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Marian Negoita

Sources of Corruption in Brazil. Third World Quarterly, 13 (4), 641-661. Gillis, J. R. (1968). Aristocracy and Bureaucracy in Nineteenth-Century Prussia. Past and Present 41 (1), 105-129. Glyn, A., Hughes, A., Lipietz, A., & Singh, A. (1986). The Rise and Fall of the Golden Age. In S.A. Marglin & J.B. Schor (Eds.), The Golden Age of Capitalism (pp. 39-125). Oxford: Clarendon Press. Granovetter, M. (1985). Economic Action and Social Structure: the Problem of Embeddedness. American Journal of Sociology, 91 (3), 481-510. Grzymala-Busse, A

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Andrea Lutz

Journal of Epidemiology 35(1): 55–60. Corbeau, Jean-Pierre. 2005. Évolutions des modes de vie et des trajectoires sociales d’obésité chez les jeunes enfants. Enfances et Psy 27 : 17–23. Delavari, Maryam, Anders Sonderlund, Boyd Swinburn, David Mellor et Andre Renzaho. 2013. Acculturation and Obesity Among Migrant Populations in High Income Countries: a Systematic Review. BMC Public Health 13: 458. Eckersley, Richard. 2015. Beyond Inequality: Acknowledging the Complexity of Social Determinants of Health. Social Science & Medicine 147: 121

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Mircea Comşa

). Explorarea Europei prin migraţii pentru muncă: 1990-2006 [Exploring Europe through work migrations: 1990-2006], Locuirea temporară în străinătate. Migraţia economică a românilor: 1990-2006 [Temporary residence abroad. The economic migration of Romanians 1990-2006]. București: Fundaţia pentru o Societate Deschisă, pp. 13-39. Sandu, D. (2010). Lumile sociale ale migraţiei româneşti în străinătate [Social Worlds of Romanian Migration Abroad]. Iaşi: Polirom. Steiner, N.D. (2010). Economic globalization and voter turnout in established democracies. Electoral

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Eimi Lev

, 7(5): 497-510. Neelapala, P., Duvvi, S. K., Kumar, G., & Kumar, B. N. (2008) Do gynecology outpatients use the internet to seek health information? A questionnaire survey. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice , 14 (2): 300-3004. Newhagen, J.E., & Rafaeli, S. (1996) Why communication researchers should study the internet: A dialogue. Journal of Communication , 46 : 4-13. Nwagwu, W. E. (2007). The Internet as a source of reproductive health information among adolescent girls in an urban city in Nigeria. BMC Public Health, 7

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Craig Young and Duncan Light

Land: Now and the Future. Crayford: Shaw and Sons. Durbach, N. (2014) ‘”Skinless Wonders”: Bodyworlds and the Victorian freak show’. Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences , 69(1): 38-67. Farmaki, A. (2013) ‘Dark Tourism revisited: A supply/demand conceptualisation’. International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research , 7(3): 281-292. Foltyn, J.L. (2008) ‘The corpse in contemporary culture: identifying, transacting, and recoding the dead body in the twenty-first century’. Mortality , 13: 99-104. Foucault, M

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Jeremy Simpson

References Afghanistan NGO Safety Office (ANSO) (2007-12) ‘Country Reports’ and ‘Quarterly Data Reports’. (consulted 25/11/14). Atkinson, W. (2007) ‘Beck, individualization and the death of class: a critique’. British Journal of Sociology , 5(3):349-366. Bhatia, M. (2008) ‘Armed Groups in Afghanistan’. In Bhatia, M. and M. Sedra (eds.) Afghanistan, Arms and Conflict: Armed groups, disarmament and security in a post-war society , pp. 72-110. Oxon: Routledge. Beck, U

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Laura Montesi

’alimentazione e i suoi riflessi linguistici. Naples, 13-16 October 1999. Proceedings edited by Silvestri, D., Marra, A. and I. Pinto. Pp. 245-280. Ferzacca, S. (2004) ‘Lived food and judgments of taste at a time of disease’. Medical Anthropology, 23(1):41-67. Garro, L. (1995) ‘Individual or societal responsibility? Explanations of diabetes in an Anishinaabe (Ojibway) community’. Social Sciences & Medicine, 40(1):37-46. Guthman, J. (2011) Weighing In: Obesity, Food Justice, and the Limits of Capitalism. Berkeley and Los Angeles

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Andrew Bowsher

References Arsel, Z. and C. Thompson (2010) ‘Demythologizing Consumption Practices: How Consumers Protect Their Field-Dependent Identity Investments from Devaluing Marketplace Myths’. Journal of Consumer Research, 37:791-806 Atton, C. (2012) ‘Listening to ‘difficult albums’: specialist music fans and the popular avant-garde’. Popular Music, 31(3):347-361 Bacon-Smith, C. (1992) Enterprising Women: Television Fandom and the Creation of Popular Myth. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press Belk, R. W. (2001). Collecting in a

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Cecilia Rubiolo

: Princeton University Press. Marshall, R. (1991). Power in the Name of Jesus. Review of African Political Economy , 52 : 21-38. Marshall, R. (2009). Political spiritualities: The pentecostal revolution in Nigeria . Chigaco: University of Chicago Press. Meardi, G. (2012). Social Failures of EU Enlargement. A Case of Workers Voting with Their Feet . London: Routledge. Meeus, B. (2013). Welfare through migrant work : What if the Romanian 'safety valve' closes?. Southeast European and Black Sea Studies , 13(2): 175-194. Mezzadra, S., Neilson

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Lisiunia A. Romanienko

-193. Cummings, William (2005) Easy Rider and American Empire: A Postcolonial Interpretation International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Nov. Diamond, S. (1974) In Search of the Primitive: A Critique of Civilization New Brunswick, Transaction. Dulaney, William L. (2005) Brief History of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Nov. Dynes, Michael (2001) Paris-Dakar Rally Condemned as Luxury Insult to Africa Times January 13. Eliaz, Raanan (2007) Who is Nicolas Sarkozy ? Jewish World Review May 7 Frank, Andre