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Ethical, moral and social dimensions in farm production practices: a segmentation study to assess Irish consumers’ perceptions of meat quality

attitudes, perceptions and behaviours towards production diseases associated with farm animal welfare Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 29 455 478 De la Lama, M.G.C., Estevez-Moreno, L.X., Sepulveda, W.S., Estrada-Chavero, M.C., Rayas-Amor, A.A., Villarroel, M. and Maria, G.A. 2017. Mexican consumers’ perceptions and attitudes towards farm animal welfare and willingness to pay for welfare friendly meat products. Meat Science 125 : 106–113. 10.1016/j.meatsci.2016.12.001 De la Lama M.G.C. Estevez-Moreno L.X. Sepulveda W.S. Estrada-Chavero M.C. Rayas

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Visual drainage assessment: A standardised visual soil assessment method for use in land drainage design in Ireland

observed pedological attribute ( FAO 2006 ; Mueller et al ., 2007 ; Hartemink and Minasny, 2014 ). Initially each horizon in the soil profile is classified with respect to each of the indicators outlined. Each classification corresponds to a VDA score from which, when combined, soil permeability can be inferred ( Table 1 ). Table 1 Visual indicators of soil permeability, their interpretation, assigned visual drainage assessment (VDA) score and weighting (A =10, B = 4, C = 1) Indicator Classified by Classified as VDA Score Weighting

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Prevalence of QoI resistance and mtDNA diversity in the Irish Zymoseptoria tritici population

pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici to DMI and QoI fungicides in the Nordic-Baltic region – a status European Journal of Plant Pathology 149 669 682 Kildea, S., Dunne, B., Mullins, E., Cooke, L.R., Mercer, P.C. and O’Sullivan, E. 2010. Pyraclostrobin reduces germ tube growth of QoI-resistant Mycosphaerella graminicola pycnidiospores and the severity of septoria tritici blotch on winter wheat. Plant Pathology 59: 1091–1098. 10.1111/j.1365-3059.2010.02348.x Kildea S. Dunne B. Mullins E. Cooke L.R. Mercer P.C. O’Sullivan E. 2010

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Low-density genotype panel for both parentage verification and discovery in a multi-breed sheep population

Impact of paternity errors in cow identification on genetic evaluations and international comparisons Journal of Dairy Science 84 2523 2529 Berry, D.P., McClure, M.C. and Mullen, M.P. 2014. Within-and across-breed imputation of high-density genotypes in dairy and beef cattle from medium and low-density genotypes. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 131: 165–172. 10.1111/jbg.12067 Berry D.P. McClure M.C. Mullen M.P. 2014 Within-and across-breed imputation of high-density genotypes in dairy and beef cattle from medium and low

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Trends, over 14 years, in the ground cover on an unimproved western hill grazed by sheep, and associated trends in animal performance

at joining, number of lambs reared per ewe joined and litter size are presented in Figure 11a , b and c , respectively. Live weight at joining exhibited a significant quadratic pattern over time ( P < 0.01). There was no evidence of any time trend for the number of lambs reared per ewe joined or for fertility. There was, however, a negative linear trend in litter size ( P < 0.05); the value for 1998 was a significant ( P < 0.025) outlier. Figure 10 Growth performance of immature sheep: a) cumulative gain in live weight by flock replacements on the hill

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Application of Dexter’s soil physical quality index: an Irish case study

-setting Geoderma 120 215 225 Dexter, A.R. 2004c. Soil physical quality: part III: Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and general conclusions about S theory. Geoderma 120 : 227–239. 10.1016/j.geoderma.2003.09.006 Dexter A.R. 2004c Soil physical quality: part III: Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and general conclusions about S theory Geoderma 120 227 239 Dexter, A.R. and Czyż, E.A. 2007. Applications of S-theory in the study of soil physical degradation and its consequences. Land Degradation and Development 18 : 369–381. 10.1002/ldr.779 Dexter A.R. Czyż

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Dairy product production and lactose demand in New Zealand and Ireland under different simulated milk product-processing portfolios

,454.51 3,994.00 8,185.59 5,549.36 1,241.54 3,133.10 1,979.27 2011 3,605.00 3,321.00 4,168.00 4,344.00 10,519.00 6,148.00 1,157.35 3,133.10 - 2010 3,215.00 3,953.00 3,679.00 3,539.00 8,782.00 5,197.00 922.73 3,042.00 - Processing cost 496.95 465.75 449.50 441.25 572.05 572.05 572.05 429.30 286.00 Costs Costs for production of each tonne of product are shown in Table 1 . These costs were converted to US$ from those in Geary et al . (2010) using the same conversion factor

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A critical review of integrated grass weed management in Ireland

Walsh Fellowship scheme for their continued assistance, mentorship and funding of this research. References Andrew, I.K.S., Storkey, J. and Sparkes, D.L. 2015. A review of the potential for competitive cereal cultivars as a tool in integrated weed management. Weed Research 55 : 239–248. 10.1111/wre.12137 Andrew I.K.S. Storkey J. Sparkes D.L. 2015 A review of the potential for competitive cereal cultivars as a tool in integrated weed management Weed Research 55 239 248 Barroso, J., Navarrete, L., Sánchez del Arco, M.J., Fernandez-Quintanilla, C., Lutman, P

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Effect of nitrogen fertilizer application timing on nitrogen use efficiency and grain yield of winter wheat in Ireland

2011, 18 June 2012) and at maturity (9 August 2011; 13 August 2012), just prior to combine harvest. At GS 30, samples were only collected from the unfertilized treatment. All plots were sampled at anthesis and maturity. On each occasion, plants from two adjacent 0.5 m row lengths at two random locations (equivalent to a sampling area of 0.308 m 2 ) were sampled. Roots were removed and samples were dried in a force-ventilated oven for 3 d at 70°C and dry matter (DM) yield determined. At maturity, prior to oven-drying, the total number of ears in each sample was

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Scientific appraisal of the Irish grass-based milk production system as a sustainable source of premium quality milk and dairy products

Dairy Science 86 1 42 Bord Bia – Irish Food Board (Dublin), Origin Green Initiative. 2017. Available online: fed-dairy-cows/ [accessed 20 June 2017]. Bord Bia – Irish Food Board (Dublin), Origin Green Initiative 2017 fed-dairy-cows/ [accessed 20 June 2017] Butler, G., Stergiadis, S., Seal, C., Eyre, M. and Leifert, C. 2011. Fat composition of organic and conventional retail milk in northeast England. Journal of Dairy Science 94 : 24–36. 10.3168/jds.2010

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