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The concentration of heavy metals in soils around the wetlands of the Ina valley near Sławęcin / Koncentracja metali ciężkich w glebach mokradeł doliny Iny koło Sławęcina


Wetlands around the upper part of the Ina valley are the area of great natural value, free from negative industrial impact. In the possible sources of contamination, we could include herbicides and artificial fertilisers from fields and meadows or municipal waste discharge from a small town Recz and local farms. The soils of wetlands, situated in the left part of the Ina valley near Sławęcin, were studied. Four characteristic profiles were made, from which soil samples were collected for laboratory analysis. In the soil samples, the content of organic matter and reaction in 1 mol KCl·dm-3 were determined, whereas in mineral horizons, granulometric composition and the concentration of total and exchangeable forms of heavy metals (Cd, Pb, Cu, Co, Zn, Fe). As a result of conducted studies, it was found that the soils of wetlands in the Ina valley near Sławęcin, do not exhibit contamination with heavy metals but their greater accumulation was observed in the surface muck layers than in fen peat and lower lying sediments.

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Humusica: Soil biodiversity and global change

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Application of ANN to the Sorption Equilibrium Modelling of Heavy Metal Ions on Clinoptilolite

References Gomonaj VI, Golub NP, Szekeresh KY, Leboda R, Skubiszewska-Zięba J. Badania nad przydatnością zakarpackiego klinoptylolitu do sorpcji jonów Hg(II), Cr(III) i Ni(II) z roztworów wodnych. Ochr Środ. 1998;4(71):3-6. Erdem E, Karapinar N. Donat R. The removal of heavy metal cations by natural zeolites. J Colloid Interf Sci. 2004;280:309-314. DOI: 10.1016/j.jcis.2004.08.028. Sprynskyy M, Lebedynets M, Zbytniewski R, Namieśnik J, Buszewski B. Ammonium removal from aqueos

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Treatment of the Processing Wastewaters Containing Heavy Metals with the Method Based on Flotation

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Source areas of the Grybów sub-basin: micropaleontological, mineralogical and geochemical provenance analysis (Outer Western Carpathians, Poland)

and their significance to the composition of ocean waters. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 54, 971–991. Fedo C.M., Young G.M. & Nesbitt G.M. 1997: Paleoclimatic control on the composition of the Paleoproterozoic Serpent Formation, Huronian Supergroup, Canada: A greenhouse to icehouse transition. Precambrian Res. 86, 201–223. Garcia D., Coelho J. & Perrin M. 1991: Fractionation between TiO 2 and Zr as a measure of sorting within shale and sandstone series (Northern Portugal). Eur. J. Mineral. 3, 401–414. Garcia D., Fonteilles M. & Moutte J. 1994

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Sources of PM10 Air Pollution in Rural Area in the Vicinity of a Highway In Žilina Selfgoverning Region, Slovakia

References [1] BALACHANDRAN, S. - BHARAT RAJ MEENA - KHILLARE, P. S.: 2000. Particle size distribution and its elemental composition in the ambient air of Delhi. In: Environment International [online]. 2000, vol. 26, issue 1-2, p. 49-54 [cit. 14. 04. 2014]. Available at: [2] CHEN, X. - XIA, X. - ZHAO, Y. - ZHANG, P.: 2010. Heavy metals concentrations in roadside soils and correlation with urban traffic in Beijing, China. In: Journal of Hazardous Materials

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Assessment of the use of municipal and industrial wastes in agriculture

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Strontium isotopes as an indicator of human migration – easy questions, difficult answers

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Sapphires related to alkali basalts from the Cerová Highlands, Western Carpathians (southern Slovakia): composition and origin

References Baker J. A., Macpherson C. G., Menzies M. A., Thirlwall M. F., Al-Kadasi M. & Mattey D. 2000: Resolving crustal and mantle contributions to continental flood volcanism, Yemen: constraints from mineral oxygen isotope data. J. Petrology 41, 1805-1820. Böhmer M. & Šímová M. 1976: Contact-metasomatic aureole of Miocene intrusives in the Kremnica Mountains. Acta Geol. Geogr. Univ. Comen. Geol. 30, 119-137 (in Slovak). Brousse R. & Varet J. 1966: Les trachytes du Mont

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Sorption of heavy metal cations on rhyolitic and andesitic bentonites from Central Slovakia

solutions. Appl. Clay Sci. 9, 383-395. Brindley G.W. & Brown G. 1980: Mineralogical society monograph No. 5. Crystal structures of clay minerals and their X-ray identification. Miner. Soc. London , 171-173. Bulut Y. & Baysal Z. 2006: Removal of Pb(II) from wastewater using wheat bran. J. Environ. Manage. 78, 107-113. Chantawong V., Harvey N. & Bashkin V.N. 2001: Comparison of heavy metal adsorptions by Thai kaolin and ball clay. Asian J. Energy Environ. 1, 33

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