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Teaching Punctuation in Early Modern England

References Adis, Henry 1660? A fannaticks primmer for the instruction of their little-ones in order to the attaining to perfect reading. London: Printed for Francis Smith. (An Advertisement.) Browne, Richard 1692 The English examiner: Or, A spelling-book. London: Printed by Edw. Jones for Tho. Basset. (pp. 11-13.) Brown, Richard 1700 The English-school reformed. London: Printed for A. and J. Churchil and E. Castle. (pp. 14-17.) Care, Henry 1687 The

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Let Them Be Heard: Bringing Native American Experience Closer in Teaching

REFERENCES Alexie, Sherman. 1994. The Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight in heaven . New York, NY: Harper Perennial. Alexie, Sherman. 1996. The summer of black widows. Brooklyn, NY: Hanging Loose. Alexie, Sherman. 2007. The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian. New York, NY & Boston, MA: Little, Brown. Alexie, Sherman. 2013. Moyers and company . Interview with Bill Moyers, April 13, 2013 (accessed 15 January 2017). Brayboy, Bryan McKinley Jones. 2005

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The Grendelkin and the Politics of Succession at Heorot: The Significance of Monsters in Beowulf

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.B.Tauris. Fox-Good, Jacqueline. 1995. Ophelia’s mad songs: Music, gender, power. In David G. Allen & Robert A. White (eds.), Subjects on the world’s stage: Essays on British literature of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, 217-238. Newark: University of Delaware Press. Garnet, Carla. 2010. Drowning Ophelia. Gallery Stratford. (accessed 13 Feb. 2013). Greenblatt, Stephen. 1980. Renaissance self-fashioning: From More to Shakespeare. Chicago: University of Chicago Press

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American Literature in Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 1968-2008 A Comprehensive Bibliography

science fiction of the twentieth century: Metaphors for American attitudes toward the future", Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 13: 163-176. Husni, Khalil 1981 "Ishmael's leviathanic vision: A study in whiteness", Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 13: 177-190. Husni, Khalil 1983 "The confidence-man 's colourful-colourless masquarade: Melville's theatre of the absurd ‘in black and white’", Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 17: 219-231. Kałuża, Irena 1980 Review of Nina Nowakowska, Language of poetry and

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Focus in Focus. Replying Professor Szwedek

interpretation. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press. Szabolcsi, Anna 1983 "Focusing properties, or the trap of first order", Theoretical Linguistics 10: 125-145. Szwedek, Aleksander 1975a "Coreference and sentence stress in English and Polish", Papers and Studies in Contrastive Linguistics 3: 209-213. Szwedek, Aleksander 1975b "The role of the sentence stress in the interpretation of coreferentiality in English and Polish", Papers and Studies in Contrastive Linguistics 4: 13

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‘Thrilled with Chilly Horror’: A Formulaic Pattern in Gothic Fiction

/3.244.1/h/13 (date of access: 6 April 2014). Jakobson, Roman. 1960 (1987). Linguistics and poetics. In Krystyna Pomorska & Stephen Rudy (eds.), Language in literature, 62-94. Cambridge, Mass.: The Belknap Press. Kahlert, Karl Friedrich (a.k.a. Lorenz Flammenberg). 1792. Der Geisterbanner. Eine Wundergeschichte aus mündlichen und schriftlichen Traditionen. Hohenzollern: Johann Baptist Wallishausser. (date of access: 28 February 2014). Kristeva, Julia. 1968. Problèmes de la

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Needles, China Cups, Books, and the Construction of the Victorian Feminine Ideal in Rhoda Broughton’S Not Wisely, but too Well and Elizabeth Gaskell’S North and South

. Bourdieu, Pierre 1984 Distinction. A social critique of the judgement of taste . (Translated by Richard Nice.) Cambridge, MA.: Harvard University Press. 1986 “The forms of capital”, in: John G. Richardson (ed.), 241-258. Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock [1858] 1997 A woman’s thoughts about women . London: Hurst and Blackett. Date of access: 13 Mar. 2008. Gilbert, Pamela K. 1997 Disease, desire, and the body in Victorian women’s popular novels . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

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Of People and Places: Urban Gendering in the English Plays

. Stevens, Martin - A. C. Cawley (eds.) 1994 The Towneley plays . (EETS supplementary series 13-14.) Oxford: Oxford University Press. Andrew, Malcolm 1995 "The realizing imagination in late medieval English literature", English Studies 76/2: 113-128. Bardsley, Sandy 1999 "Women's work reconsidered: gender and wage differentiation in late medieval England", Past and Present 165: 3-29. Beckwith, Sarah 1994 "Making the world in York and the York cycle", in: Sarah Kay - Miri Rubin (eds.), 254

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.]. Schustereder, Stefan. 2013. Strategies of identity construction. The writings of Gildas, Aneirin and Bede. Bonn: Bonn University Press. Thikms, A. 2005. The sacrament of baptism in St. Erkenwald: The perfect transformation of the Trajan legend. Neophilologus 83. 311-327. Wenzel, Siegfried. 1981. St. Erkenwald and the uncorrupted body. Notes and Queries 28(1). 13-14. Whatley, Gordon. 1986. Heathens and saints: St. Erkenwald and its legendary context. Speculum 61(2). 330-363. Whatley, Gordon (ed.). 1989. The saint

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