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Application of a SPH Coupled FEM Method for Simulation of Trimming of Aluminum Autobody Sheet

REFERENCES 1. Achouri M., Gildemyn E., Germain G., Dal Santo P., Potiron A. (2014), Influence of the edge rounding process on the behavior of blanked parts: numerical predictions with experimental correlation, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology , 71, 1019-1032. 2. Bagci E. (2011), 3-D numerical analysis of orthogonal cuttingprocess via mesh-free method, International Journal of Physical Sciences , 6, 1267-1282. 3. Das R., Cleary PW. (2007), Modeling plastic deformation andthermal response in welding using smoothed

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Genetic parameters and efficiency of early selection for half rotation-aged growth and form traits in Pinus taeda in China

References BURDON, R. D. (1989): Early selection in tree breeding: Principles for applying index selection and inferring input parameters. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 19: 499-504. DANJON, F. (1994): Heritabilities and genetic correlations for estimated growth curve parameters in maritime pine. Theor Appl Genet 89: 911-921. ERICSSON, T. and A. Fries (2004): Genetic analysis of fibre size in a full-sib Pinus sylvestris L. progeny test. Scand. J For Res 19: 7-14. FOSTER, G. and F. BRIDGWATER

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Genetic parameters for early growth and biomass traits of Pinus radiata D. Don under different water regimes

References BARNES, R. D. and M. A. SCHWEPPENHAUSER (1978): Pinus patula Schiede and Deppe progeny tests in Rhodesia genetic control of nursery traits. Silvae Genet. 27(5): 200-204. BURNS, R. M. and B. H. HONKALA (1990): Silvics of North America: 1. Conifers. Agriculture Handbook. BURDON, R. (1977): Genetic correlation as a concept to studying genotype-environment interaction in forest tree breeding. Silvae Genet. 26: 168-175. CODESIDO, V., R. Zas and J. FERNÁNDEZ-LÓPEZ (2012): Juvenile

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Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry for Vibrational Analysis of Cutting Tools

–520. 7. Halama R., Hornacek L., Pecenka L., Krejsa M., Smach J. (2016), 3-D ESPI Measurements Applied to Selected Engineering Problems, Applied Mechanics and Materials , 827, 65–68. 8. Hild F., Roux S. (2006), Digital Image Correlation: from Displacement Measurement to Identification of Elastic Properties – a review, Strain , 42, 69–80. 9. Qin J., Gao Z., Wang X., Yang S. (2016), Three-Dimensional Continuous Displacement Measurement with Temporal Speckle Pattern Interferometry, Sensors , 16(12), 2020. 10. Richardson M.O.W., Zhang Z

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Heterosis and heterobeltiosis of yield associated traits in rapeseed cultivars under limited nitrogen application

characters in rapeseed. In Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology , vol. 17 , 2010, pp. 39-47. KATIYAR, R.K. - CHAMOLA, R. - CHOPRA, V.L. 2000. Heterosis and combining ability in Indian mustard ( Brassica juncea ). In Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding , vol. 60 , 2000, no. 4, pp. 557-559. KHAN, S. - FARHATULLAH, I. - KHALLIL, H. 2008. Phenotypic correlation analysis of elite F3 : 4 Brassica populations for quantitative and qualitative traits. In ARPN Journal of Agricultural and Biological Science , vol. 3 , 2008, pp

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Prevalence of osteoarthritis and association between smoking patterns and osteoarthritis in China: a cross-sectional study

progression of OA. 18 There is some limited evidence to suggest that mental health issues, heart disease, and hysterectomy may also be related to OA occurrence and development. 6 , 19 However, smoking as a risk factor for OA has always been controversial. Smoking is a risk factor for a variety of diseases, including diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, 6 , 20 and is also related to chronic pain, back pain, and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). However, a large sample size study is required to demonstrate a correlation between smoking and OA. 21 , 22 Amin et al

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Physio-genetic behavior of maize seedlings at water deficit conditions

. Ashraf M., 1989 - Effect of water stress on maize cultivars during the vegetative stage. Ann. Arid Zone 28: 47-55 Bocev B.V., 1963 - Maize selection at an initial phase of development. Kukuruzu (Maize). Pl. Br. Abat 1:54 Dewey O.R., K.H. Lu, 1959 - A correlation and path coefficient analysis of components of crested wheatgrass seed production. J. Agron 57: 515-518 Ehlig C.F., R.D. Lemert, 1976 - Water use and productivity of wheat under five irrigation treatments. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J 40: 750-755 Jones

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Accuracy of Single- and Multiple-Trait REML Evaluation of Data Including Non-Random Missing Records

selection. J. Dairy Sci. 74: 3544-3551. KOOTS, K. R. and GIBSON, J. P. (1996): Realized sampling variancesof estimates of genetic parameters and the difference between genetic and phenotypic correlations. Genetics 143: 1409-1416. LIU, B-H., KNAPP, S. J. and BIRKES, D. (1997): Sampling distributions, biases, variances, and confidence intervals for genetic correlations. Theor. Appl. Genet. 94: 8-19. LU, P., WHITE, T. L. and HUBER, D. A. (1999): Estimating type B genetic correlations with unbalanced data and heterogeneous

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Lack of Correlation of the Serum 25(OH) Vitamin D Levels with the Glycated Hemoglobin A1c and the Lipid Profile in Type 2 Diabetes Patients on Oral Antidiabetic Drugs – Preliminary Data


Data from different studies correlating the serum 25(OH)D levels with the metabolic and glycemic parameters in type 2 diabetes patients are still varying. The objective if this study was to describe the correlation between serum 25(OH)D levels and some metabolic parameters in Bulgarian type 2 diabetes patients on oral antidiabetic drugs. One hundred type 2 diabetes patients participated - 56 men and 44 women. The mean age and diabetes duration of the women was 59.0 and 9.8 years, of the men - 58.0 and 7.7 years respectively. Complete patient history was taken and physical examination was performed (body weight and height, waist circumference). Body composition was measured on a leg-to-leg body impedance analyzer (TBF-215, Tanita Corp., Tokyo, Japan). Serum levels of vitamin D were measured by electro-hemi-luminescent detection as 25-(ОН) D Total (ECLIA, Elecsys 2010, Roche Diagnostics, Switzerland). Glycated hemoglobin A1c was measured on a NycoCard reader (Alere™). Total, HDL-cholesterol (direct) and triglycerides were analyzed on a Cobas Integra 400+ analyzer. Correlation analysis was performed on a SPSS 13.0 for Windows platform and included 10 curves. The data were first analyzed for the group as a whole and then separately for men and women as well as in the different vitamin D tertiles. The mean serum 25-OH-vitamin D levels were 23.8 ± 12.1 nmol/l in women and 33.3 ± 20.0 nmol/l in men. We were unable to find any statistically significant correlation between serum 25(OH) vitaminand the serum lipids (cholesterol profile and triglycerides). On the contrary, there was a weak correlation with the glycated hemoglobin A1c (cubic model, R2 = 0.178, p = 0.05) and the BMI (inverse model, R2 = 0.101, p = 0.038). The sub-analyses (men versus women or according to tertiles of vitamin D) did not produce any additional information. The influence of vitamin D on the parameters of the metabolic control in type 2 diabetes is very weak on an individual level. It might be only demonstrated in large epidemiological surveys.

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Genetic Parameters of Growth Traits and Wood Density in Eucalyptus grandis Progenies Planted in Argentina

correlations among offspring from open-pollinated forest-trees. Silvae Genet. 23: 149-156. VAN BUIJTENEN, J. P. (1992): Fundamental genetic principles, pp. 29-68. In: Handbook of Quantitative Forest Genetics. Edited by L. FINS, S. T. FRIEDMAN and J. V. BROTSCHOL. Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands. VIANA, J. M. S. (2001): Genetic correlations in family structured populations. Rev. Árvore 25: 97-103. VOLKER, P. W. and C. A. RAYMOND (1988): Potential for breeding eucalypts in Tasmania. Appita J. 41: 25

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