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Company Presence as a Marker of Urban Development in France

References HARDILL, I. and MONTAGNÉ-VILLETTE, S. (2007), ‘Spatial Peripheries, Social Peripheries: Reflections on the "Suburbs" of Paris’, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy , 4, pp. 52-64. KACZMAREK, S. and YOUNG, C. (2000), ‘Local Government and Local Economic Development in Poland’, European Spatial Resaerch and Policy , 14 (2), pp. 7-30. LORRAIN, D. (1995), ‘La grande entreprise urbaine et l'action publique’, Sociologie du travail , 37 (22), 199

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Interrelationships between municipal spatial policy strategy and airport operation and development. Lodz Airport case study

Introduction Poland’s spatial development policy is chaotic. It is not correct, however, to blame planners for all aspects of urban misfortunes that have taken place at Polish airports. Currently, there are 14 certified airports on the territory of the Republic of Poland ( Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego 2017a ), and none of them meet all the spatial planning and development conditions defined by international standards and Polish air law. Especially noteworthy is the property development that has occurred in areas neighbouring airports, which altogether

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Tourism development factor of communities

References Aref F, Gill SS, Farshid, A. (2010). Tourism development in local communities: As a community development approach. Journal of American Science, 6, 155 - 161 Ashley, Caroline, Peter de Brine, Amy Lehr, and Hannah Wilde (2007). The Role of the Tourism Sector in Expanding Economic Opportunity. Cambridge: Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Cardenas-Garcí a Pablo Juan, Marcelino Sa nchez-Rivero and Juan Ignacio Pulido-Ferna ndez.(2013): Does tourism growth influence economic development

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Development perspectives and problems accompanying the regeneration of Zabłocie (Kraków) over the years

Location of Zabłocie Source: own elaboration based on What factors have influenced the fact that the area was stagnant for many years? Why has the area begun to show dynamic and intensive development in recent years? Have these changes had positive effects and what are the prospects for development of this area in the future? Are the intense, modern transformations associated with problems that were not previously considered? The author will try to find the answers to these questions. Zabłocie is an area of land whose industrial

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Personal and Spiritual Development in Contemporary Romania: In Search of Ambivalence

Development and the Flexible Contracts: Depoliticized Class Struggles between Highly Skilled Workers and Manual Workers in Cluj . Retrieved from Simionca, A. (2015). The Precariousness of the Employable. Highly Skilled Professionals in Contemporary Romania . Retrieved from Ten Bos, R.; Rhodes, C. (2003). The game of exemplarity: subjectivity, work and the

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Contemporary Aspects of Correlation between Agriculture and Rural Development

LITERATURE 1. Bryden, J., Section 3, Rural Development, In Landsis: Proposal on Agri-Environmental Indisator PAIS, Luxenbourg, 2001. 2. John Kenneth Galbraith, The Affluent Society/The Humane Agenda, PS Grmeč-Privredni pregled (eng.: Economic Review), Belgrade, 2001 3. Jovanović N. Miroslav, Evropska ekonomska integracija (eng.: European Economic Integration), CID, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2006. 4. Popović Goran, Ekonomija Evropske unije (eng.: Economics of the European Union), Faculty of Economics, Banja Luka, 2009. 5

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In the shadow of the urban regeneration megaproject: Urban transitions in downtown Łódź, Poland

-functional structure of the city; b) where succession of functions occurs following regeneration, which produces a new mixed-use neighbourhood; c) which meet market demand as locations for new office space, tourist and leisure services; and d) whose future economic viability is based on a new method of financing that combines public and private resources in a public-private partnership arrangement. According to P. Le Galès (1995) , the URMPs relevance has been on the rise (since the 1980s) as a result of a consistent shift from comprehensive urban planning development towards the

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Communication for Development in Good and Difficult Times
The FAO Experience

References Ansah, P. (1994) “An African Perspective” in Nostbakken, D. And Morrow, C. (eds.) Cultural Expression in the Global Village . Penang: Southbound. Balit, S. (1999) Voices for Change: Rural Women and Communication. Rome: FAO. Balit, S. (2011) New Directions for Mainstreaming Communication for Development in FAO. Decock, A. (2000) “Tapping Local Cultural Resources for Development” in Servaes, J. et al (eds.) Walking on the Other Side of the Information Highway: Communication

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The Implementation of the Leader Approach in Slovak Republic, Identification of Problems and Possible Solutions

kistérségifejlesztés néhány alapkérdése. Miskolc : Műhelyviták, MTARKK, 2000. ISSN 1585-2554 HUDEC, O. a i. 2009. Podoby regionálneho a miestneho rozvoja. In: Human and Social capital in regional development, 2009. Košice : Faculty of Economics, 2009. p. 252-258. ISBN 978-80-553-0117-4 LIN, N. - ERICKSON, B. H. 2008. Theory, Measurement and the Research Enterprise on Social Capitol. In: Social Capital. An International Research program. Oxford : UP, 2008. ISBN 978-0-19-923438-7. NIEMI, J. - AHLSTEDT, J. 2007. Finnish Agriculture and

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Interdependence of Agricultural Production and Environment and the Road to Sustainable Development

biljaka i korišćenju zemljišta . Genetika, 44(1), 201-216. KRISTOFOROVIĆ-ILIĆ, M. (2004): Životna sredina i pesticidi. Medicinski pregled, 57(11-12), 523-535 KRAMER, K. J., AND MEEUSEN, M. (2003): Sustainability in the Agrofood Sector. In Halberg, N. (ed.), Life Cycle Assessment in the Agri-food sector(pp. 182-189). Retrieved March18, 2011, available on : MADDISON, A. (2006): The World Economy, Organization for Economic Cooperation, and Development, Nature Climate Change No3, str. 26

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