vol. 22 , 1997, No 1, pp. 11-18. 29. Warner, R. M., D. B. Sugarman. Attributions of Personality Based on Physical Appearance, Speech, and Handwriting. Vol. 50 , 1986, No 4, pp. 792-799. 30. Burr, V. Judging Gender from Samples of Adult Handwriting: Accuracy and Use of Cues. – Journal of Social Psychology, Vol

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On the selection of excitation signals for the fast spectroscopy of electrical bioimpedance

Introduction Electrical impedance spectroscopy is a widely used tool for characterization the structure of tissues and cell cultures [ 1 ]. In the cases where the properties of objects are changing in time (e.g., heart muscle) or the objects are moving as cells in a microfluidic channel, the coverage of the frequency range of interest within a short timeframe demands to satisfy the criteria of the linear time-invariant (LTI) system. If the properties of a sample under test (SUT) are changing significantly during a measurement timeframe, the corresponding

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Urban area change visualization and analysis using high density spatial data from time series aerial images

land or object surfaces are called point clouds. Point clouds of land surfaces can be obtained from LiDAR (light detection and ranging), SAR (synthetic aperture radar) or photogrammetry from stereo or multiview images. The point space of aerial and terrestrial LiDAR depends on the technical specification of the instrument ( Ghuffar et al., 2013 ). LiDAR has a sufficient level of measurement accuracy but requires expensive procedures. Thus, LiDAR cannot be applied to every measurement task. SAR is applied by satellite and measures the earth’s surface at particular (1

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Adaptation in Affective Video Games: A Literature Review

References 1. Picard, R. W. Affective Computing. MIT Media Laboratory Perceptual Computing Section, Technical Report No 321, 1995. 2. Watson, D., L. Clark, A. Tellegen. Development and Validation of Brief Measures of Positive and Negative Affect: The PANAS Scales. - J. of Pers. and Social Psych., Vol. 47, 1988, pp. 1063-1070. 3. Schwartz, M. S. Biofeedback: A Practioner’s Guide. New York, Guilford Press, 1995. 4. Bersak, D., G. Mc Darby, N

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Electrical bioimpedance spectroscopy in time-variant systems: Is undersampling always a problem?

monitoring [ 5 , 6 ] and even the monitoring of cell growth [ 7 , 8 , 9 ]. In the assessment of tissue state or body composition, the EBIS signal is considered to be time-invariant and hence any dynamic changes are essentially ignored and instead treated as noise or interference. This interference can then be removed, or rather reduced, through the averaging, i.e. lowpass filtering, of the impedance signal. In many cases this works sufficiently well. However, there are situations when the frequency of the interference is higher than half the rate at which the impedance

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