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Evaluation of the effectiveness of kinesiotaping in reducing delayed onset muscle soreness of the biceps brachii

References 1. Arabaci R. (2008) Acute effects of pre-event lower limb massage on explosive and high speed motor capacities and flexibility. J. Sports. Sci. Med., 7: 549-555. 2. Bae S.H., Y.S. Lee, G.D. Kim, K.Y. Kim (2014) A quantitative evaluation of delayed onset muscular soreness according to application of Kinesio Taping. Advanced Science and Technology Letters, 47: 387-390. 3. Best T.M., R. Hunter, A. Wilcox, F. Haq (2008) Effectiveness of sports massage for recovery of skeletal muscle from strenuous exercise. Clin. J. Sport Med

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The influence of training loads on the sports results of athletes with visual impairments in the 800 and 1500 m races

load used in rehabilitation after knee surgery. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 21(4), 1050-1052. 6.Osvath P., Kälbili K., Ramocsa G. (2007). Attitudes of students in sport education to the sport activity of blind people in Hungary and possible reasons for them. Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Gymnica (37)3, 21-26. 7.Nixon H.L. (2007). Constructing diverse sport opportunities for people with disabilities. Journal of Sport and Social Issues 4, 417-433. 8.Sozański H., Kosmol A. (1995

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Effect of Applied Health-Oriented Exercises in Physical and Sport Education on Musculoskeletal System of Female Students

. BENDÍKOVÁ, E. & D. STACKEOVÁ, 2015. Vplyv pohybového programu s kompenzačným zameraním na pohyblivosť chrbtice u žiakov stredných škôl. Hygiena, 60 (1), pp. 4-9. 5. BENDÍKOVÁ, E. 2016a. Curricular transformation of education in the field of physical and sport education in Slovakia. In: European Journal of Contemporary Education , 18 (4), pp. 410-417. 6. BENDÍKOVÁ, E. 2016b. Changes in the posture of students due to equipment-aided exercise programs that are applied in physical and sport education. In: Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 16 (2), pp

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The Influence Of Experiential Learning With Physical Movement Activities On Social Status Of Integrated Pupils With Behavioural Disorders

References 1. ČAPEK, R., 2010. Třídní klima a školní klima. Praha: Grada Publishing. ISBN 978-80-247-2742-4. 2. FUCHS, D., L.S. FUCHS, P.G. MATHES and E.A. MARTINEZ, 2002. Preliminary Evidence on the Social Standing of Students with Learning Disabilities in PALS and No-PALS Classrooms. Learning Disabilities Research&Practice . 17 (4), 205-215. 3. GAJDOŠOVÁ, E., 2000. Poznávanie sociálnych vzťahov v triede. Práca so sociometricko-ratingovým dotazníkom. Bratislava: Metodické centrum mesta Bratislava. ISBN 80-7164-268-1. 4. GAVORA, P

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The Effects of Water Exercises and Swimming on Physical Fitness of Children with Mental Retardation

-333. Figura F., Gama G., Capranica L. Assessment of static balance in children. Sports Med Physl Fitness , 1991. 31(2): 236-242. Halle D.G., Halle J.W., Chung Y.B. The effect of aerobic exercise on physiological and behavioral variables of individuals with developmental disabilities. Res Dev Disabil , 1993. 14: 359-386. Horvat M. Physical Education and Sport for Exceptional Students. W C. Brown Publishers: 1990. pp. 93-104. Horvat M., Franklin C. The effects of the environment on physical

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Physical Activity in Prevention of Risk and Disability in Some Neurological Diseases

multiple sclerosis. MultScler, 2011; 17(1):116-128 29. Motl RW, Goldman M. Physical inactivity, neurological disability, and cardiorespiratory fitness in multiple sclerosis. ActaNeurol, 2011; 123(2):98-104 30. Motl RW, Gappmaier E, Nelson K, Benedict RH. Physical activity and cognitive function in multiple sclerosis. J Sport ExercPsychol, 2011; 33(5):734-741 31. Motl RW, McAuley E, Wynn D, Sandroff B, Suh Y. Physical activity, self-efficacy, and health-related quality of life in persons with multiple sclerosis: analysis of

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Tourism Activities of Deaf Poles

References Atherton, M. (2007). Acquiring Social Capital through Shared Deafness. Sport, Leisure, Culture and Social Capital: Discourse and Practice. LSA Publication, 100, 67-78. Bell, S., Findlay, C., Montarzino, A., OPENspace Research Centre. (2006). Access to the countryside by deaf visitors. Scottish Natural Heritage Commissioned Report No. 171 (ROAME No. F03AB05). Retrived 10.06.2010 from Berbrier, M. (1998). Being Deaf has

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Socio-Demographic and Leisure Activity Determinants of Physical Activity of Working Warsaw Residents Aged 60 to 69 Years

Statistical Office, Participation of Poles in sports and physical recreation. Warsaw 2009a. Central Statistical Office, Population projection for Poland 2008-2035. Warsaw 2009b. Fries JP. Reducing cummulative life time disability: the compression of morbidity. Brit J Sport Med. 1998; 32: 193. Frymoyer JW. Back pain and sciatica. N Engl J Med. 1988; 318: 291-300. Gaba A, Pelclova J, Přidalova M, Riegerova J, Dostalova I, Engelova L. The evaluation of body composition in

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The Influence of Motor Skills on Measurement Accuracy

References [1] Beckwith, T.G, & Buck, N.L. (2006). Mechanical Measurements. Prentice Hall. [2] Clark, J.E., & Metcalfe, J.S. (2002). The mountain of motor development: A metaphor. In J.E. Clark & J.H. Humphrey (Eds.), Motor development: Research and reviews (Vol. 2, pp. 163-190). Reston, VA: National Association of Sport and Physical Education. [3] Grissmer, David (2010). "Fine motor skills and early comprehension of the world: Two new school readiness indicators". Developmental Psychology 46 (5): 1008

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Quality of Life Indicators of University Students in Hungary

egészségtudata és az egészséggel kapcsolatos életminőség mutatói/ Pannon University students’ health consciousness founding their fitness and the indicators of their quality of life related to health/. Magyar Sporttudományi Szemle/ Hungarian Review of Sport Science/, 49, 4-10. Falus, I., Olle, J. (2008). Az empirikus kutatások gyakorlata /Practice of Empirical Research/. Budapest: Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó Zrt /National Publishing House for Textbooks/. Idler, E.L., Benyamini Y. (1997). Self-rated health and mortality: A review of twenty

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