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B. I. Nyoka, P. Tongoona and C. M. Gumbie

Scheme R.4346. Oxford Forestry Institute, University of Oxford. Final Report. 136 pp. D vorak , W. S., C. E. B alocchi and R. H. R aymond (1989): Performance and stability of provenances and families of Pinus tecunumanii in the tropics and subtropics. In: Proc. Of an IUFRO conference on Breeding Tropical Trees: Population Structure and Genetic Improvement Strategies in Clonal and seedling forestry. Pattaya, Thailand, 28 November – 3 December, 1988, pp 187–196. D vorak , W. S., C. C. L ambeth and B. L i (1993): Genetic and site effects on stem

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Cezara-Iuliana Tudor, Erzsébet Lázár, Marius-Vasile Găzdac, Annamária Pakucs, Eszter Mild, Judit-Beáta Köpeczi, Enikő Kakucs, István Benedek and István Benedek

to the Durie Salmon staging system? A comparison in multiple myeloma patients undergoing autologous transplant. Leukemia . 2009;23:1528-1534. 6. Greipp PR, San Miguel J, Durie BG, et al. International staging system for multiple myeloma. J Clin Oncol . 2005;23:3412-3420. 7. San Miguel JF, Bladé Creixenti J, García-Sanz R. Treatment of multiple myeloma. Haematologica . 1999;84:36-58. 8. Fermand JP, Ravaud P, Chevret S, et al. High-dose therapy and autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation in multiple myeloma: up-front or rescue

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Lidia Irzykowska and Anna Baturo

References Assigbetse K. B., Fernandez D., Boubios M. P., Geiger J. P. 1994. Differentiation of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum races on cotton by random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis. Phytopathology 84: 622-626. Baturo A. 2007. Effect of organic system on spring barley stem base health in comparison with integrated and conventional farming. J. Plant Protection Res. 47 (2): 167-178. Bottalico A., Perrone G. 2002. Toxigenic Fusarium species and mycotoxins

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A.M. Ryniewicz, Ł. Bojko, A. Ryniewicz, P. Pałka and W. Ryniewicz

. and Garbrecht M. (2009): Long-term results for the uncemented Zweymuller/Alloclassic hip endoprosthesis: a 15-year minimum follow-up of 320 hip operations. - The Journal of Arthroplasty. vol.24, No.6, pp.846-853. [11] Kotela A., Ambroziak P. and Deszczyński M.J. (2012): Fracture of the hip joint endoprosthesis - case report - Sharp Duty, vol.5, pp.1-2. [12] Yates P.J., Quraishi N.A., Kop A., Howie D.W., Marx C. and Swarts E. (2008): Fractures of modern high nitrogen stainless steel cemented stems: cause, mechanism, and avoidance in 14

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M. Giretová, Ľ. Medvecký, E. Petrovová, D. Čížková, D. Mudroňová and J. Danko

REFERENCES 1. Barry, F. P., Murphy, J. M., 2004: Review Mesenchymal stem cells: clinical applications and biological characterization. Int. J. Biochem. Cell Biol , 36, 568—584. DOI: 10.1016/j.biocel.2003.11.001. 2. Bornes, T. D., Jomha, N. M., Mulet-Sierra, A., Adesida, A. B., 2016: Optimal seeding densities for in vitro chondrogenesis of two- and three-dimensional-isolated and expanded bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal stem cells within a porous collagen scaffold. Tissue Engn. C: Methods , 22, 208— 220. DOI: 10.1089/ten.tec.2015

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Andrey Pavlov, Janka Nôžková, Miroslava Šavrtková, Inna Matvienko and Nina Brutch


Plants of 13 fibre flax varieties were tested for their photosensitivity and differences of stems structure while grown in long and short daylight. It was detected that seven varieties did not change time of flowering in short 12 hours daylight in comparison with long 19 hours daylight. The extended diversity of fibre flax reactions on photoperiod changes and its relative independence of photosensitivity degree were found. Also, weak but significant correlation was found between photosensitivity coefficient and the degree of leaves number increase (r = 0.57). At the same time photo insensitive variety Belosnezhka improved leaves number up to 34%. Numbers of fibre bundles, their individual and total area on the stem cross section were not changed or reduced. Width, height, perimeter and shape of fibre bundles on a cross sections changed multidirectional. The areas of stem, its wooden part and cavity on a cross section showed no significant differences between plants grown in long and short day conditions. Evaluated flax characters were not strictly correlated with each other except those indicating the structure of fibre bundles. For breeding it is important that their relationships are not strongly influenced by the environment.

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S Wong

References Miracle of stem-cell therapy. A brand new life. How little Angel beat certain death. New Straits Times, Saturday, March 18, 2006 ( Becker AJ, McCulloch EA, Till JE. Cytological demonstration of the clonal nature of spleen colonies derived from transplanted mouse marrow cells. Nature. 1963; 197(4866): 452-454. Grant B. Nobel hopefuls by the number. The Scientist. 2010; September 21. [] www

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Matevz Skerget, Barbara Skopec, Darja Zontar and Peter Cernelc

Introduction Novel agents have significantly increased the response rate and overall survival (OS) of patients with multiple myeloma (MM), but high-dose chemotherapy and autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (AHSCT) are still considered the standard of care for younger patients. 1 - 5 Several mobilization regimens are currently used, most commonly growth factors alone or in combination with chemotherapy. Considering growth factors, the most commonly used are filgrastim (G-CSF) and the long acting pegfilgrastim. 6 - 8 The combination of

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Güleser Saylam, Ömer Bayır, Salih Sinan Gültekin, Ferda Alparslan Pınarlı, Ünsal Han, Mehmet Hakan Korkmaz, Mehmet Eser Sancaktar, İlkan Tatar, Mustafa Fevzi Sargon and Emel Çadallı Tatar

) decreases levels of free oxygen radicals. Even though it seems to be a cytoprotective agent, amifostine has many adverse effects, limiting its widespread use. Pilocarpine is used for symptom relief, but none of the medications mentioned above have been advocated for prevention or symptomatic treatment of salivary gland damage. 5 - 10 However, to improve the patients’ quality of life and decrease the associated morbidities; new regenerative solutions are needed to obtain functional restoration and repair in affected tissues. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) isolated from

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Dragana Miloradovic, Dragica Miloradovic, Marina Gazdic Jankovic, Bojana Simovic Markovic, C. Randall Harrell, Crissy Fellabaum, Nebojsa Arsenijevic, Aleksandra Lukic and Vladislav Volarevic

. 1982;50:17-24. 3. Volarevic V, Arsenijevic N, Lukic ML, Stojkovic M. Concise review: Mesenchymal stem cell treatment of the complications of diabetes mellitus. Stem Cells. 2011 (1):5-10. 4. Li N, Hua J. Interactions between mesenchymal stem cells and the immune system. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2017;74:2345-2360. 5. Jiang Y, Jahagirdar BN, Reinhardt RL, Schwartz RE, Keene CD, Ortiz-Gonzalez XR, Reyes M, Lenvik T, Lund T, Blackstad M, Du J, Aldrich S, Lisberg A, Low WC,Largaespada DA, Verfaillie CM. Pluripotency of mesenchymal