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Anna Dumas and Piotr Pietrasz

References Adamiak, B. (1999). Glosa do wyroku Sądu Najwyższego z dnia 25 lutego 1998, III RN 130/97, OSP 1999, nr 5, poz. 101. Brzeziński, B. (2005). Koncepcja praw podatnika i ich ochrony jako przedmiot badań naukowych. Kwartalnik Prawa Podatkowego , 1, 9 and next, 13 and next. Brzeziński, B. (2011). Relacje między administracją podatkową a podatnikami - od konfrontacji do wspołpracy. In P. Borszowski, A. Uchla, E. Rutkowska- Tomaszewska (Eds.), Podatnik versus organ podatkowy (p. 39 and next

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Paulina Kozanecka

Contract Law from an Historical and Comparative Perspective. In Towards a Chinese Civil Code: Comparative and Historical Perspectives . Leiden/Boston: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. Hsu, S. C. 2007. Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China. Minnesota Journal of International Law , 16, 115–162. Kim, C. J. 2000. Korean Attitudes Toward Law. Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal , 10 (1). Kim, J. H. 2013. Development of Security Rights Law since the Codification of the Civil Code of Korea. Journal of Korean Law , 13, 271. Kitagawa, Z. 2008

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Anna Piszcz

Prezesa Urzędu Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentow z dnia 30 maja 2006 DOK-53/06. Etel, M. (2012). Pojęcie przedsiębiorcy w prawie antymonopolowym. In. A. Gied- rewicz-Niewińska, A. Piszcz (Eds.), System ochrony prawnej konkurencji - zagadnienia wybrane , (p. 247 et seq). Toruń: Adam Marszałek. European Court of Justice judgment of February 13, 1968, C-14/68, Walt Wilhelm et al. v. Bundeskartelamt, European Court reports 1969, p. 00001. Jabłońska-Bonca, J. (2004). Wprowadzenie do prawa. Introduction to law. Warsza- wa: Lexis Nexis, 178

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Zbigniew Król

. Latin text with English translation, commentary and variants , a thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, History and History of Science, University of Visconsin (1966). (Duhem 1906–13) Duhem, P., Études sur Léonard de Vinci , vol I, II, Ceux qu’il a lus et ceux qui l’ont lu; vol. III Les précurseurs parisiens de Galilée , Paris (1906–13). (Edwards 1979) Edwards, C. H., Jr, The historical development of the calculus. Springer-Verlag, New York, Heidelberg, Berlin (1979). (Grant 1961) Grant

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Andrzej Dakowicz

, 985-1013. Popek, S., & Bernacka, R. E. (2008). Zdolności i uzdolnienia - ujęcie transgresyjne. In I. Pufal-Struzik (Ed.), O przekraczaniu granic własnych ograniczeń - z perspektywy psychotransgresjonizmu (pp. 13-21). Krakow: Oficyna Wydawnicza “Impuls”. Powell, J. (1967). Why am I afraid to love? Chicago: Argus Communications Co. Prasad, G. (2006). The great Indian family: New roles - old responsibilities. New Delhi: Penguin Books. Reddin, B. (1991). Tests for the output oriented manager: A self

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Elena Vyushkina

REFERENCES Chapman University (n.d.) Chapman’s Mediation Clinic-Course. Information for students. Retrieved August 29, 2017 from Cooper, L.J. 2003. ‘Teaching ADR in the Workplace Once and Again: A Pedagogical History’, J. Legal Educ. 1. Retrieved August 29, 2017 from Feasley, A. 2011. ‘Regulating Mediator Qualifications in the 2008 EU Mediation Directive: The Need for a Supranational Standard’. J. Disp. Resol. Retrieved August 29, 2017

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Paweł Grabarczyk

Content. Mind and Language , 8 (3), 343–67. Carruthers, P., & Botterill, G. (1999). The philosophy of psychology . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Chalmers, D. (2003). The Nature of Narrow Content. Philosophical Issues , 13 (1), 46–66. Crane, T. (1991). All the difference in the world. The Philosophical Quarterly , 41 (162), 1–25. Davidson, D. (1987). Knowing One’s Own Mind. Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association , 60 (3), 441–458. Fodor, J. (1980). Methodological solipsism considered as a

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Tadeusz Ciecierski

. Dennett, The Intentional Stance pp. 287–321). The MIT Press. Dennett D.C. (1989)b. Making Sense of Ourselves. In D. C. Dennett, The Intentional Stance (pp. 83–101). The MIT Press. Fodor J. (1987). Psychosemantics. The MIT Press. Foxall G. R. (2007). Intentional Behaviorism. Behavior and Philosophy , 35, 1–55. Hocutt M. O. (1972). Is Epistemic Logic Possible?. Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic , 13(4), 433–453. Kenny A. (2003). Action, Emotion and Will. 2nd edition, Routledge (first edition: 1963). Kim J. (2003). Chisholm

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Jean Goodwin

, 4(3), 343-368. Schneider, Stephen H. (1988). The greenhouse effect and the US summer of 1988: Cause and effect or a media event? Climatic Change, 13(2), 113-115. Scott, J. Michael & Rachlow, Janet L. (2011). Refocusing the debate about advo- cacy. Conservation Biology, 25(1), 1-3. Scott, J.Michael, Rachlow, Janet L. & Lackey, Robert T. (2008). The science-policy interface: What is an appropriate role for professional societies? BioScience, 58(9), 865-869. Searle, John R. (1969). Speech acts: An essay

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Kamil Żyła

References Bau, D., Gray, J., Kelleher, C., Sheldon, J., & Turbak, F. (2017). Learnable Programming: Blocks and Beyond. Communications of the ACM, 60(6), 72-80. doi: 10.1145/3015455 Borys, M., & Plechawska-Wojcik, M. (2013). Usability and accessibility testing of mobile application interfaces. Nierowności społeczne a wzrost gospodarczy, 35, 63-77. Brambilla,M., Cabot, J., &Wimmer, M. (2012).Model-driven software engineering in practice. Morgan & Claypool Publishers. Crowe, A. (2012). Disasters 2