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Road to green future - Decision making model for the environmental and energy sector

References Atkinson, R. D., & Audretsch, D. B. (2010, March). Economic doctrines and Innovation Policy. Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization, 5 (1), 163-206. Bergek, A., & Jacobsson, S. (2009). Are Tradable green Certificates a cost-efficient policy driving technical change or a rent-generating machine? Lessons from Sweden 2003-2008. Energy Policy, 38(3), 1255-1271. Brook, J. W., & Pagnanelli, F. (2014). Integrating sustainability into innovation project portofolio management - A strategic

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Untaping the potential of strategic partnerships with the stakeholders in museums – a managerial approach

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Product development models in the IT sector-From Waterfall to Agile Project Management Model s in the case of AVIRA SOFT S.R.L

.. Ghinea, V. M., Dima, A. M., & Hadad, S. (2017). EXCELLENCE MODEL FOR SUSTAINABLE CONVERGENCE IN THE EU HIGHER EDUCATION. Amfiteatru Economic, 19(11), 1107-1122 Hazzan, O. & Dubinsky, Y. (2008). Agile software engineering. London: Springer Verlag. Imran, G., Jawawi, D.N.A, Dorairaj, S. (2016). Emerging Innovations in Agile Software Development. Hershey PA: IGI Global. Layton, M.C. & Ostermiller,S.J. (2017). Agile Project Management For Dummies. Retrieved from: https

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Building new business model from multiple case study research in the Internet of Me

Products to Mainstream Customers. (2nd Ed). Padstow: Cornwall: Capstone Publishing Ltd. Moore, J.F. (1996). The Death of Competition: Leadership & Strategy in the Age of Business Ecosystems. New York: Harper Business. Muegge, S. (2011). Business Ecosystems as Institutions of Participation: A Systems Perspective on Community-Developed Platforms, Technology Innovation Management Review, 1, 4-13. Muegge, S. (2013). Platforms, Communities, and Business Ecosystems: Lessons Learned About Technology Entrepreneurship in an Interconnected World. Technology

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Tales from the crypt: might cryptocurrencies spell the death of traditional money? - A quantitative analysis -

, W., Trimborn, S. (2015). Crix or Evaluating Blockchain Based Currencies. Oberwolfach Report No. 42/2015 "The Mathematics and Statistics of Quantitative Risk". Lee, D.K.C. and Teo, G.S. (2015). Emergence of FinTech and the LASIC Principles. Journal of Financial Perspectives. 3 (3), 1-26. Leon, D.C., Stalick, A.Q., Jillepalli, A.A., Haney, M.A. and Sheldon, F.T. (2017). Blockchain: properties and misconceptions. Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 11 (3), 286-300. Mikolajewicz-Wozniak, A. and

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Successful strategies to be learnt from world-class universities

References Alden, J. and Lin, G. (2004). Benchmarking the characteristics of a world-class university: Developing an international strategy at university level . London: The UK Higher Education Leadership Foundation. Altbach, P.G. (2004). The costs and benefits of world-class universities. Academe. Retrieved December 2016, from . Altbach, P. and Salmi, J. (2016). What Is the ‘Special Sauce’ for University Innovation?, International Higher Education , 85(Spring Issue), 123-135. Bejinaru, R. and Hapenciuc, C.V. (2016

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The influence of personality types on the impulsive buying behavior of a consumer

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Impact assessment on the performance of e-learning in corporate training programs in the context of globalization

, R.; Golowko, N. (2016) Study on the international forms of cooperation in the context of globalization. 27th International Business Information Management (IBIMA) Conference, IMEEV, 5/4/2016. Innovation Management and Education Excellence Vision 2020, p.p. 2418-2427, ISSN, ISBN 978-0-9860419-6-9. Wagner, T. (2010). The Global Achievement Gap. Revised edition published 2014 by Basic Books, Persus Books Group, ISBN 978-0-465-05596-8. Marquardt, K., Olaru, M. and Ceausu, I. (2017). Study on the Development of Quality Measurements Models for Steering

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Adoption of Circular Economy concepts and practices by Portuguese Citizens and Companies

, and Institutions of Innovation. Royal Institute of Technology, CESIS - Centre of Excellence for Science and Innovation Studies. Yong, L. and Bai, Y. (2016). An exploration of firms’ awareness and behavior of developing circular economy: An empirical research in China. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 87, 145-152. Lieder, M. and Rashid, A., (2016). Towards circular economy implementation: A comprehensive review in context of manufacturing industry. Journal Cleaner Production. 115, 36-51. doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2015

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IT in the workspace – The need for digital transformation

revolution in terms of back office operations improvement Cassar, C. , Heath, D. , Micallef, L. ( n.d.) What is digital economy? Unicorns, transformation and the internet of things. Retrieved from: Chua, J., Freese, R., Karimi, A., Schuneman, J., Venkat, M. (2016), Tailoring hybrid cloud. Designing the right mix for innovation, efficiency and growth. Retrieved from: Columbus, L

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