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The Impact of Advancements in Science and Technology on Cypriots’ Physical Activities over Time

Education in Cypriot Schools. Physical Culture and Sport Studies and Research , 50, 110-117. DOI: 10.2478/v10141-010-0028-7. Digel, H. (2005). Brief Reflections on Sport at the Beginning of a New Century: A German Perspective . Sport in Society, 8, 1-10. Fügedi, B. Polgár, T. Konczos, C. Bognár, J., Ábrahám, J. (2009). Values of the lifestyle across sport and P.E. as predicting quality of life: Comparison of the Austrian and Hungarian case. International Quarterly of Sport Science , 2, 48-56. Hardman, E.A. Stensel, J

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Sports and Recreational Activities of the Disabled From Eastern Regions of Poland

References Barlak, M., Włostowska, K. (2006). Integracyjne wartości aktywności fizycznej niepełnosprawnych /Integration value of physical activity of the disabled/. In J. Bergier, Z. Kubińska (Eds .), Kultura i rekreacja ruchowa w integracji osób niepełnosprawnych /Motor culture and recreation of the disabled/ (pp. 222 -227). Biała Podlaska: PWSZ w Białej Podlaskiej. Bekesi, A., Torok, S., Kokonyei, G., Bokretas, I., Szentes, A., Telepoczki, G. (2011). Europan kidscreen group, healthrelated quality of life changes of

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Relationship Between Depression and Strength Training in Survivors of the Ischemic Stroke

References Aidar FJ, de Oliveira RJ, Silva AJ, de Matos DG, Carneiro AL, Garrido N, Hickner R, Reis VM. The influence of the level of physical activity and human development in the quality of life in survivors of stroke. Health Quality of life outcomes, 2011; 3(9): 89 Aidar FJ, de Oliveira RJ, Silva AJ, de Matos DG, Mazini Filho ML, Hickner RC, Machado Reis V. The influence of resistance exercise training on the levels of anxiety in ischemic stroke. Stroke Res Treatment, 2012; 5: 3 Aidar FJ, Silva AJ, Reis VM

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Socio-Demographic and Leisure Activity Determinants of Physical Activity of Working Warsaw Residents Aged 60 to 69 Years

of illness in the aged: The index of ADL, a standardized measure of biological and psychosocial function. JAMA. 1963; 185: 914-919. King AC, Pruitt LA, Phillips W, Oka R, Rodenburg A, Haskell WL. Comparative effects of two physical activity programs on measured and perceived physical functioning and other health-related quality of life outcomes in older adults. J Gerontol Med Sci. 2000; 55A: 74-83. Krems C, Luhrmann M, Neuhauser-Berthold M. Physical activity in young and elderly subjects. J Sports Med Phys Fit

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Anthropometric Characteristics of Spanish Professional Basketball Players

Advances in Developmental Research , 2010; 1(2): 191-194 Vuckovic I, Mekic M. Morfological characteristics of basketball players from playing position aspect. In 1st International Scientific Conference. Exercise and Quality of Life. Proceedings book. Editor Mikalacki M. University of Novi Sad, 309-316; 2009 Yuhasz MS. Physical fitness Manual . Ed. University of Western, Ontario, Canada; 1974

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Aerobic Capacity of Students with Different Levels of Physical Activity as Assessed by IPAQ

al. Eortc quality of life group translation procedure. EORTC quality of Life Unit Brussel 2002. Ekelund U. et al. Criterion-related validity of the last 7-day, short form of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire in Swedish adults. Public Health Nutrition , 2006. 9: 258-265. Fogelholm M. et al. International Physical Activity Questionnaire: Validity against fitness. Med Sci Sports Exerc , 2006. 38(4): 753-60. Freedson P. S., Melanson E. L. Jr. Measuring physical activity. In

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Pedometers as a Method for Modification of Physical Activity in Students

wellness. Kondycja, sprawność, zdrowie. Wydawnictwo: Zysk i s-ka. 2007. Craig C. L, et al. International physical activity questionnaire: 12-country reliability and validity. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercises , 2003. 35, 1381-1395. Cull A. Sprangers M., Bjordal K., Aaronson, N, West K., & Bottomley A. (2002). Eortc quality of life group tranlation procedure. Brussels: EORTC Quality of Life Unit. Fairclough S. J., Stratton G. ‘Physical education makes you fit and healthy’. Physical

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Factors Determining Participation in Leisure Time Physical Activity among Former Athletes and Male non Athletes

associated with physical activity among African-American men and women. Am J Prev Med , 2006. 30(4): 340-346. Brown D. W., Ballur L. S., Heath G. W., et al. Association between recommended levels of physical activity and health-related quality of life. Findings from the 2001 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey. Prev Med , 2003. 37: 520-528. Caspersen C. J., Merritt R. K. Trends in physical activity patterns among older adults: The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 1986-1990. Med Sci

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Hermenuticals of Human Movement and Sport: Holism and Harmony

References Bednář, M. (2009). Pohyb člověka na biodromu. Cesta životem (nejen) z pohledu kinantropologie [Human Motion on the Biodrome: A Way Through Life (Not Just) from the Perspective of Kinanthropology]. Praha: Karolinum. p. 190. ISBN 978-80-246-1665-0. Camus, A. (1955). The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays. New York, NY: Vintage Books. Crum, B. (1986). Concerning the quality of the development of knowledge in sport pedagogy. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 5, 211-220. Edgar, A

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The World Health Organisation's Rationale for Physical Activity: a Philosophical Critique

. Lenk, G. Aumüller (Eds.). Health and Quality of Life (pp. 61-7). Hamburg, London: Lit Verlag Münster. Sedgwick, P. (1982). Psycho Politics. London: Pluto Press Limited. von Wright, G. H. (1996). The Varieties of Goodness. Bristol: Thoemmes Press. Vuori, I. (2004). Inactivity as a Disease Risk and Health Benefits of increased Physical Activity. In P. Oja, J. Borms, (Eds.) Health Enhancing Physical Activity (pp 29-95). Oxford: Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK) Ltd

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