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Human Resources Management in Higher Education Institutions in Poland


Human Resources Management in Higher Education Institutions in Poland The paper presents the diagnosis of the human resources management in Polish higher education institutions. The analysis of source literature was applied as a research method. The essence and components of HRM in connection with the university management system were discussed, the theoretical solutions, including those resulting from the provisions of the Law, and their practical implementations, were given a broad outline. The directions of changes concerning HRM that have recently taken place in HEIs were indicated. In conclusion it was stated that the human resources management in Polish higher education institutions still requires improvement, primarily in the areas of motivation and remuneration, evaluation and development of employees. It requires the improvement of the university management system, a reliable development of its mission, vision and strategy, and on the basis of those - the development of personnel strategy, and HRM processes, procedures and tools. It has been suggested that the inclusion of university employees, particularly the research and teaching staff, in the management process (through the participatory management style), can contribute to both improving the process and developing and improving the personnel function.

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Lean Management as an Instrument of Sustainable Development of Enterprises

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Situational Management Of Critical Infrastructure Resources Under Threat , (access: 22.07. 2015). [5] Bukowitz W.R., Williams R.L. - The Knowledge Management Fieldbook [in] Financial Times – Prentice Hall, Pearson Education Limited, Harlow – London 1999. [6] Conrow E.H. - Effective Risk Management. Some Keys to Success , AIAA Inc., 2000. [7] Departament Audytu Sektora Finansów Publicznych Ministerstwa Finansów , , (access: 22.07.2015). [8] Federation of

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Management educators in practice: to be critical or not to be critical, that is the question

Introduction Traditional, managerialist, and American models have been used to describe management education in more recent times. A managerialist management education is described as ‘treating management as a morally and politically neutral technical activity’ ( Grey and Mitev, 1995 : 74). These models have been criticised and alternative ones put forward. A critical approach to management education has been called for from various sources. Mintzberg (2004) in his book, ‘ Mangers not MBAs ’, questions how effective educational institutions are at

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Project Portfolio Management and Quality

REFERENCES Basu, R., 2017. Quality management tools and techniques in major infra-structure projects , 6th International Conference on Reliability, Infocom Technologies and Optimization (Trends and Future Directions) (ICRITO) , Noida, 114-126, DOI: 10.1109/ICRITO.2017.8342410. Borkowski, S., Knop, K., Szklarzyk, P., 2015. Meaning of quality inspection and control methods during manufacturing process of metal sheet stampings , Manufacturing Technology, 15(3), 266-274. Domiter, M., Marciszewska A., 2013. Zarządzanie projektami unijnymi. Teoria

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Entrepreneurial orientation in family firms – management and intercultural development

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Risk management method for small photovoltaic plants

References Velikova, P. (2012), “Tendencies in the development of the photovoltaic market in Bulgaria”, Proceedings of Ruse University, Vol. 51, No. 1-2, pp. 119-124. SEWRC. (2012), “Decision № C-28 from 29th Aug 2012 of SEWRC, available at: , (accessed Jun 21, 2013). Velikova, P. and Kirova, M. (2014), “Expert evaluation for risk management of the exploitation of photovoltaic installations”, Annals of „Eftimie Murgu” University Reşiţa, Fascicle II. Economic Studies, No XXI, pp. 383

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Application of Selected Methods and Approaches for Improvement of Processes and their Use in Practice in Companies of Wood Processing Industry in Slovakia

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Human resource management practices stimulating knowledge sharing

References Alavi, M. and Leidner, D.E. (2001), “Review: Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Systems: Conceptual Foundations and Research Issues”, MIS Quarterly, Vol. 25, No. 1, pp. 107-136. Ardichvili, A., Page, V. and Wentling, T. (2003), “Motivation and barriers to participation in virtual knowledge‐sharing communities of practice”, Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 64-77. Armstrong, M. (2003), A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice, Kogan Page, London

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