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Social Inclusion and Exclusion in the Life Stories of Deported Asylum Seekers from Finland to Iraqi Kurdistan

, Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 30-43. Chan, K, Evans, S, Ng, Y, Chiu, MY & Huxley, PJ 2014, ‘A concept mapping study on social inclusion in Hong Kong’, Social Indicators Research , vol. 119, no. 1, pp. 121-137, DOI:10.1007/s11205-013-0498-1. Collyer, M 2012, ‘Deportation and the micropolitics of exclusion: the rise of removals from the UK to Sri Lanka’, Geopolitics , vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 276-292, DOI:10.1080/14650045.2011.562940. Correa-Velez, I, Gifford, SM & Barnett, AG 2010, ‘Longing to belong: social inclusion and wellbeing among youth with

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Contesting Family in Finnish and Canadian Immigration and Refugee Policy

, Cambridge University Press. Rose, N & Miller, P 1992, ‘Political power beyond the state: Problematics of government’ The british journal of sociology 43(2): 173-205 Rose, N, O'Malley, P & Valverde, M 2006, ‘Governmentality’, Annual review of law and social science 2: 83-104. Saukkonen, P 2006, ‘From the promotion of national identity to the management of plurality: cultural policy developments in Belgium (Flanders), Finland and the Netherlands’, Nordisk Kulturpolitisk Tidskrift 9(2): 75

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Assemblage of Pastoral Power and Sameness

References Andrijasevic, R 2009, ‘Sex on the move: gender, subjectivity and differential inclusion’, Subjectivity, vol. 29, no. 1, pp. 389-406. Andrijasevic, R & Walters, W 2010, ‘The international organization for migration and the international government of borders’, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, vol. 28, no. 6, pp. 977-999. Anthias, F & Yuval-Davis, N 1993, Racialized boundaries: race, nation, gender, colour and class and the anti-racist struggle, Routledge

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"I Didn't Come Here to Do Housework"

of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. Glick Schiller, N, Basch, L & Blanc, CS 1995, ‘From immigrant to transmigrant. Theorizing transnational migration’, Anthropological Quarterly, vol. 61, no. 1, pp. 48-63. Hochschild, AR & Machung, A 2003, The second shift, Penguin Books, London. Hondagneu-Sotelo, P 2007, Doméstica. Immigrant workers cleaning & caring in the shadows of affluence, University of California Press, Berkeley. Kabeer, N, Stark, A & Magnus, E 2008, Global

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The Future of Rural Poland: the Main Trends and Possible Scenarios.

Manchester University: Manchester. Goux-Baudiment, F., Ghișa, M., Dator J. A. & Cole, S. 2011 ‘Designing a foresight exercise for the future of rural communities in Romania’, Future pp. 43, 9, 996-1008, Elsevier Science. Gausemeir, J., Fink, A. & Schlane, O. 1998 ‘Scenario Management: An Approach to Develop Future Potentials’, Technological Forecasting and Social Change 59: 111-130. Gierszewska, G. & Romanowska, M. 2009 Analiza strategiczna przedsiębiorstwa (Strategic analysis of the enterprise; in Polish), Warszawa: PWE. Hedström, M. & Littke, H

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“Betwixt and Between”:
Hope and the meaning of school for asylum-seeking children in Sweden

accessed 8.5.2013]. Turner, V W 1967, The forest of symbols: aspects of Ndembu ritual , Cornell University Press, Ithaca, N.Y. Vitus, K & Lidén, H 2010, ‘The status of the asylum-seeking child in Norway and Denmark: comparing discourses, politics and practices’, Journal of Refugee Studies , vol. 23, no. 1, pp. 62-81, DOI: 10.1093/jrs/feq003. Watters, C & Ingleby, D 2002, ‘Refugee children at school: good practices in mental health and social care’, Education and Health , vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 43

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Cost-of-alcohol studies as a research programme

alcohol in Sweden 2002. Stockholm: SoRAD Kraemer, K. L. & Roberts, M. S. & Horton, N. J. & Palfai, T. & Samet, J. & Freedner, N. & Tibbetts, N. & Saitz, R. (2005): Health utility ratings for a spectrum of alcohol-related health states. Medical Care 43 (6): 541-50 Laslett, A-M. & Catalano, P. & Chikritzhs, Y. & Dale, C. & Doran, C. & Ferris, J. & Jainullabudeen, T. & Livingston, M. & Matthews, S. & Mugavin, J. & Room, R. & Schlotterlein, M. & Wilkinson, C. (2010): The range and magnitude of alcohol's harm to others

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Binge Drinking and Internalised Sexual Stigma among Italian Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Young Adults

, M. (2014). Longitudinal disparities of hazardous drinking between sexual minority and heterosexual individuals from adolescence to young adulthood. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 43 (1), 30–39. doi:10.1007/s10964-013-9905-9 Drabble, L., Midanik, L. T., & Trocki, K. (2005). Reports of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems among homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual respondents: Results from the 2000 National Alcohol Survey. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 66 , 111–120. Eisenberg, M., & Wechsler, H. (2003). Substance use behaviors among

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Comorbid drug use disorders and eating disorders - a review of prevalence studies

. International Journal of Eating Disorders 43: 14-21 Root, T. L. & Pisetsky, E. M. & Thornton, L. & Lichtenstein, P. & Pedersen, N. L. & Bulik, C. M. (2010b): Patterns of co-morbidity of eating disorders and substance abuse in Swedish females. Psychological Medicine 40: 105-115 SAMHSA (2009): Results from the 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health: National Findings. Rockville, Maryland: U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

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Cityness and Informativeness of the Emerging Informational Cities in Japan

: Wiley-Blackwell. Coursey, D., & Norris, D. (2008). Models of e-government: Are they correct? An empirical assessment. Public Administration Review , 68(3), 523-536. Dornstädter, R., Finkelmeyer, S., & Shanmuganathan, N. (2011). Job-Polarisierung in informationellen Städten” [Job Polarization in informational cities]. Information – Wissenschaft und Praxis 62 (2-3), 95-102. Florida, R. (2003). Entrepreneurship, creativity, and regional economic growth. In D. M. Hart (Ed.), The emergence of entrepreneuship policy. Cambirgde, UK: Cambridge

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