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Regional Development in Central-Eastern European Countries at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Path Dependence and Effects of EU Cohesion Policy

. Berend I.T., 2009. From the soviet bloc to the European Union: The economic and social transformation of Central and Eastern European since 1973 . University Press. Cambridge. Bienias S., Gapski T., 2014. Effects of Cohesion Policy in regions in Poland. In: Ambroziak A. (ed.), New Cohesion Policy of the European Union in Poland. Contributions to economics . Springer, Cham. Brusis M., 2002. Between EU requirements, competitive politics, and national traditions: Re–creating regions in the accession countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Governance 15

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China’s Belt and Road Initiative Extension to Central and Eastern European Countries - Sixteen Nations, Five Summits, Many Challenges

, [online]. Available at:,shtml . Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, 2013. Promote Friendship Between Our People and Work Together to Build a Bright Future . [online] 9 August. Available at: [Accessed October 2016]. MFAPRC News Release, 2015. The Medium-Term Agenda for Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries . [online] 24 November. Available at

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Domestic Final Demand as a Determinant of R&D Activity in Selected Central and Eastern European Countries

Press Przybyliński M., (2012), Metody i tablice przepływów międzygałęziowych w analizach handlu zagranicznego Polski, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, Łódź Radosevic S. (1999), Divergence or convergence in research and development and innovation between ‘East’ and ‘West’, [in:] Fritsch M., Brezinski H., Innovation and Technological Change in Eastern Europe. Pathways to Industrial Recovery, Edward Elgar Tiits M., Kattel R., Kalvet T., Tamm D. (2008), Catching up, forging ahead or falling behind? Central and Eastern

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The strength and weaknesses of the varieties of capitalism approach: the case of Central and Eastern Europe

second half of 2000 it has also been applied with various modifications toward post-socialist Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). In the development of the VoC literature, however, there has been a certain dissimilarity in the treatment of contemporary models of the political economy of capitalism, which partly results from a different theoretical and methodological tradition of the specifics of various scientific disciplines. For example, sociologists tend to be more likely to use the qualitative typology of market economies presented by Hall and Soskice. On the other

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Romania, Slovakia and Hungary: evolution of mutual funds in recent years

References AAF (Fund Managers’ Association from Romania), Retrieved from Alexakis C., Niarchos N., Patra T. & Poshakwale S. (2004) The dynamics between stock returns and mutual fund flows: empirical evidence from the Greek market, International Review of Financial Analysis, 14(5), 559-569. Andrei, A.G., Zaiț, A., Vătămănescu, E.-M., & Pînzaru, F. (2017). Word of mouth generation and brand communication strategy: findings from an experimental study explored with PLS-SEM. Industrial Management & Data

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Evaluation of Trends in Foreign Trade Development in the Post-Communist Countries of Europe in the Years 2000–2012 Following their Accession to the EU

Economics and Economic Policy 9: 297-322. IMF 2014. Data and statistics. [Online] Available at: Iossifov P., 2014. Cross-border production chains and business cycle co-movement between Central and Eastern European Countries and Euro Area Member States. Working Paper Series, issue 1628, European Central Bank. Kawecka-Wyrzykowska E., 2009. Polityki gospodarcze Unii Europejskiej (Economic policies of the European Union). Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie. Oficyna Wydawnicza, Warszawa

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Double Taxation Conventions in Central and Eastern European Countries

5. References [1] Reimer, E., Rust, A., Klaus Vogel on Double Taxation Conventions – Fourth Edition, Vol. II, Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2015. [2] Éva Erdős, Conflicts in the international tax law and answers of the european tax law, Curentul Juridic, Târgu Mureș, Vol.47, 2011, pp. 159-174. [3] Ioan Rus, Eleonora-Laura Avram, Paula Monica Bocicor, Mirela Ruxandra Republic of Moldovan, Evitarea dublei impuneri între România și statele: Ungaria și Bulgaria, Academica Science Journal Studia Series, Tîrgu Mureș, Nr.(3)-2, 2013, pp. 50

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Expected features and the behavior of talented leaders in the three sectors of the Polish economy in context with other Central-Eastern European Countries

Transforming Societies, Chemnitz University of Technology, 5.01.2013. Emerging markets, emerging leaders. A Talent and Leadership Study of Central and Eastern Europe, (2009), The Korn/Ferry Institute, 5.01.2013. Extended DISC, Talent Club,,16.08.2012. Financial Times Ranking of Business Schools, http

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Banks’ Vulnerability and Financial Openness across Central and Eastern Europe

connections: A model of the origin and spread of bank panics, Journal of the European Economic Association, 2 (6), 1542-4774. Drehmann, M. and Tarashev, N. (2013) Measuring the systemic importance of interconnected banks, Journal of Financial Intermediation, 22 (4), 586–607. Filipović, D. and Trolle, A.B. (2013) The term structure of interbank risk, Journal of Financial Economics, 109 (4), 707-733. Freixas, X., B. Parigi, and J. C. Rochet (2000) Systemic risk, interbank relations and liquidity provision by the central bank, Journal of Money, Credit and

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Public Administration Education in a Legalistic Setting: New Tendencies in Hungarian Public Administration and Training

References Drechsler, Wolfgang. 2005a. “Th e Re-Emergence of ‘Weberian’ Public Administration aft er the Fall of New. Public Management: Th e Central and Eastern European Perspective.” Halduskultuur 6, 94 - 108. Drechsler, Wolfgang. 2005b. “Th e Rise and Demise of the New Public Management.” Post-Autistic Economics Review 33 (14 September 2005). Available at (last accessed 21 April 2013). Coursebook for Civil Service Basic Exam: http

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