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Closer to the Truth:

DNA profiling for family reunification and the rationales of immigration policy in Finland

llpo Helén and Anna-Maria Tapaninen

-191. Bröckling, U, Krasmann, S & Lemke, T (eds) 2011, Governmentality: current issues and future challenges , Routledge, New York & London. Cholewinski, R 2002, ‘Family reunification and conditions placed on family members: dismantling a fundamental human right’, European Journal of Migration and Law, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 271-290. Council of the European Union 2003, Council Directive No. 2003/86/ EC, EUR-Lex, Official Journal of the European Union L: 12-18. Dean, M 1999, Governmentality , Sage, London

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J Howard M Jones

References Breman, J. (1996) Footloose labour. Working in India’s informal economy , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Census of India 2011 Census of India (2011), Office of The Registrar General and Census Commissioner, New Delhi, India. Chatterji, J. (2013) ‘Dispositions and Destinations: Refugee Agency and Mobility Capital in the Bengal Disaspora’, Comparative Studies in Society and History , Vo. 55, Issue 02, pp. 273-304. de Haas, H. (2008) Migration and Development. A theoretical perspective . Working Papers, Paper 9

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Masud Sarker and Shahidul Islam

. Bangladesh Economic Review, 2017 Chowdhury, M. B. (2011). Remittances flow and financial development in Bangladesh. Economic Modelling, 28(6), 2600-2608. Chowdhury, M. B., & Rabbi, F. (2014). Workers’ remittances and Dutch disease in Bangladesh. The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, 23(4), 455-475. Farid, K. S., Mozumdar, L., Kabir, M. S., & Hossain, K. B. (2009). Trends in international migration and remittance flows: Case of Bangladesh. Journal of the Bangladesh Agricultural University, 7(2), 387-394. Haider, M. Z., Hossain, T

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Włodzimierz Meissner, Anna Włodarczak-Komosińska, Dariusz Górecki, Cezary Wójcik, Mateusz Ściborski, Robert Krupa, Piotr Zięcik, Maciej Kozakiewicz, Piotr Rydzkowski and Magdalena Remisiewicz

References Alerstam T. 1993. Bird migration. Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge. Baran M., Gwiazda R. 2006. [ Waders Charadrii of Dobczycki dam reservoir- migration dynamics, species structure and numbers depending on the water level. ] Chrońmy Przyrodę Ojczystą 62, 4: 11-35. (In Polish). Cieślak M., Czapulak A., Krogulec J. 1991. Birds of nature reserve "Przemków Ponds" and its surroundings. Ptaki Śląska 8: 54-100. Cramp, S., Simmons, K. E. L. (Eds

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‘They All Encouraged Me to Do it, But After All, the Decision is Mine’:

Marriage Practices among Diaspora Somalis in Finland

Abdirashid A. Ismail

References Al-Sharmani, MM & Ismail, AA 2017, ‘Marriage and transnational family life among Somali migrants in Finland’, Migration Letters , vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 38-49 Bonjour, S & Kraler, A 2015, ‘Introduction: family migration as an integration issue? Policy perspectives and academic insights’, Journal of Family Issues , vol. 36, no. 11, pp. 1407-1432, DOI:10.1177/0192513X14557490 Cohen, R 1997, Global diasporas: an introduction , University College of London Press, London. Eggebø, H 2010, ‘The problem of dependency: immigration

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József Gyurácz, Gábor Horváth, Tibor Csörgõ, László Bank and Sándor Palkó

References Akesson S. 1993. Coastal migration and wind drift compensation in natural Passerine migrants. Ornis Scand. 24: 87-94. Alerstam T. 1978. Analysis and a theory of visible bird migration. Oikos 30: 273-349. Alerstam T. 1990. Bird migration. Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge: pp. 312-318. Bibby C. J., Green R. E. 1981. Autumn migration strategies of Reed and Sedge Warblers. Ornis Scand. 12: 1-12. Bloch R., Bruderer B

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Anna Gavanas

References Aguirre, G 2013, ’Om känslor på jobbet. Intimitet, känslor och hushållstjänster i Barcelona.’ In Gavanas. A. & Calleman C. (eds) Rena hem på smutsiga villkor? Hushållstjänster, migration och globalisering, Makadam, Göteborg and Stockholm. Anderson, B 2000, Doing the dirty work? The global politics of domestic labor, Zed Books, London and New York. Bauman, Z (2012) Liquid modernity, polity, cambridge and malden MA. Blaakilde AL & Nilsson G 2013, Nordic seniors on the move, Lund, Lunds

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Jarosław Nowakowski and Jacek Chruściel

References Alerstam T. 1993. Bird Migration. Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge. Balen J. H., Speek B. J. 1976. An irruption of Tits (Paride) in the autumn of 1971. Limosa 49: 188-200. Berthold P. 1993. Bird Migration: a general survey. Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford. Bolshakov C. V., Shapoval A. P., Zelenova N. P. 1999. Results of bird trapping and ringing by the Biological Station "Rybachy" on the Courish Spit in 1998. Avian Ecol. Behav. 2: 105

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Daniela Szymańska, Stefania Środa-Murawska, Karolina Świderska and Czesław Adamiak

Landkreis Miesbach 2014, Zwischenbericht , Miesbach Lee, E.S. 1966: A Theory of Migration. In: Demography Vol. 3 No 1, Population Associationof America, pp. 47-57 Sakson, A. 2008: Migracje - fenomen XX I XXI wieku. In: Przegląd Zachodni No. 2, Poznań, pp. 11-19 Stouffer, SA 1940: Intervening opportunities: a theory relating mobility and distance. In: American Sociological Review No 5, pp. 845-867 Szymańska, D. 2007: Urbanizacja na świecie . Wydawnictwo

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Enrico Cavina, Rinaldo Bucchi and Przemysław Busse

autumn migration in 1974 . Not. Orn. 19, 1-4: 15-36. Busse P. 1981. Finding of local passage direction as the result of an analysis of retraps and short distance direct-recoveries . Not. Orn. 22: 3-4. Busse P. 1996. Modelling of the seasonal dynamics of bird migration . Ring 18, 1-2: 97-119. Busse P. and Halastra G. 1981. The autumn migration of birds on the Polish Baltic sea coast . Acta orn. 18, 3: 167-290. Busse P. and Maksalon L. 1978. Some aspects of Song Thrush migration at Polish Baltic coast . Not. Orn. 19, 1-4: 1-14. Cavina E