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Political news and stock market reactions: evidence from Turkey over the period 2008–2017

new deals and accords – declaring ceasefire – ending conflicts – peaceful and successful elections – quick and easy government formation – fruitful diplomatic visits – freeing prisoners, etc. Bad news Political news with negative nature, which are expected to decrease stock market investors’ appetite such as: – military incursion into a war zone – protest movements – coup attempts – bombing attacks – detaining journalists – cut off diplomatic relations – unfair elections, etc

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Sustainable intensification of agricultural production: a review of four soil amendments

transformation rates. In general, liming promotes N fixation by the soil microbial community ( Holland et al., 2018 ). The effects on N mineralization are less clear-cut. N mineralization has been reported to increase, decrease, or remain unchanged ( Bailey et al 1995 ; Kemmitt et al., 2006 ; Wachendorf et al., 2015 ) but probably ameliorates with repeated lime applications ( Holland et al., 2018 ); however, if augmented, also availability for plant uptake increases and crop yields can benefit correspondingly, but N losses via nitrate leaching into groundwater can be spurred

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The Chemical Components Identified in Tobacco and Tobacco Smoke Prior to 1954: A Chronology of Classical Chemistry

]; Z. Untersuch. Lebensm. 74 (1937) 408–411. 92. Haag, H.B.: Chemical and pharmacologic observations on nicotine and tobacco smoke; The Merck Report (October, 1940) pp. 25–29. 93. Shmuk, A.A. and N. Piatnicki: Acids of tobacco. II; J. Assoc. Off. Agr. Chem. 69 (1930) 19–26, see Chem. Abstr. 25 (1931) 3124. 94. Wada, E. and Y. Kobashi: Chemical constituents of tobacco. IV. Determination of organic acids in tobacco leaves and isolation of organic acids by paper chromatography; J. Agr. Chem

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OSL chronostratigraphy for loess deposits from Tyszowce – Poland

procedures include collection of samples for luminescence dating from a clean vertical section using thin-walled steel pipes from an Eijkelkamp system. At the same time, about 1 kg of loess was taken into plastic bags from around the tubes for gamma spectrometry. In addition, six samples were collected for radiocarbon dating from the upper part of the profile. Four of them were collected from the L1L1 loess formation and two samples from the L1S1 soil formation. Each sample contained about 2 kg of raw loess or soil material. Samples for grain-size distribution, carbonate

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25th Hellenic conference of Clinical Oncology

side effects during as well as post Everolimus treatment. TUMOR MUTATIONAL BURDEN (TMB): DETERMINATION, CUT-OFFS AND ITS EMERGING IMPORTANCE IN IMMUNOTHERAPIES Tsaousis G. 1 , Papadopoulou E. 1 , Fotiou D. 1 , Tsantikidi K. 1 , Metaxa-Mariatou V. 1 , Stamou E. 1 , Floros T. 2 , Trafalis D. 3 , Anagnostopoulos A. 3 , Fassas A. 4 , Diamantidou E. 5 , Giassas S. 6 , Andreadis X. 7 , Gkioulmpasanis I. 8 , Tsiatas M. 9 , Tzaninis D. 9 , Nasioulas G. 1 1 Genekor Medical SA, Athens, Greece 2 Athens Naval and Veterans Hospital, Athens, Greece 3 Errikos

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The biology and clinical potential of circulating tumor cells

of 8 μm diameter pores for CTC enrichment. 84 The CTC sorting system Parsortix© is designed as a channel with stepped obstacles that progressively decrease as the cells in suspension flow through it. Both size and deformability contribute to successful CTC isolation. 10-μm was set as cut-off size for cancer cells isolation. The main advantage of the device is high capture purity and isolation of viable cancer cells. 85 Density gradient centrifugation for separation of different cell types was observed by S.H. Seal in 1959. 86 From top to bottom, centrifugation

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