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Salivary cortisol and nitrite concentrations in school teachers: A longitudinal pilot study

estresse: um estudo com professores da Educacao Basica. Trabalho & Educacao 24, 153–166, 2015. Theorell T, Hammarstrom A, Aronsson G, Traskman Bendz L, Grape T, Hogstedt C, Marteinsdottir I, Skoog I, Hall C. A systematic review including meta-analysis of work environment and depressive symptoms. BMC Public Health.15, 738–745, 2015. Theorell T, Jood K, Jarvholm LS, Vingard E, Perk J, Ostergren PO, Hall C. A systematic review of studies in the contributions of the work environment to ischaemic heart disease development. Eur J Public Health 26, 470–477, 2016

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Novel insights into genetics and clinics of the HNF1A-MODY

with MODY-3, MODY-2 and type 2 diabetes mellitus with I27L polymorphism in the HNF1α gene. Endocrinol Nut 57, 4–8, 2010. Costa RH, Kalinichenko VV, Holterman AXL, Wang X. Transcription factors in liver development, differentiation, and regeneration. Hepatology 38, 1331–1347, 2003. Courtois G, Baumhueter S, Crabtree GR. Purified hepatocyte nuclear factor 1 interacts with a family of hepatocytespecific promoters. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 85, 7937–7941, 1988. D’Angelo A, Bluteau O, Garcia-Gonzalez MA, Gresh L, Doyen A, Garbay S, Robine S, Pontoglio M

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Mechanisms involved in the regulation of neuropeptide-mediated neurite outgrowth: a minireview

development. Genes Dev 19, 1-49, 2005. Hall A, Lalli G. Rho and Ras GTPases in axon growth, guidance, and branching. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol 2, a001818, 2010. Hawes JJ, Narasimhaiah R, Picciotto MR. Galanin and galanin-like peptide modulate neurite outgrowth via protein kinase C-mediated activation of extracellular signal-related kinase. Eur J Neurosci 23, 2937-2946, 2006. He JC, Neves SR, Jordan JD, Iyengar R. Role of the Go/i signaling network in the regulation of neurite outgrowth. Can J Physiol Pharmacol 84, 687

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Sex and salt intake dependent renin-angiotensin plasticity in the liver of the rat

,18–23, 2015. Yoshiji H, Kuriyama S, Yoshii J, Ikenaka Y, Noguchi R, Nakatani T, Tsujinoue H, Fukui H. Angiotensin-II type 1 receptor interaction is a major regulator for liver fibrosis development in rats. Hepatology 34, 745–750, 2001. Yoshiji H, Yoshii J, Ikenaka Y, Noguchi R, Yanase K, Tsujinoue H, Imazu H, Fukui H. Suppression of the renin-angiotensin system attenuates vascular endothelial growth factor-mediated tumor development and angiogenesis in murine hepatocellular carcinoma cells. Int J Oncol 20, 1227–1231, 2002. Zhang X, Lassila M, Cooper ME

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Expression of genes encoding IGFBPs, SNARK, CD36, and PECAM1 in the liver of mice treated with chromium disilicide and titanium nitride nanoparticles

. Dejeans N, Barroso K, Fernandez-Zapico ME, Samali A, Chevet E. Novel roles of the unfolded protein response in the control of tumor development and aggressiveness. Semin Cancer Biol 33, 67-73, 2015. Ding M, Bruick RK, Yu Y. Secreted IGFBP5 mediates mTORC1-dependent feedback inhibition of IGF-1 signalling. Nat Cell Biol 18, 319-327, 2016. Fu TG, Wang L, Li W, Li JZ, Li J. miR-143 inhibits oncogenic traits by degrading NUAK2 in glioblastoma. Int J Mol Med 37, 1627-1635, 2016. Gokulakrishnan K, Velmurugan K, Ganesan S, Mohan

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Magnesium upregulates insulin receptor and glucose transporter-4 in streptozotocin-nicotinamide-induced type-2 diabetic rats

. Experimental NIDDM: development of a new model in adult rats administered streptozotocin and nicotinamide. Diabetes 47, 224- 229, 1998. Masiello P. Animal models of type 2 diabetes with reduced pancreatic beta-cell mass. Int J Biochem Cell Biol 38, 873-893, 2006. Matthews DR, Hosker JP, Rudenski AS, Naylor BA, Treacher DF, Turner RC. Homeostasis model assessment: insulin resistance and beta-cell function from fasting plasma glucose and insulin concentrations in man. Diabetalogia 28, 412-419, 1985. Mauvais-Jarvis F, Virkamaki A

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Bidirectional asymmetry in the neurovisceral communication for the cardiovascular control: New insights

microbiota in hypertension. Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens 24, 403–409, 2015. Kabouridis PS, Pachnis V. Emerging roles of gut microbiota and the immune system in the development of the enteric nervous system. J Clin Invest 125, 956–964, 2015. Kato T, Ishihara H, Shimizu A, Yokosawa H, Ishii S, Komiya Y. The axonal transport of dipeptidyl aminopeptidase II, angiotensin-converting enzyme and other peptidases in rat sciatic nerves. Neurosci Res 4, 241–248, 1987. Klingelhofer J, Sander D. Cardiovascular consequences of clinical stroke. Baillieres Clin Neurol 6

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Hypoxic regulation of the expression of genes encoded estrogen related proteins in U87 glioma cells: eff ect of IRE1 inhibition

, Saltel F, Chevet E. Autocrine control of glioma cells adhesion and migration through IRE1a-mediated cleavage of SPARC mRNA. J Cell Sci 125, 4278-4287, 2012. Dejeans N, Barroso K, Fernandez-Zapico ME, Samali A, Chevet E. Novel roles of the unfolded protein response in the control of tumor development and aggressiveness. Semin Cancer Biol 33, 67-73, 2015. De Luca A, Fiorillo M, Peiris-Pages M, Ozsvari B, Smith DL, Sanchez-Alvarez R, Martinez-Outschoorn UE, Cappello AR, Pezzi V, Lisanti MP, Sotgia F. Mitochondrial biogenesis is required for

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Co-exposure to endocrine disruptors: effect of bisphenol A and soy extract on glucose homeostasis and related metabolic disorders in male mice

biomonitoring data sorted by age: Results from a literature review. Int J Hyg Environ Health 220, 282–298, 2017. Chouhan S, Yadav SK, Prakash J, Westfall S, Ghosh A, Agarwal NK, Singh SP. Increase in the expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase on exposure to bisphenol A: a possible cause for decline in steroidogenesis in male mice. Environ Toxicol Pharmacol 39, 405–416, 2015. Dolinoy DC, Huang D, Jirtle RL. Maternal nutrient supplementation counteracts bisphenol A-induced DNA hypomethylation in early development. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 104, 13056

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Implantation and pregnancy outcome of Sprague-Dawley rats exposed to pirimiphos-methyl

. Desforges M, Sibley C. Placental nutrient supply and fetal development. Int J Dev Biol 54, 377–390, 2010. Dey SK, Lim H, Das SK, Reese J, Paria BC, Daikoku T. Wang H. Molecular cues to implantation. Endocr Rev 25, 341–373, 2004. Eskenazi B, Bradman A, Castorina R. Exposure of children to organophosphate pesticides and their potential adverse health effects. Environ Health Perspect l07, 409–419, 1999. Fenster L, Coye MJ. Birthweight of infants born to Hispanic women employed in agriculture. Arch Environ Health 45, 46–52, 1990. Furlong CE, Holland N

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