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Modeling the Effect of Underwater Explosion on a Submerged Plate Structure

[10] Ştefan Sterie, Paraschiv, T.,ş.a., Mecanica fluidelor. Capitole speciale, vol. I, II, III, Editura Academia Tehnică Militară, Bucureşti, 1993, 1994 [11] Ştefan, Sterie, Ecuaţiile mecanicii fluidelor, Ed, ATM, Bucureşti, 1996 [12] *** JANAF Termochemical Tables (Ediţia a 2-a), Biroul Naţional de Standarde, Washinton, 1971 [13] *** LASL Explosive Property Data, University of California Press, Los Angeles, 1980. [14] *** Programul LSDYNA [15] *** ANSYS/LS-DYNA User’s Guide. [16] *** ANSYS Elements Reference, the ANSYS Commands

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Romania’s Role in the Management of Security Organizations

-2019, Bucureşti, 2015, p. 6 [6] Ibidem, p. 6 [7], accessed on 10.01.2018 [8] Strategia Naţională de Apărare a Ţării pentru perioada 2015-2019, Bucureşti, 2015, p. 13 [9], accessed on 10.01.2018 [10], accessed on 10.01.2018 [11] Florian Răpan, Claudiu Marin Bibiriţă, Managementul organizaţiilor de securitate, Editura ProUniversitaria, Bucureşti, 2014 [12] Strategia Naţională de

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Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Higher Education Systems Based on the Knowledge-Management Approach

, Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review, 4 (4), 1-9. [13] Obeidat, B., & Abdallah, A. (2014), The Relationships among Human Resource Management Practices, Organizational Commitment, and Knowledge Management Processes: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach, International Journal of Business and Management, 9 (3), 9-26. [14] Rahimli, A. (2012), Knowledge Management and Competitive Advantage, Information and Knowledge Management, 2(7), 37-43. [15] Rae, D., Martin, L., Antcliff, V., & Hannon, P. (2012), Enterprise and entrepreneurship in

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Analysis of Materials Used in the Construction of Electric Motors

compte des harmoniques d’espace et de temps , 2006, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, Nancy, 2006 [11] Michaux R., Letellier P., Les Machines Discoïdes à Champ Axial dans les Systèmes dePropulsion Électriques , REE nr.3/1997, pp 37-42 [12] Parvianen A.,Pyhönen J.,Niemelä M., Axial Flux Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Sinusoïdal Shaped Magnets , ISEF 2001 - 10 th International Symposium on Electromagnetic Fields in Electrical Engineering, Cracow, Poland, September 20-22, 2001 [13] Lettelier P., Electrical Propulsion

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The Principle Of Legality, Principle Of Public Law

dreptului, Sibiu, Editura Academiei Forţelor Terestre „Nicolae Bălcescu”, 2009, p. 14 [9] Bodoaşcă T., T. Drăghici, Teoria generală a dreptului, Sibiu, Editura Academiei Forţelor Terestre „Nicolae Bălcescu”, 2009, p. 14 [10] Ibidem . [11] Manda C.C., op.cit. , p. 59. [12] Tabără V., Ştiinţa administraţiei, Bucureşti, Editura Universităţii Naţionale de Apărare „Carol I”, 2013, p. 49. [13] Schwarze J., Droit administratif europeen , Bruylant, 1994, p. 219 apud D. Apostol Tofan, Instituţii administrative europene , Bucureşti, Editura

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Organization and Business Environment Collaborative Model to Increase the Innovation Capacity

References [1] Unhelkar, B.,et al, Collaborative Business Process Engineering and Global Organizations: Frameworks for Service Integration, Business Science Reference, New York, 2010, p 2,32. [2] Hermann, A., et al, Collaborative Business Process Management -A Literature-based Analysis of Methods for Supporting Model Understandability, in Leimeister, J.M. Brenner, W. (Hrsg.), Proceedings der 13. Internationalen Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik, St. Gallen, p. 286-300. [3] Jihed Touzi,et al, A Model-Driven approach

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A Comparative Inquiry Into The Legal Regime Of Mortis Causa Donations In Some Continental-European And Common Law Legal Systems

Comparative Law , New York, Oxford University Press, 2009, p. 456. [10] Hyland Richard, Gifts. A Study in Comparative Law , New York, Oxford University Press, 2009, pp. 456-457. [11] American Law Institute, Restatement of the Law Third, Property, Wills and Other Donative Transfers, Vol. II , Washington D.C., American Law Institute Publishers, 2003, pp. 33-34. [12] Hyland Richard, Gifts. A Study in Comparative Law , New York, Oxford University Press, 2009, p. 459. [13] Hyland Richard, Gifts. A Study in Comparative Law , New York, Oxford University

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Analysis of Some of the Applicable Outsourcing Services in the Structures of the Bulgarian Armed Forces

References [1] Memorandum written by the deputy commander of Logistics of the National Guards Unit to the commander of the National Guards Unit in 2015 on starting a procedure for selecting a contractor for the preparation and delivery of food to the National Guards Unit. [2] Memorandum written by the head of the Logistics section of N. Y. Vaptsarov Naval Academy to the commandant of the N. Y. Vaptsarov Naval Academy with a Reg. № 162/20.01.2014 on catering for the cadets at the N. Y. Vaptsarov Naval Academy. [3

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Study Regarding Socialization and Social Integration of Students

Publication, Volume 180 C, pp. 1343-1350. Sopa, I.S. & Pomohaci M. (2015 a). Developing Cohesion in Sportive Group through the Socializing Means of Motor Activities. Bologna: Medimond Publishing Company by Editografica, p. 135. Sopa, I.S. & Pomohaci, M. (2015 b). Methodical discipline of Volleyball. Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN-13: 978-3-659-78757-7. Sopa, I.S. & Pomohaci, M. (2016 a). Tehnics of communication and social integration through sport, Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN-13: 978

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Simulation and Gamification in E-Learning Technical Courses

References [1] Pandey A., eLearning Trends And Predictions For 2017, in eLearning Industry, 2017 available at:; [2] Giurgiu L., Microlearning - an envolving elearning trend, in Land Forces Academy Scientific bulletin, vol 22 issue 1, 2017 (in press); [3] Bârsan G., Giurgiu L., Bumbuc S., E-content si web pedagogie în domeniul teoriei curgerii plastice, Ed. Academiei Forţelor Terestre, Sibiu, 2008, ISBN 978-973-153- 048-2; [4

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