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Miroslav Beblavy, Emilia Sicakova-Beblava and Darina Ondrusova

References Aberbach, J. D., R. D. Putnam and B. A. Rockman. 1981. Bureaucrats and Politicians in Western Democracies . Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. Bearfield, M. 2009. “What Is Patronage ? A Critical Reexamination.” Public Administration Review 69(1), 64 - 76. Beblavý, M. 2009. “Europeanization and Bureaucratic Autonomy in the New Member States: A Case Study of the Agricultural Paying Agency in Slovakia.” Public Administration 87(4), 923 - 937. Beblavý, M. 2002

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Iwona Sobis and Offolome Guepie Victorien Okouma

Decision 41(8), 760–770. Lindgren, Lena. 2008. Utvärderingsmonstret. Kvalitets- och resultatmätning i den offentliga sektorn. Lund: Studentlitteratur. Lundquist, Lennart. 1992. Förvaltning, Stat, och samhälle . Lund: Studentlitteratur. MacPherson, Malcolm. 2001. “Performance Measurement in Not-for-Profit and Public Sector Organization.” Measuring Business Excellence 5(2), 13–17. Modell, Sven. 2004. “Performance Measurement Myths in the Public Sector: A Research Note.” Financial Accountability & Management 20(1), 39–55. Otley, David

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Eunice Omolola Olaniyi

association for Environment, Health and Safety in refining and distribution , Concawe Report 1/13R, Brussels. Corbett, J. (2007), ‘Mortality from ship emissions: A global assessment,’ Environmental Science and Technology , vol. 41, no. 24, pp. 8512–8518. Corbett, J. J. & Farrell, A. (2002), ‘Mitigating air pollution impacts of passenger ferries,’ Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment , vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 197–211. Cullinane, K. R. & Bergqvist, R. (2014

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Pawan Dutt, Simona Ferraro, Archil Chochia and Ramona Muljar

:// [accessed 20 Apr 2018] Griliches, Z. (1998), ‘Patent statistics as economic indicators: a survey,’ in Z. Griliches (ed.) R&D and Productivity: The Econometric Evidence, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp. 287-343. Groen, A. J. (2005), ‘Knowledge intensive entrepreneurship in networks: towards a multi-level/multi dimensional approach,’ Journal of Enterprising Culture, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 69-88. Groen, A. J.; De Weerd

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Tamar Zarandia and Natia Chitashvili

Policy , Cham: Springer International Publishing Switzerland, pp. 197–208. Ciematniece, I. (2010), Contract Renegotiation and Adaptation, Concept of Contract Renegotiation and Adaptation in International Commercial Law Contracts , Saarbrücken: Lambert Academic Publishing. Decision of the Supreme Court of Georgia, No. 3K-624-02, 09.09.2002. DiMatteo, L. A.; Zhou Q.; Saintier, S. & Rowley, K. (2013), Commercial Contract Law , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Vakhtang Charaia, Archil Chochia and Mariam Lashkhi

. (2018), ‘FDI Motivation and Benefits for Georgia,’ Ekonomisti , no. 1. Retrieved from [1] [accessed Nov 2018] Chochia, A. & Popjanevski, J. (2016), ‘Change of power and its influence on country’s Europeanization process. Case study: Georgia,’ in T. Kerikmäe & A. Chochia (eds.) Political and Legal Perspectives of the EU Eastern Partnership Policy , Cham: Springer International Publishing, pp. 197−210.

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B. Peters

. O'Toole, L. J. 2007. "Governing Outputs and Outcomes of Governance Networks." In E. Sorenson and J. Torfing (eds). Theories of Democratic Network Governance. Basingstoke: Palgrave, pages. Olsen, J. P. forthcoming. "The Ups and Downs of Bureaucratic Organization." Annual Review of Political Science 11, 13-37. Osborne, D. and T. Gaebler. 1991. Reinventing Government. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. Peters, B. G. 2007a. "Performance Management in the Nordic Countries". Paper Prepared for

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Gunta Pastore

References Åslund, A. (2013), ‘How Putin Lost Ukraine,’ The Moscow Times, 21 August 2013. Retrieved from [accessed Sep 2014] Barkin, N. (2014), ‘Russia ties compound German dilemma in Ukraine Crisis,’ Reuters, 3 March 2014. Retrieved from CEPS (2012), ‘The Ukraine Question,’ European Neighbourhood Watch, CEPS, no. 80 (March). Retrieved from http

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Györgyi Nyikos and Zsuzsanna Kondor

Multifunctional Land Use Activities.” IASC European meeting, 14 – 17 September 2011, Agricultural University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Łacny, J. 2017. “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: The CJEU Case-Law on Financial Corrections Imposed by the Commission on the Member States.” Journal of Contemporary European Research 13(2), 1043 – 1054. Marque, A. 2011. “A New Appeals Board: Providing Consistency and Clarity in the World of Grants and Cooperative Agreements.” Public Contract Law Journal 41(1), 129 – 148. Mendez, C. and J. Bachtler. 2017. “Financial

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Max Atallah

References A. (2009), Opinion of Advocate General Kokott delivered on 29 January 2009, ECR I-02805, C-523/07. Amministrazione delle finanze dello Stato v Salumi [1981], ECR 2735, C-261/96. Bohan, B. & McCarthy, F. (2013), Capital Acquisitions Tax, 4th edition, Dublin: Bloomsbury Professional. Bost, J. (2014), ‘Nothing certain about death and taxes (and inheritance): European Union regulation of cross-border successions,’ Emory International Law Review, vol. 27, no. 2, pp. 1145