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A Formalism for Expressing the Probability Density Functions of Interrelated Quantities

prior ignorance of the measurand versus analysis using the Supplement 1 to the Guide : A comparison. Metrologia , 46, 261-266. [11] Benedict, R.P. (1980). Fundamentals of Pipe Flow . New York: John Wiley. [12] Li, Z., Sun, Z. (2013). Development of the vortex mass flowmeter with wall pressure measurement. Measurement Science Review , 13, 20-24. [13] Lira, I. (2009). The probability distribution of a quantity with given mean and variance. Metrologia , 46, L27-L28. [14] BIPM, IEC, IFCC, ILAC, ISO

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A Novel Adaptive Frequency Estimation Algorithm Based on Interpolation FFT and Improved Adaptive Notch Filter

Fourier transform with negative frequency contribution. Review of Scientific Instruments , 86 (1), 015104. [10] Ta, M., Thai, H., DeBrunner, V. (2009). Stochastic search methods to improve the convergence of adaptive notch filter. In IEEE 13th Digital Signal Processing Workshop , January 4-7, 2009. IEEE, 78-83. [11] Xu, K., Ni, W., Chen, Z. (2006). A signal processing method for Coriolis mass flowmeter based on time-varying signal model and lattice notch filter. Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument , 27 (2), 596-601. [12] Ni, W., Xu, K. (2007

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Development of the Vortex Mass Flowmeter with Wall Pressure Measurement

. [11] Itoh, I., Ohki, S. (1993). Mass flowmeter detecting fluctuations in lift generated by vortex shedding. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation , 4 (4), 215-223. [12] Zhang, H.J., Huang, Y.M., Sun, Z.Q. (2006). A study of mass flow rate measurement based on the vortex shedding principle. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation , 17 (1), 29-38. [13] Sun, Z.Q. (2010). Mass flow measurement of gasliquid bubble flow with the combined use of a Venturi tube and a vortex flowmeter. Measurement Science and Technology , 21 (5), 055403

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Ball's Motion Estimation Using a Line-Scan Camera

ball motion from a single motion-blurred image. Computer Vision and Image Understanding , 113 (5), 590-597. Boracchi, G., Caglioti, V., Giusti, A. (2007). Ball position and motion reconstruction from blur in a single perspective image. In The 14th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing , 10-13 September 2007. Modena, Italy: Univ. of Modena and Reggio Emilia, 87-92. Caglioti, V., Giusti, A. (2010). On the apparent transparency of a motion blurred object. International Journal of Computer Vision

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A new method for the prediction of laser cut surface topography

References [1] Yilbaş, B.S. (1996). Experimental investigation into CO2 laser cutting parameters. Processing Technology, [2] Riveiro, A., et al. (2010). Parametric investigation of CO2 laser cutting of 2024-T3 alloy. Material Processing Technology [3] Scintilla, L.D., Tricarico, L. (2012). Estimating cutting front temperature difference in disk and CO2 laser beam fusion cutting. Technology [4] Eltawahni, H.A., Hagino, M., Benyounis, K.Y., Inoue, T., Olabi, A.G. (2012). Effect of CO2 laser

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Microcontroller - Based System for Electrogastrography Monitoring Through Wireless Transmission

References Tura, A., Badanai, M., Longo, O., Quareni, L. (2003). A medical wearable device with wireless Bluetooth based data transmission. Measurement Science Review , 3, 1-4. Rasid, M.F.A., Woodward, B. (2005). Bluetooth telemedicine processor for multichannel biomedical signal transmission via mobile cellular networks. IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine , 9 (1), 35-43. Chien, J.-R.C., Tai, C.C. (2004). A wireless Bluetooth device applied to a non

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Design and Analysis of a Novel Six-Component F/T Sensor based on CPM for Passive Compliant Assembly

(3), 373-388. [10] Gailler, A., Reboulet, C. (1983). An isostatic six component force and torque sensor. In 13th International Symposium on Industrial Robots and Robots 7 , 17-21 April 1983. Robotics International of SME. [11] Dwarakanath, T.A., Bhaumick, T.K., Venkatesh, D. (1999). Implementation of Stewart platform based force-torque sensor. In Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems (MFI ’99) : IEEE/SICE/RSJ International Conference, 15-18August, 1999, 32-37. [12] Ranganath, R., Nair, P

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A Gyro-Free System for Measuring the Parameters of Moving Objects

. Measurement, 40 (3), 322-328. [11] Dichev, D., Koev, H., Bakalova, T., Louda, P. (2014). A model of the dynamic error as a measurement result of instruments defining the parameters of moving objects. Measurement Science Review, 14 (4), 183-189. [12] Sveshnikov, A.A., Rivkin, S.S. (1974). Probability Methods in the Applied Gyroscope Theory. Moscow: Nauka. [13] Venkatesh, K. Arun, Mathivanan, N. (2013). CAN network based longitudinal velocity measurement using accelerometer and GPS receiver for automobiles. Measurement Science

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Hidden Markov Model-based Pedestrian Navigation System using MEMS Inertial Sensors

-2164. [13] Jimenez, A.R., Seco, F., Prieto, J.C., Guevara, J. (2010). Indoor pedestrian navigation using an INS/EKF framework for yaw drift reduction and a foot-mounted IMU. In 7th Workshop on Positioning Navigation and Communication , 11-12 March 2010. IEEE, 135-143. [14] Skog, I., Nilsson, J.O., Handel, P. (2010). Evaluation of zero-velocity detectors for foot-mounted inertial navigation systems. In International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation , 15-17 September. IEEE, 1-6. [15] Wen, L., Yingjun, Z. (2013). Feature analysis of pedestrian

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A Design of Finite Memory Residual Generation Filter for Sensor Fault Detection

alternative FIR filter for state estimation in discrete-time systems. Digital Signal Processing, 20 (3), 935-943. [12] Kim, P.S. (2013). A computationally efficient fixedlag smoother using recent finite measurements. Measurement, 46 (1), 846-850. [13] Zhao, S., Shmaliy, Y.S., Huang, B., Liu, F. (2015). Minimum variance unbiased FIR filter for discrete time-variant systems. Automatica, 53 (2), 355-361. [14] Pak, J., Ahn, C., Shmaliy, Y., Lim, M. (2015). Improving reliability of particle filter-based localization in wireless

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