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Organisational Decision-Making and Academic Institutions

References Allison, G.T. (1971). The Essence of Decision. Boston, MA: Little Brown. Baron, J. (2012). The point of normative models in judgment and decision making. Frontiers in Psychology, 3(577), 1-3. DOI:10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00577 Beach, R. and al. (2016). A New Theory of Mind: The Theory of Narrative Thought. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Carter, E.E. (1971). The Behavioral Theory of the Firm and Top Level Corporate Decisions. Administrative Science Quarterly, 16

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Impact of Changes in Composition of Exchange Price Index Shares of Listed Polish Companies

, Summer, pp. 21-42. Sapp T.R., Yan X., 2003, The NASDAQ-AMEX Merger, NASDAQ Reforms, and the Liquidity of Small Firms , Journal of Financial Research, vol. 26, pp. 225-242. Załącznik do Uchwały nr 832/2016 Zarządu Giełdy Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie S.A. z dnia 11 sierpnia 2016 r., s. 1-13. [www 1] Giełda Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie, Komunikaty indeksowe, (dostęp: 20.12.2016).

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Types of Government Deficit in Respect of Fiscal Decision-Making

Macroeconomics, . Fantacone S., Garalova P. G., Milani C., 2015, Structural budget balance and fiscal policy: the limits of the European approach , Yildiz Social Science Review. Ferrante A., Ntogramatzidis L., 2013, The generalised discrete algebraic Riccati equation in linear-quadratic optimal control , Automatica, 49(2), pp. 471-478. Kendrick D., 1982, Stochastic control for economic models , Journal of Economic Dynamic and Control, 1(3), pp. 311-313. Kendrick D., Amman H., 2011, A Taylor Rule

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From Fearful to Trustful – How Perceived Risk Dimensions in E-Commerce Differentiate between Consumers

.; Shannon, D. & Gardner, L. C. (2006), Development Of A Scale To Measure The Perceived Benefits And Risks Of Online Shopping, Journal Of Interactive Marketing 20(2). 11. Forsythe, S. M. & Shi, B. (2003), ‘Consumer Patronage And Risk Perceptions In Internet Shopping’, Journal of Business Research 56(11), 867 - 875. 12. Garbarino, E. & Strahilevitz, M. (2004), Gender Differences In The Perceived Risk Of Buying Online And The Effects Of Receiving A Site Recommendation, Journal of Business Research 57, 768–775. 13. Hernández, B.; Jiménez, J. & Martín, M

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Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency In Botswana

. (2003). Basic econometrics. New York: Gary Burke. 11. Harper, A., & Jin, Z. (2012). Examining market efficiency in India: An empirical analysis of the random walk hypothesis. Journal of Finance and Accountancy , 20 (1), 1-6. 12. Ibrahim, J., Long, Y., Ghani, H. A., & Salleh, S. I. (2011). Weak-Form Efficiency of Foreign Exchange Market in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development Countries: Unit Root Test. International Journal of Business and Management , 6 (6), 55-65. 13. Lee, H.-Y., & Khatanbaatar, S

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The Effect of Gender on Negotiation Behaviour

negotiation: a dyadic perspective. Academy of Management Journal, 53(4), 769-787. doi: 10.5465/AMJ.2010.52814595. Brahnam, S.D., Margavio, T.M., Hignite, M.A., Barrier, T.B., & Chin, J.M. (2005). A gender-based categorization for con ict resolution. Journal of Management Development, 24(3), 197-208. doi: 10.1108/02621710510584026. Brewer, N., Mitchell, P., & Weber, N. (2002). Gender role, organizational status, and con ict management styles. International Journal of Con ict Management, 13(1), 78-94. doi: 10.1108/eb022868

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Performance Changes Around Banks Mergers and Acquisitions: Evidence from Poland

References Altunbas Y., Ibáñez M.D., 2004, Mergers and acquisitions and bank performance in Europe. The role of strategic similarities , ECB Working Paper, vol. 398, pp. 1-35. Badreldin A., Kalhoefer C., 2009, The Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Bank Performance in Egypt , Working Paper, vol. 18, pp. 1-15. Balcerowicz E., Bratkowski A., 2001, Restructuring and Development of the Banking Sector in Poland. Lessons to be Learnt by Less Advanced Transition Countries , Case Reports, Centrum Analiz Społeczno-Ekonomicznych, vol. 44, pp. 1

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Adapting the TSA to Measure Economic Contribution of Tourism in Serbia

Tourism Satellite Accounts. Retrieved March 23, 2014, from Frechtling, D. (2009). The tourism satellite account: A primer. Annals of Tourism Research, 37(1), 136-153. doi: 10.1016/j.annals.2009.08.003. Frechtling, D. (2011). Exploring the Full Economic Im-pact of Tourism Policy Making: Extending the Use of the Tourism Satellite Account through Macroeconomic Analysis Tools. Retrieved March 10, 2014, from http:// paper_t20_france.pdf. Gül, H

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What Mongolia Produces that the World Should Know About? Consumers’ Information Processing Mechanisms

References Agrawal, J., Kamakura, W. A. (1999). Country of origin: A competitive advantage? International Journal of Research in Marketing , 16(4): 255–267. Ammi, C. (2013) Global Consumer Behavior, John Wiley Sons. ISBN 13: 978-1-905209-63-7. Apetrei, A., Petrusca, C. (2010). Country-of-Origin Effect in International Trade. Timisoara Journal of Economics , 3, 4 (12): 271-276. Askegaard, S., Ger, G. (1998). Product-Country Images: Towards a Contextualized Approach. In B. G. Englis A. Olofsson

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Crowdfunding in a Context of Financing Firms Through Their Life Cycle

References Agrawal, A., Catalini, C. & Goldfarb, A. (2014). Some Simple Economics of Crowdfunding. Innovation Policy and the Economy. 14(1), 63-97. DOI: 10.3386/w19133 Ahlers, G., Cumming, D., Günther, C. & Schweizer, D. (2015). Signaling in Equity Crowdfunding. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. 39(4), 955-980. DOI: 10.1111/etap.12157 Ang, S. (1991). Small Business Uniqueness and the Theory of Financial Management. Journal of Small Business Finance. 1(1), 1-13. Retrieved February 25, 2017, from: http

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