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Stefan Schustereder

.]. Schustereder, Stefan. 2013. Strategies of identity construction. The writings of Gildas, Aneirin and Bede. Bonn: Bonn University Press. Thikms, A. 2005. The sacrament of baptism in St. Erkenwald: The perfect transformation of the Trajan legend. Neophilologus 83. 311-327. Wenzel, Siegfried. 1981. St. Erkenwald and the uncorrupted body. Notes and Queries 28(1). 13-14. Whatley, Gordon. 1986. Heathens and saints: St. Erkenwald and its legendary context. Speculum 61(2). 330-363. Whatley, Gordon (ed.). 1989. The saint

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Joanna Kazik

. Stevens, Martin - A. C. Cawley (eds.) 1994 The Towneley plays . (EETS supplementary series 13-14.) Oxford: Oxford University Press. Andrew, Malcolm 1995 "The realizing imagination in late medieval English literature", English Studies 76/2: 113-128. Bardsley, Sandy 1999 "Women's work reconsidered: gender and wage differentiation in late medieval England", Past and Present 165: 3-29. Beckwith, Sarah 1994 "Making the world in York and the York cycle", in: Sarah Kay - Miri Rubin (eds.), 254

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Adrian Pablé, Radosław Dylewski and Agnieszka Urbańska

American drama", The New England Quarterly 13: 467-493. Edwards, Viv 1993 "The grammar of Southern British English", in: James Milroy - Lesley Milroy (eds.), 214-238. Gachelin, Jean-Marc 1991 "Transitivity and intransitivity in the dialects of South-west England", in: Peter Trudgill and Jack K. Chambers (eds.), 218-228. Hodge, Francis 1964 Yankee theatre. The image of America on the stage, 1825-1850. Austin: University of Texas Press. Ives, Sumner 1971 "A theory of

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Kinga Lis

England and Northern France in the twelfth century: Production, mise-en-page, and circulation. Journal of the Early Book Society 13. 1-38. Reuter, Ole. 1938. A study of the French words in the “Earliest Complete English Prose Psalter” (Societas Scientiarum Fennica. Commentationes Humanarum Litterarum 9(4)). Helsingfors: Akademische Buchhandlung. Rey, Alain, Frédéric Duval & Gilles Siouffi. 2011. Mille ans de langue française: Histoire d’une passion. I. Des origines au français moderne. Paris: Perrin. Riehle, Wolfgang. 2014

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Stefanie Affeldt

. 1893. National life and character: A forecast. London, New York: Macmillan & Co. of Australia. Phillips, Lawrence. 2000. British slavery after abolition. The Pacific trade. Race & Class 41(3). 13-27. DOI: 10.1177/0306396800413002 Pybus, Cassandra. 2006. Black founders: The unknown story of Australia’s first black settlers. Sydney: University of New South Wales Press. Queensland Sugar Corporation. 1997. Sugar Notes. Brisbane: Queensland Sugar Corporation. Qui Vive. 1904. Bystander’s notebook. Figures of

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Rodrigo Lorido

Language 30/2: 2110-2233. Fischer, Olga - Ans van Kemenade - Willem Koopman - Wim van der Wurff (eds.) 2000 The syntax of Early English . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Givon, Talmy (ed.) 1983 Topic continuity in discourse: A quantitative cross-language study. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Givon, Talmy 1988 "The pragmatics of word order: Predictability, importantce and attention", in: Michael Hammond - E. A. Moravcsik - Jessica Wirth (eds.), 192-200. Goodall

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Petr Chalupský

Works cited Adams, T., 2005. “For me, England is a mythical place: an interview with Kazuo Ishiguro.” In: The Guardian , February 20, 2005. Available at: Begley, A., 2002. “A Pilgrim in Craceland.” In: Southwest Review , vol. 87, no. 2 3. Available at: Begley, A., 2003. “Jim Crace, The Art of Fiction No. 179.” In: The Paris Review , issue 167. Available at:

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Emilia Wieliczko-Paprota

Wind . London: Strahan & Co. MacDonald, George. 1976 [1890]. The fantastic imagination. In Lance Salway (ed.), A peculiar gift. Nineteenth century writings on books of children , 162–167. Middlesex: Penguin Books. Patmore, Coventry K.D. 1893. Religio poetae. London: G. Bell. Prel, Carl du. 1889. The philosophy of mysticism (translated by C.C. Massey). London: George Redway. Ribot, Theoudule A. 1906. Essay on the creative imagination (translated by Albert H. N. Baron). Chicago, IL: The Open Court Publishing Co. Rosicrucian

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Ruben Benatti and Angela Tiziana Tarantini

. Eidelman, Scott & Paul J. Silvia. 2010. Self-focus and stereotyping of the self. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations 13(2). 263-273. DOI: 10.1177/1368430209353631 Ferguson, Charles A. 1959. Diglossia, Word 15(2). 325-340. DOI: 10.1080/00437956.1959.11659702 Gallina, Francesca. 2011. Australia e Nuova Zelanda. In Massimo Vedovelli (ed.), Storia linguistica dell'emigrazione italiana nel mondo, 429-475. Rome: Carocci Editore. Gonzo, Susan & Mario Saltarelli. 1983. Pidginization and language change in emigrant languages

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Renata Szczepaniak and Arleta Adamska-Sałaciak

contemporary English. (3 rd edition.) Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. Szymczak, Mieczysław (ed.) 1978 Słownik języka polskiego. Vols. 1-3. Warszawa: PWN. WSFJP = Müldner-Nieckowski, Piotr Adamska-Sałaciak, Arleta 2006 Meaning and the bilingual dictionary: The case of English and Polish. Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang Verlag. Béjoint, Henri - Philippe Thoiron (eds.) 1996 Les dictionnaires bilingues. Louvain-la-Neuve: Aupelf-Uref-Éditions Duculot