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Prediction of Pre-Compression Stress of Soil with Uniaxial Test

Agricultural Research , 43 (3), 180-186. Nawaz, M., F., Bourrié, G., Trolard, F. (2013). Soil compaction impact and modelling. A review. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 33 , 291-309. Nhantumbo, A. B. J. C., Cambule, A. H. (2006). Bulk density by Proctor test as a function of texture for agricultural soils in Maputo province of Mozambique. Soil & Tillage Research, 87 , 231-239. PN-88/B-04481 (1988). Grunty budowlane. Badania próbek gruntu. Polskie Towarzystwo Gleboznawcze (2009). Klasyfikacja uziarnienia gleb i utworów mineralnych – PTG 2008

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Pro-Ecological Energy Solutions which Minimize The Use of Fossil Fuels in The Roofed Facilities

greenhouses. Biosystems Engineering, 102, 424-432. Cavins, T.J., Dole, J.M., Stamback, V. (2000). Unheated and Minimally Heated Winter Greenhouse Production of Specialty Cut Flowers. Hort Technology, 10(4), 793-799. Chau, J., Sowlati, T., Sokhansanj, S., Preto, F., Melin, S., Bi, X. (2009). Techno-economic analysis of wood biomass boilers for the greenhouse industry. Applied Energy, Vol. 86(3), 364-371. Critten, D.L., Bailey, B.J (2002). A review of greenhouse engineering developments during the 1990s. Agricultural and Forest

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Effect of Water Immersion of Semi-Finished Products on The Fat Content in Fried Potato Products

, 87, 200-212. Pedreschi, F., Moyano, P. (2005). Oil uptake and texture development in fried potato slices. Journal of Food Engineering, 70, 557-563. Pedreschi, F., Kaack, K., Granby, (2004). K. Reduction of acrylamide formation in potato slices during frying. Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft and Technologie, 37, 679-685. Rimac-Brncic, S., Lelas, V., Rade, D., Simundic, B. (2004). Decreasing of oil absorption in potato strips during deep fat frying. Journal of Food Engineering, 64, 237-241. Saguy, I. S., Dana

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Impact of Selected Properties of Raw Material on Quality Features of Granular Fertilizers Obtained from Digestates and ASH Mixtures

., Ślipek, Z., Mudryk, K. (2013). Influence of degree of fragmentation on chosen quality parameters of briquette made from biomass of cup plant Silphium perfoliatum L. Engineering for Rural Development Jelgava, Available at:

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Geometrical Model of Lemon Fruit

). Development of a lemon sorting system based on color and size. African Journal of Plant Science, 4 (4), 122-127. Lalitha, K., Muthulakshmi, K., Vinothini, A. (2015). Proficient acquaintance based system for citrus leaf disease recognition and categorization. International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies, 6 (3), 2519-2524. Lino, A.C.L., Sanches, J., Fabbro, I.M.D. (2008). Image processing techniques for lemons and tomatoes classification. Bragantia, Campinas , 67 (3), 785-789. Mebatsion, H.K., Boudon, F., Godin, C., Pradal, C

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Mathematical Modeling of Actinidia arguta (Kiwiberry) Drying Kinetics

Nutrition, 11 (2), 164-168. Sarimeseli, A. (2011). Microwave drying characteristics of coriander ( Coriandrum sativum L.) leaves. Energy Conversion and Management, 52 , 1449-1453. Sękowski, B. (1993). Pomologia systematyczna . Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa, 2, 172-175. Soysal, Y., Öztekin, S., Eren, Ö. (2006). Microwave drying of parsley: Modeling, kinetics, and energy aspects. Biosystems Engineering, 93 , 403-413. Strumiłło, C. (2005). On perspective developments in drying . Materiały z Sympozjum “Proceedings of the 11 th Polish Drying

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Impact of Sediment Formed in Biogas Production on Productivity of Crops and Ecologic Character of Production of Onion for Chives

. Simeckova, J., Elbl, J., Kintl, A. (2016). Changes in content of soil mineral nitrogen and utilization of mineral nitrogen by soil microorganusms due to application of different fertilizers . 23rd International PhD Students Conference (MendelNet), 9-10 November, 2016, Mendel Univ Brno, Fac AgriSciences, Brno, Czech Republic, 486-491. Neves, A.C., Bergamini, C.N., Leonardo R. de O., Goncalves, M.P., Zenatti, D.C., Hermes, E. (2017). Effect of biofertilizer obtained by anaerobic digestion of cassava effluent on the development of crambe plants. Revista Brasiliera de

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