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The role of oroclinal bending in the structural evolution of the Central Anatolian Plateau: evidence of a regional changeover from shortening to extension

. 1993: First paleomagnetic evidence of a post-Eocene clockwise rotation of the western Taurus belt, east of the Isparta reentrant (southwestern Turkey). Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 117, 1-14. Koçyiğit A. 1991a: Changing stress orientation in progressive intracontinental deformation as indicated by the neotectonics of the Ankara region (NW of Central Anatolia). Turkish Assoc. Petrol. Geol. Bull. 3, 1, 48-55. Koçyiğit A. 1991b: An example of an accretionary forearc basin from northern Central Anatolia and its

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Crystal size and shape distribution systematics of plagioclase and the determination of crystal residence times in the micromonzogabbros of Qisir Dagh, SE of Sabalan volcano (NW Iran)

References Ahmadzadeh Gh., Jahangiri A., Lentz D. & Mojtahedi M. 2010: Petrogenesis of Plio–Quaternary post-collisional ultrapotassic volcanism in NW of Marand, NW Iran. J. Asian Earth Sci. 39, 1–2, 37–50. Alberti A.A., Comin-Chiaramonti P., Di Battistini G., Sinigoi S. & Zerbi M. 1975: On the magmatism of the Savalan volcano (north–west Iran). Rend. Soc. Ital. Mineral. Petrol. 31, 2, 337–350. Alberti A.A., Comin-Chiaramonti P., Sinigoi S., Nicoletti M. & Petrucciani C. 1980: Neogene and Quaternary volcanism in Eastern Azerbaijan (Iran

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Comparative Analysis of Structure-From-Motion Software’s –An Example of Letychiv (Ukraine) Castle and Convent Buildings

. (2018). A study of structure from motion photogrammetry for generating 3D model from 2D images. IOSR Jornal of Engineering (IOSRJEN), ISSN (e): 2250-3021, ISSN (p): 2278-8719, Volume 4, 72-76. Sona, G. Pinto, L. Pagliari, D. Passoni, D. and Gini, R. (2014). Experimental analysis of different software packages for orientation and digital surface modeling from UMV images, Earth Science Information, 7(2), 97-107, doi: 10.1007/s12145-013-0142-2. Strach M., A. Tama P. Lewinska, 2016, Comparative Analysis of 3D Models Made with Various Technologies on the

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Unmodelled Effects in the Horizontal Velocity Field Determination: ASG-EUPOS Case Study

References Altamimi, Z., Collilieux X., Legrand J., Garayt B., Boucher C. (2007): "ITRF2005: A new release of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame based on time series of station positions and Earth Orientation Parameters". J. Geophys. Res., 2007, nr 112. Becker M., Cristea E., Figurski M., Gerhatova L., Grenerczy G., Hefty J., Kenyeres A., Liwosz T., Stangl G. (2002): "Central European intraplate velocities from CEGRN campaigns". Reports on Geodesy No 1 (61), pp. 83-89, 2002

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Numerical modeling of open pit (OP) to underground (UG) transition in coal mining

References [1] AHMED H.M., EBERHARDT E., DUNBAR W.S., Interaction between block caving and rock slope deformation kinematics as a function of cave position and orientation of discontinuities, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and The Aus. IMM, 2014. [2] BAI M., KENDORSKI F., VAN ROOSENDAAL D., Chinese and North American high-extraction underground coal mining strata behavior and water protection experience and guidelines, Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Ground Control in Mining, Morgantown 1995

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Reconstruction and appraisal of Akunu–Akoko area iron ore deposits using geological and magnetic approaches

, S., Haney, M., Dannemiller, N. (2004): Comprehensive approaches to the inversion of magnetic data with strong remanent magnetization, 74th Ann. Internat. Mtg., Soc. Explor. Geophys ., Expanded Abstracts. [5] Telford, W. M., Geldart, L. P., Sheriff, R. G., Keys, D. A. (1976): Applied Geophysics : Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 7–215, 632–692. [6] Medeiros, W. E., Silva, J. B. C. (1995): Simultaneous estimation of total magnetization direction and spatial orientation: Geophysics , 50, 1365–1377. [7] Helbig, K. (1963): Some integrals

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Sedimentary record of a Pleistocene ice-sheet interlobate zone (NE Poland)

-70. Fraser, G. S. & Cobb, J. C., 1982. Late Wisconsinan proglacial sedimentation along the West Chicago moraine in NE Illinois. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology 52, 473-491. French, H. & Shur, Y., 2010. The principles of cryostratigraphy. Earth-Science Reviews 101, 190-206. Ghienne, J. F. & Deynoux, M., 1998. Large-scale channel fill structures in Late Ordovician glacial deposits in Mauritania, western Sahara. Sedimentary Geology 119, 141-159. Glanville, C., 1997. Glaciolacustrine and

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Reconstructing the channel shifting pattern of the Torsa River on the Himalayan Foreland Basin over the last 250 years

) . Firstly, georeferencing of the old maps was done based on 41 place marks collected from Google Earth using the affine transformation model. Valid place marks on the old maps were only considered after a cross check performed based on relative locations, i.e. distance and direction between two places, as well as the relative locations of those points from famous locations such as Coochbehar and Jalpaiguri town. A considerable area of the studied spatial extent was labelled as Royal Estate during colonial rule in India. The presence of popular archaeological sites and

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Electrospinning of Chitosan Biopolymer and Polyethylene Oxide Blends

fabrication. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 19(3), 745. [13] Murugan, R., Ramakrishna, S. (2007). Design strategies of tissue engineering scaffolds with controlled fiber orientation. Tissue Engineering, 13(8), 1845-1866. [14] Nitti, P., Gallo, N., Natta, L., Scalera, F., Palazzo, B., et al. (2018). Influence of nanofiber orientation on morphological and mechanical properties of electrospun chitosan mats. Journal of Healthcare Engineering. Article ID 3651480. DOI: 10.1155/2018/3651480 [15] Richard-Lacroix, M., Pellerin, C. (2013). Molecular

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Effect of sand-dune slope orientation on soil free-living nematode abundance and diversity

[1] Auslander, M., Nevo, E., Inbar, M. (2003): The effects of slope orientation on plant growth, developmental instability and susceptibility to herbivores. J. Arid Environ., 55:405–4 16 [2] Berkelmans, R., Ferris, H., Tenuta, M., Van Bruggen, A. H. C. (2003): Effects of long-term crop management on nematode trophic levels other than plant feeders disappear after 1 year of disruptive soil management. Appl. Soil Ecol., 23: 223–235.

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