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The Rise of Direct Democracy in Croatia: Balancing or Challenging Parliamentary Representation?

., and Bowen, D. C., 2010. Direct Democracy and Individual Interest Group Membership. The Journal of Politics, 72: 659-671. Borner, S., and Rentsch, H., 1997. Wieviel direkte Demokratie verträgt die Schweiz? Chur: Ruegger. Bowler, S., 2013. When is it ok to limit direct democracy? Minnesota Law Review, 97(5): 1780-1803. Butković, H., 2015. The Croatian Parliament in the European Union: Ready, Steady, Go! In: Hefftler, C., et al., eds. The Palgrave Handbook of National Parliaments and the European Union. Basingstoke

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Stability, Ambiguity and Change in the Discourses of NATO allies in the Black Sea region: The Cases of Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey

Crisis of the European Union and the Global Order in the Trump Era. Bucharest: Trei Publishing House. pp. 60-66. Luciani, G., 1989. The economic content of security. Journal of Public Policy, 8(2): 151-173. Mayer, S., ed. 2014. NATO’s Post-Cold War Politics. The Changing Provisions of Security. Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria, 2017. Bulgaria in NATO. [online] Available at: (Accessed February 2017

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Foreign Policy Making and the U.S. Vision of European Integration in the Nixon Era

References Chace, J., 1973. The Concert of Europe. Available at: [accessed 27 March 2014]. Cline, R. S., 1976. Secrets, Spies, and Scholars: Blueprint of the Essential CIA. New York: Acropolis Books. Dallek, R., 2007. Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power. New York: Harper Collins Publishers. EU Council of the EU, Document of 14 December 1973. Declaration on European Identity. [accessed 14

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Same Old (Macro-) Securitization? A Comparison of Political Reactions to Major Terrorist Attacks in the United States and France

. Available at: [accessed 25 August 2016]. Treaty on the European Union Article 42, 2008. Available from: [accessed 18 February 2019]. Valls, M., 2015 a . La France en Guerre, Euronews , [online]14 November. Available at: [accessed 06 October 2018]. Valls, M., 2015b. Discours de Manuel VALLS, Premier ministre à l’Assemblée nationale – Engagement des forces en Syrie Mercredi 25 novembre

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Dancing and Calculating: Culturally sustainable development and globalization in light of two paradigms of socio-cultural evolution

, H. J. and Matthiesen U., 2007. Territorial Cohesion, Brain Drain and Digital Divide. In: Scholich, D., ed., Territorial Cohesion. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Verlag. Castells, M., 1998. End of Milenium. Blackwell. Cvjetičanin, B. and Katunarić, V., eds., 2003. Hrvatska u 21. stoljeću: strategija kulturnog razvitka [The Strategy of Cultural Development - Croatia in the 21st century]. Zagreb: Ministarstvo kulture Republike Hrvatske. Cvjetičanin, B. and Katunarić, V., 2012. Croatian Culture in the European Union

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Olympic Diplomacy and the Emerging States: Striving for Influence in the Multipolar World

_impact_report.pdf (Accessed 30 July 2016). Toje, A., 2010. The tragedy of small power politics. The European Union under Multipolarity. Security Policy Library, 4. Oslo: The Norwegian Atlantic Committee. Tomlinson, A., 2005. Olympic survivals. In: Allison, L. ed. The Global Politics of Sport. The role of global institutions in sport. London and New York: Routledge. pp. 42-57. Youming, Y., 2016. Foreign coaches expected to add gloss to China’s Rio Olympic delegation. Xinhuanet, [online]. Available at: http

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