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The controversial discourse on beer in Iceland

References Anttila, A.-H. & Sulkunen, P. (2001): The inflammable alcohol issue: alcohol policy argumentation in the programs of political parties in Finland, Norway and Sweden from the 1960s to the 1990s. Contemporary Drug Problems 28/Spring 49-86 Babor, T. & Caetano, R. & Casswell, S. & Edwards, G. & Giesbrecht, N. & Graham, K. & Grube, J. & Hill, L. & Holder, H. & Homel, R. & Livingston, M. & Österberg, E. & Rehm, J. & Room, R. & Rossow, I. (2010): Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity. Research and Public Policy

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Openness of the Public to Right-Wing Extremism and Social Distance to Minorities

References Adorno, Th. W. - Frenkel-Brunswick, E. - Levinson, D. - Sanford, R. N. 1950. The Authoritarian Personality. New York. Backes, U. - Jesse, E. 1989. Politischer Extremismus in der Bundesrepublik Deuchland.Köln. Bartos, F. 2011. Konstrukce škály měřící otevřenost veřejnosti vůči pravicovému extremismu a zjištěná míra sociální distance rizikových skupin (z pohledu ultrapravice) vůči vybraným menšinám. Sociológia 2011, Vol. 43 (No. 5: 550-583) Betz, H. G. 1993. The New Politics of Resentment: Radical Right

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Challenges, Counselling Needs, and Coping Strategies of Students with Visual Impairment in Regular Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Special Needs in Rural Setting”. The Nigerian Journal of Guidance and Counselling, 12 (1), 57 - 64. Ajobiewe, T. A. (2008). Problems, Adjustment Needs, Coping Strategies of Visually-Impaired in Rehabilitation Centres in Nigeria . Unpublished doctoral Thesis, University of Ilorin, Nigeria. Ajobiewe, T. A. &Ajobiewe, A. I. (2006). “Rehabilitation of Persons With Special Needs: Counselling Implications”. In T. Adelowo, N. Osatuyi & T. Ajobiewe (eds). Special Education in Nigeria: A Search for New Direction. pp.303-331. Ayoku, F. A. (2006). “The

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Social Inclusion and Exclusion in the Life Stories of Deported Asylum Seekers from Finland to Iraqi Kurdistan

, Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 30-43. Chan, K, Evans, S, Ng, Y, Chiu, MY & Huxley, PJ 2014, ‘A concept mapping study on social inclusion in Hong Kong’, Social Indicators Research , vol. 119, no. 1, pp. 121-137, DOI:10.1007/s11205-013-0498-1. Collyer, M 2012, ‘Deportation and the micropolitics of exclusion: the rise of removals from the UK to Sri Lanka’, Geopolitics , vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 276-292, DOI:10.1080/14650045.2011.562940. Correa-Velez, I, Gifford, SM & Barnett, AG 2010, ‘Longing to belong: social inclusion and wellbeing among youth with

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Contesting Family in Finnish and Canadian Immigration and Refugee Policy

, Cambridge University Press. Rose, N & Miller, P 1992, ‘Political power beyond the state: Problematics of government’ The british journal of sociology 43(2): 173-205 Rose, N, O'Malley, P & Valverde, M 2006, ‘Governmentality’, Annual review of law and social science 2: 83-104. Saukkonen, P 2006, ‘From the promotion of national identity to the management of plurality: cultural policy developments in Belgium (Flanders), Finland and the Netherlands’, Nordisk Kulturpolitisk Tidskrift 9(2): 75

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Assemblage of Pastoral Power and Sameness

References Andrijasevic, R 2009, ‘Sex on the move: gender, subjectivity and differential inclusion’, Subjectivity, vol. 29, no. 1, pp. 389-406. Andrijasevic, R & Walters, W 2010, ‘The international organization for migration and the international government of borders’, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, vol. 28, no. 6, pp. 977-999. Anthias, F & Yuval-Davis, N 1993, Racialized boundaries: race, nation, gender, colour and class and the anti-racist struggle, Routledge

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“Betwixt and Between”:
Hope and the meaning of school for asylum-seeking children in Sweden

accessed 8.5.2013]. Turner, V W 1967, The forest of symbols: aspects of Ndembu ritual , Cornell University Press, Ithaca, N.Y. Vitus, K & Lidén, H 2010, ‘The status of the asylum-seeking child in Norway and Denmark: comparing discourses, politics and practices’, Journal of Refugee Studies , vol. 23, no. 1, pp. 62-81, DOI: 10.1093/jrs/feq003. Watters, C & Ingleby, D 2002, ‘Refugee children at school: good practices in mental health and social care’, Education and Health , vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 43

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The Future of Rural Poland: the Main Trends and Possible Scenarios.

Manchester University: Manchester. Goux-Baudiment, F., Ghișa, M., Dator J. A. & Cole, S. 2011 ‘Designing a foresight exercise for the future of rural communities in Romania’, Future pp. 43, 9, 996-1008, Elsevier Science. Gausemeir, J., Fink, A. & Schlane, O. 1998 ‘Scenario Management: An Approach to Develop Future Potentials’, Technological Forecasting and Social Change 59: 111-130. Gierszewska, G. & Romanowska, M. 2009 Analiza strategiczna przedsiębiorstwa (Strategic analysis of the enterprise; in Polish), Warszawa: PWE. Hedström, M. & Littke, H

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"I Didn't Come Here to Do Housework"

of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. Glick Schiller, N, Basch, L & Blanc, CS 1995, ‘From immigrant to transmigrant. Theorizing transnational migration’, Anthropological Quarterly, vol. 61, no. 1, pp. 48-63. Hochschild, AR & Machung, A 2003, The second shift, Penguin Books, London. Hondagneu-Sotelo, P 2007, Doméstica. Immigrant workers cleaning & caring in the shadows of affluence, University of California Press, Berkeley. Kabeer, N, Stark, A & Magnus, E 2008, Global

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Cost-of-alcohol studies as a research programme

alcohol in Sweden 2002. Stockholm: SoRAD Kraemer, K. L. & Roberts, M. S. & Horton, N. J. & Palfai, T. & Samet, J. & Freedner, N. & Tibbetts, N. & Saitz, R. (2005): Health utility ratings for a spectrum of alcohol-related health states. Medical Care 43 (6): 541-50 Laslett, A-M. & Catalano, P. & Chikritzhs, Y. & Dale, C. & Doran, C. & Ferris, J. & Jainullabudeen, T. & Livingston, M. & Matthews, S. & Mugavin, J. & Room, R. & Schlotterlein, M. & Wilkinson, C. (2010): The range and magnitude of alcohol's harm to others

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