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A pilot study to assess kidney functions and toxic dimethyl-arginines as risk biomarkers in women with low vitamin D levels

lowering the kidney oxidative stress by suppressing the activity of NADPH oxidase, while the depletion of estrogen is associated with the reduction of NO synthesis and leads to endothelial dysfunction ( 7 ). Estradiol also has an inhibitory effect on endothelin synthesis, as well as its vasoconstriction and inflammation effect ( 8 ). Additionally, the renin-angiotensin system is stimulated by testosterone and suppressed by estrogen ( 8 ). Asymmetric and symmetric dimethyl arginine (ADMA and SDMA, respectively) are metabolites of arginine that are synthesized from the

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Body mass index and C-reactive protein are potential predictors of asthma development in Egyptian polycystic ovary syndrome patients

time of analysis. Serum total testosterone was measured by immunoassay (Architect 2nd Generation, Abbott Diagnostics, and USA). 25 (OH) vitamin D was measured using DRG 25 (OH) vitamin D (total) ELISA (DRG Instruments GmbH, Germany). Serum IL-6 was measured using Human Interleukin 6 (IL-6) ELISA Kit (My BioSource, USA). Total IgE was measured using The Elecsys IgE II immunoassay (Roche Diagnostics, USA). CRP levels were measured using Tina-quant C-reactive protein Gen.3 (Roche Diagnostics, USA). TAG, TC and HDL-C were determined using enzymatic spectrophotometric

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Beneficial Effects of Coenzyme Q10 in Reduction of Testicular Tissue Alteration Following Induction of Diabetes in Adult Rats

: 275-282, 2000. 14. Shetty G, Wilson G, Huhtaniemi I, Shuttlesworth GA, Reissmann T, Meistrich ML. Gonadotropin releasing hormone analogs and testosterone inhibits the recovery of spermatogenesis in irradiated rats. Endocrinology 141: 1735-1745, 2000. 15. Wyrobek AJ, Gordon LA, Burkhart JG et al. An evaluation of the mouse sperm morphology test and other sperm tests in nonhuman mammals. A report of the US Environmental Protection Agency Gene-Tox Program. Mutat Res 115: 1-72, 1983. 16. Nishikawa T, Araki E. Impact of

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Plants as potential active components in treatment of androgenetic alopecia

-androgenic activity of Myricae Cortexisolation of active constituents from bark of Myrica rubra. Biol Pharm Bull 2001; 24 (3):259-263. 11. Hirata N, Tokunaga M, Naruto S, Iinuma M, Matsuda H. Testosterone 5alpha-reductase inhibitory active constituents of Piper nigrum leaf. Biol Pharm Bull 2007; 30(12):2402-2405. 12. Murugusundram S. Serenoa Repens: Does it have any role in the management of androgenetic alopecia? J Cutan Aesthet Surg 2009; 2(1):31-32. 13. Prager N, Bickett K, French N, Marcovici G. A randomized, double-blind, placebo

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Testicular function in patients with regular blood transfusion for thalassemia major

%–80% [ 5 - 9 ]. Iron overload [ 10 - 12 ] is considered one of the main factors for developing endocrine complications. Other factors are the genotype of thalassemia and the time for onset of blood transfusion and chelating therapy [ 4 , 7 , 13 , 14 ]. Testicular functions can be assessed by the basal hormonal study (follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) luteinizing hormone (LH), and testosterone), the gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) stimulation test, the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) stimulation test, and seminal fluid analysis. However, it is difficult to

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Urinary Steroid Profile in Ironman Triathletes

long-duration sport events has been analysed previously. Urhausen and Kindermann (1987) conducted the first study related to the recovery period after a triathlon. Testosterone remained unchanged after the race, but decreased to its lowest value two days after the event. Cortisol increased up to 4 times right after the race and returned to baseline within four days. Lutoslawska et al. (1991) analysed the steroid profile of rowers after 19 and 42 km of kayak races. They observed that serum cortisol was greater when the race was longer, and that the testosterone

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The Benefits of Using New Tools for Behavioral Investigations in Animal Experimental Models

ABBREVIATIONS EBW- evoked beam-walking EPM- elevated plus maze ND- nandrolone decanoate OF- open field TE- testosterone enanthate TEA- total exploratory activity TST- tail suspension test REFERENCES 1. Ennaceur A, Chazot LP. Preclinical animal anxiety research-flaws and prejudices. Pharma Res Per. 2016;4(2):e00223. 2. Campos CA, Fogaca VM, Aguiar CD, Guimaraes SF. Animal models of anxiety disorders and stress. Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria. 2013;35:101-11. 3. Sasaguri H, Nilson P, Hashimoto S, Nagata K, Saito T, De

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Responses of the Fertility, Semen Quality, Blood Constituents, Immunity and Antioxidant Status of Rabbit Bucks to Type and Magnetizing of Water

.A., Kamel K.I. (2012). Semen quality, testosterone, seminal plasma biochemical and an­tioxidant profiles of rabbit bucks fed diets supplemented with different concentrations of soybean lecithin. Animal, 6: 824-833. Attia Y.A., Abd El-Hamid A.E., Bovera F., El-Sayed M.I. (2009). Reproductive and productive performance of rabbit does submitted to an oral glucose supplementation. Animal, 3: 1401-1407. Attia Y. A.Abd El-Hamid E.A., Ismaiel A.M., El Nagar A., Asmaa S. (2013). The de­toxication of nitrate by two antioxidants or a probiotic and

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Effects of Soya Beans Supplements on Fertility in Male Wistar Rats

. Environ Health Perspect. 1988;78:171-4. Odell WD, Swerdloff RS, Bain S, Wollesen F, Grover PK. The effect of Sexual maturation on the testicular responses to LH stimulation of testosterone secretion intact rat. Endocrinology. 1974;95(5):1380-4. Oehninger S, Acosta R, Morshedi M, Philput C, Swanson RJ and Acosta AA. Relationship between morphology and motion characteristics of human spermatozoa in semen and in the swim-up sperm fractions. J. Androl. 1990;11:446-52 Duran EH, Morshedi M, Taylor S

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Histological Changes and Testicular Dysfunction in Severely Burned Rats

I and Sjoberg F. Long term immunosuppression in burned patients assessed by in-vitrio neutrophil oxidative burst (phagoburst). Burns. 2008;33:865-871. Fadeyibi IO, Jewo PI, Saalu LC, Akinola OI, Fabamwo O and Ademiluyi SA. Burn severity and post-burn infertility in men. Burns. 2010;36:367-371. Dolecek R, Dvoracek C, Jezek M, Kubis M, Sajnar J and Zavada M. Very low testosterone levels and severe impairment of spermatogenesis in burned male patients. Correlations with basal levels of FSH, LH and PRL after LHRH

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