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Ownership and Control in Large Eastern European Companies

spoil the goulash? Corporate Governance: An International Review, 13(2), 254-264. DOI: Estrin, S., Hanousek, J., Kocenda, E., and Svejnar, J., 2009. The Effects of Privatization and Ownership in Transition Economies. Journal of Economic Literature, 47(3), 699-728. DOI: Filatotchev, I., Jackson, G., and Nakajima, C., 2013. Corporate governance and national institutions: A review and emerging research agenda. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 30

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Network Advantage: Mediating Effect on Business Performance

Management, 11 (6), 94-109. Gomes, C. F., Yasin, M. M., and Lisboa, J. V., 2009. Benchmarking competitive methods and strategic choices of Portuguese SMEs. Benchmarking: An International Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies, 16 (6), 729-740. Hair Jr., F., Anderson, R. E., Tatham, R. L., and Black, W. C., 1998. Multivariate Data Analysis (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River: NJ: Prentice Hall. Heffernan, T., O’Neill, G., Travaglione, T., and

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A Survey of the Autonomy, Accountability, Effectiveness and Governance of Slovak State-Owned Enterprises

-owned enterprises in market economies. Journal of Economic Surveys, 8 (3), 283-309. Lawson, C., and Kaluwa, B., 1996. The Efficiency and Effectiveness of Malawian Parastatals. Journal of International Development, 8 (6), 747-765.<747::AID-JID266>3.0.CO;2-# Luke, B., 2010. Examining Accountability Dimensions in State-Owned Enterprises. Financial Accountability & Management, 26 (2), 134-162. OECD, 2005

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Using Partial Differential Equations for Pricing of Goods and Services

References Black, F., and Scholes, M., 1973. The Pricing of Options and Corporate Liabilities. Journal of Political Economy, 81(3), 637-654. DOI: Boyle, P. P., and Tian, Y., 1998. An explicit finite difference approach to the pricing of barrier options. Applied Mathematical Finance, 5(1), 17-43. DOI: Brandimarte, P., 2002. Numerical Methods in Finance and Economics: A MATLAB-Based Introduction. Torino, Italy: Politecnico di Torino

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Finance-Growth Nexus Revisited: Empirical Evidence from Six Countries

and cointegration tests. Journal of Development Economics, 73 (1), 55-74. Deb, S. G., and Mukherjee, J., 2008. Does stock market development cause economic growth? A time-series analysis for the Indian economy. International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, 21 , 142-149. Demirguc-Kunt, A., and Levine, R., 2001. Bank-based and market-based financial systems: Cross-country comparisons. In A. Demirguc-Kunt and R. Levine (Eds.), Financial Structure and Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Comparison

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Information Transmission Between Cryptocurrencies: Does Bitcoin Rule the Cryptocurrency World?

, 58091 . Bouri, E., Azzi, G., and Dyhrberg, A. H., 2016. On the Return-volatility Relationship in the Bitcoin Market around the Price Crash of 2013. Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Economics Discussion Papers (2016-41). Bradbury, D., 2013. The Problem with Bitcoin. Computer Fraud & Security, 2013 (11), 5-8. doi: Chaum, D., 1981. Untraceable Electronic Mail, Return Addresses, and Digital Pseudonyms. Communications of the ACM, 24 (2), 84-90. doi:

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Working Capital Management Policies and Returns of Listed Manufacturing Firms in Ghana

Finance, 5(9), 373-379. DOI: Al-Shubiri, F. N., 2011. The effect of working capital practices on risk management: Evidence from Jordan. Global Journal of Business Research, 5(1), 39-54. Awad, I., and Jayyar, F., 2013. Working capital management, liquidity and profitability of the manufacturing sector in Palestine: Panel co-integration and causality. Modern Economy, 4, 662-671. DOI: Barine, N. M., 2012. Working capital management efficiency and

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The Role of e-Commerce in the Success of Low-cost Carriers

? Transportation Journal, 51 (2), 197-219. Campisi, D., Costa, R., and Mancuso, P., 2010. The Effects of Low-cost Airlines Growth in Italy. Modern Economy, 1 , 59-67. Cento, A., 2008. The Airline Industry: Challenges in the 21st Century. Chen, M. H., Schutz, R., Kazman, R., and Matthes, F., 2016. Amazon in the air: Innovating with big data at Lufthansa. Paper presented at the 49th Hawaii Int. Conf. Syst. Sci. (HICSS

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Comparing Simple Forecasting Methods and Complex Methods: A Frame of Forecasting Competition

., 1983. Summary statistics and forecasting performance. Agricultural Economics Research, 35 (3), 11-22. Mallick, H., and Agarwal, S., 2005. Financial Liberalisation and Economic Growth in India: A Long-Run Analysis. www.researchgate.netpublication/252308491_Financial_Liberalisation_and_Economic_Growth_in_India_A_Long-Run_Analysis . Nelson, C. R., 1972. The prediction performance of the FRB-MIT-PENN model of the US economy. The American Economic Review, 62 (5), 902-917. Newbold, P., and Granger, C. W. J., 1974. Experience with forecasting univariate

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Employees’ Creativity Development within Innovative Processes of Enterprise

employee creativity. Strategic Finance . . Papulova, Z., and Papula, J., 2013. Kreativita a inovácie ako aktuálny imperatív stratégií podnikov. from Pratt, A. C., and Jeffcutt, P., 2009. Creativity, Innovation and the Cultural Economy : Routledge (Studies in Global Competition). Prokeinová, R., 2014. Štatistika v SAS-e, SAS v štatistike : ASPA. Samani, S. A., Rasid, S. Z. B. A., and bt Sofian, S., 2014. A Workplace to Support Creativity. Industrial

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