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Yu Hsing

Estonia's Money Demand Function and Policy Implications," Applied Financial Economics Letters, forthcoming. Hsing, Y. and H. S. Chang (2003) "Testing the Portfolio Theory of Money Demand in the United States" Economia Internazionale/International Economics , 56, 13-22. Judd, J. L. and J. L. Scadding (1982), "The Search for a Stable Money Demand Function: A Survey of the Post-1973 Literature," Journal of Economic Literature , 20, 93-1023. Kruszka, M. (2003), "The Demand for Cash in Countries

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Adina Dornean and Dumitru-Cristian Oanea

References 1. Alfaro, L., Chanda, A., Kalemli-Ozcan, S. and Sayek, S. (2004). “FDI and economic growth: the role of local financial markets”, Journal of International Economics Vol. 64, No. 1, pp. 89-112. 2. Arellano, M. and Bond S. (1991). “Some Tests of Specification for Panel Data: Monte Carlo Evidence and an Application to Employment Equations”, Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 58, No. 2, pp. 277-297. 3. Assunção, S., Forte, R. and Teixeira, A. A. (2011). “Location determinants of FDI: A literature review

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Agnieszka Komor

References 1. Active policies for attracting foreign direct investment: international experiences and the situation in Latin America and the Caribbean (2007), W: Foreign Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean 2006. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Santiago, Chile. 2. Bański J. (2015), Rola instytucji otoczenia biznesu w rozwoju przedsiębiorczości wiejskiej. Wieś i Rolnictwo, nr 2 (167), p. 139-149. 3. Dorożyński T., Urbaniak W. (2011), Rola instytucji otoczenia biznesu we

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Monaheng Seleteng and Sephooko Motelle

countries,” Economic Journal , 106: 92–105 11. Baltagi, B. (2008). Econometric Analysis of Panel Data (4 ed.). John Wiley and Sons, Ltd. 12. Barro, R. and Sala-I-Martin, X. (1995), Economic Growth, New York, McGraw-Hill 13. Barro, R. (1996). Inflation And Economic Growth. Federal Reserve Bank Of St.Louis Review, 78 , 153-69. 14. Barro, R. (1998). Determinants of Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Empirical Study. Cambridge, Massachusetts. The MIT Press. 15. Bittencourt, M. (2012). Inflation and Economic Growth in Latin America: Some Panel

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Annett Krakow

, religion and laws of the ancient Danes, and other northern nations; Including those of our own Saxon ancestors. With a translation of the Edda, or system of runic mythology, and other pieces, from the ancient Icelandic tounge. With additional notes by the English translator, and Goransson’s Latin version of the Edda. Vol. 2. Transl. by Thomas Percy. London: T. Carnan and Co. Retrieved from;view=1up;seq=7 (20.07.2016) Malm, M. (1996). Minervas äpple. Om diktsyn, tolkning och bildspråk inom nordisk

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Abdur Rauf, Amara Akram Khan, Sher Ali, Ghulam Yahya Qureshi, Dilshad Ahmad and Numera Anwar

Economics, 37, 1979-1990. Narayan, P.K., Narayan, S., (2005), “Estimating income and price elasticities of imports for Fiji in a cointegration framework,” Economic Modelling, 22, 423–438. Oates, W. (1972). “Fiscal Federalism”, Hamshire, England: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1972. Oates, W. (1977). “The Political Economy of Fiscal Federalism”, Lexington Books, Toronto 1977. Oates, W. (1999). “An essay on fiscal federalism”, Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. XXXVII (September 1999), pp. 1120-1149. Pesaran, M. H., Shin, Y. and R. J

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Blanka Šimundić and Zvonimir Kuliš

LITERATURA / LITERATURE ADAMOU, A. & S. CLERIDES (2010), ‘’Prospects and limits of tourism-led growth: The international evidence’’. Review of Economic Analysis , 3, pp. 287-303 AHMED, Y. A. (2015), ‘’Analytical Review of Tourism Demand Studies from 1960 to 2014’’. International Journal of Science and Research , 4(1), pp. 2421–2427 ANTONAKAKIS, N., DRAGOUNI, M. & G. FILIS (2013), “Time-Varying Interdependencies of Tourism and Economic Growth: Evidence from European Countries”. MPRA Munich Personal Repec Archive , 4875, pp. 1-34 ARCHER

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Michel De Dobbeleer

. “Transnationaliteit: Europese talen, literaturen en culturen in het perspectief van een postnationale horizon.” Internationale neerlandistiek 48(4): 11-21. Es, Nicky van, en Johan Heilbron. 2015. “Fiction from the Periphery: How Dutch Writers Enter the Field of English-Language Literature.” Cultural Sociology 9(3): 296-319. Foster Jr., John Burt. 2013. Transnational Tolstoy: Between the West and the World. New York, NY: Bloomsbury Academic. Hinrichs, Jan Paul. 2005. Vader van de slavistiek: leven en werk van Nicolaas van Wijk (1880

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Zoia Ihina

: Contemporary positions in intermediality , 1, p. 19-39. Costantini, M. (2003). Crossing boundaries: The revision of Gothic paradigms in “Heat and Dust”. In Empire and the Gothic. The politics of genre . Smith, A. & Hughes, W. (eds.). New York: Palgrave Macmillan, p. 155-172. Crawford, J. (2015). Gothic fiction and the evolution of media technology. In Technologies of the Gothic in literature and culture: Technogothics . Edwards, J.D. (ed.). New York: Palgrave Macmillan, p. 35-48. Curtius, E.R. (1953). European literature and the Latin Middle Ages . New

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José Manuel González

-94. -----. “Shakespeare and Spain in 1916: Shakespeare Biography and Spanish Neutrality in the Great War.” Shakespeare and Spain. Shakespeare Yearbook 13. Eds. J.M. González and H. Klein, 2002. 58-76. -----. “Shakespeare in Spain. Current Research Trends.” Literature Compass 6/4 (2009): 942-956. Cañadas, Iván. “Parable, Justice and the Disguised Ruler in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure and Lope de Vega’s El Mejor Alcalde el Rey. ” Shakespeare and Spain. Shakespeare Yearbook 13. Eds. J.M. González and H. Klein, 2002. 147