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Social Valuation of City Public Residential Space

References ALEXANDER C., 2008 , Język wzorców , Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne, Kraków. BIEGAŃSKI L., BUCZEK G., GZELL S., KOWALEWSKI A., MARKOWSKI T., CICHY-PAZDER E., 2009, Karta Przestrzeni Publicznej . [W:] CICHY-PAZDER E., MARKOWSKI T. (RED.), Nowa urbanistyka - nowa jakość życia, „biblioteka Urbanisty”. BONENBERG W., 2008, Przestrzeń publiczna w osiedlach mieszkaniowych, [w:] „Urbanista” 12. CAMPBELL A., 1976, The Quality of American life: perceptions, evaluations and satis

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Construction Of Hedonic Price Index For The “Most Liquid” Polish Painters

of Portfolio Diversification. LIFE working paper , No. 04-009, Maastricht University. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from,d.ZGU . Campbell, R.A.J. (2008). Art as a Financial Investment. The Journal of Alternative Investments , 10 (4), 64–81. DOI: 10.3905/jai.2008

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The Interpersonal Pollution and its Effect on Group Members’ Well-Being, and on Culture of Unity in Organizational Context

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Stress and scenario tests in the context of a Romanian non-life insurance company

. International Journal of Central Banking 5 (3) 205–224 Eckert, J., Gatzert N. (2018). Risk- and value-based management for non-life insurers under solvency constraints. Risk Management 19 (2017) 323–349, European Journal of Operational Research 266 (2018) 761–774 Eling, M., Gatzert, N., Schmeiser, H. (2009). Minimum standards for investment performance: A new perspective on non-life insurer solvency. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 45(1), 113–122. Fröhlich, A., Weng, A. (2017). Parameter uncertainty for risk capital calculations for aggregated

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Multi-organ Transplantation Center in Romania: a story of persuasion for a controverted issue

, Health Administration Press, Chicago, IL European Parliament and European Council. (2010). Directive 2010/45/EU on standards of quality and safety of human organs intended for transplantation, Official Journal of the European Union , 7 July 2010, retrieved from Observatory on Donation and Transplantation, the World Health Organization. (2009). Global Glossary of Terms and Definitions on Donation and Transplantation , Geneva, November 2009, retrieved from https

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Public Procurement of Innovation: Selection of the Sustainable Alternative

:// Van Hoof, G. et. al. (2014). Assessment of progressive product innovation on key environmental indicators: Pampers® Baby Wipes from 2007–2013. Sustainability, 6 (8), 5129–5142. Wickson, F., & Carew, A. (2014). Quality criteria and indicators for responsible research and innovation: learning from transdisciplinarity. Journal of Responsible Innovation, 1 (3), 254–273. Woodward, D. (1997). Life Cycle Costing – Theory, Information Acquisition and

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Relationship Between Nursing Home Safety Climate and Caregivers’ Competence

, bust & echo 2000: Profiting from the demographic shift in the new millennium. Toronto, ON: Macfarlane Walter & Ross. Glass, A. (2007). Understanding generational differences for competitive success. Journal of Industrial and Commercial Training, 39 (2), 98–103. Gurses, A., Carayon, P., & Wall, M. (2009). Impact of Performance Obstacles on Intensive Care Nurses Workload, Perceive Quality and Safety of Care, and Quality of Working Life. Health Services Research , 44 (2), 422–443.

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Consolidating peace: Rethinking the community relations model in Northern Ireland

-503. Knox, C., & Carmichael, P. (2015). Local government reform: Community planning and the quality of life in Northern Ireland. Administration, 63 (2), 31-57. Knox, C., & Quirk, P. (2016). Public policy, philanthropy and peace building in Northern Ireland. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Lamb, M. (2010). Loyalty and human rights: Liminality and social action in a divided society. International Journal of Human Rights, 14 (6), 994-1012. Lederach, J. P. (1996). Remember and change. Peace and reconciliation conference

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