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Bibo Stabilisation of Continuous–Time Takagi–Sugeno Systems under Persistent Perturbations and Input Saturation

: Relaxed stability conditions and LMI-based designs, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 6(2): 250-265. Tanaka, K. and Wang, H.O. (2001). Fuzzy Control Systems. Design and Analysis. A Linear Matrix Inequality Approach, Wiley, New York, NY. Teixeira, M.C.M., Assunc¸ao, E. and Avellar, R.G. (2003). On relaxed LMI-based designs for fuzzy regulators and fuzzy observers, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 11(5): 613-623. Tognetti, E.S. and Oliveira, V.A. (2010). Fuzzy pole placement based on piecewise Lyapunov functions

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Exponential Estimates of a Class of Time–Delay Nonlinear Systems with Convex Representations

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A mixed active and passive GLR test for a fault tolerant control system

): 359-367. Gao, Z., and Antsaklis, P. J. (1992). Reconfigurable control system design via perfect model following, International Journal of Control   56 (4): 783-798. Geddes, J. E., and Poslethwaite, M., (1998). Improvements in product quality in tandem cold rolling using robust multivariable control, IEEE Transactions on Control systems   6 (2): 257-269. Grimble, M. J., and Hearns, G. (1999). Advanced control for hot rolling mills, in P. M. Frank (Ed.) Advances in Control, Highlights

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Robust sensor fault estimation for descriptor-LPV systems with unmeasurable gain scheduling functions: Application to an anaerobic bioreactor

., Guerra, T.M., Babuˆska, R. and De Schutter, B. (2011). Stability Analysis and Nonlinear Observer Design Using Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Models, Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, Vol. 262, Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg. Lofberg, J. (2004). A toolbox for modeling and optimization in MATLAB, Proceedings of the Computer Aided Control System Design Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, pp. 284-289. López-Estrada, F.-R., Ponsart, J., Theilliol, D. and Astorga-Zaragoza, C.-M. (2013). Fault estimation observer design for descriptor-LPV systems with

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On the Development of SCILAB Compatible Software for the Analysis and Control of Repetitive Processes

Symposium on Computer-Aided Control Systems Design, CACSD 2006 , Munich, Germany, pp. 3024-3029. Hładowski Ł., Gałkowski K. and Rogers E. (2007). A new iterative learning control scheme for linear time-varying discrete systems, Proceedings of the 3rd IFAC Workshop PSYCO'07 , Saint Petersburg, Russia, (on CD-ROM). Melkote H., Cloke B. and Agarwal V. (2003). Modeling and compensator designs for self-servowriting in disk drives, Proceedings of the American Control Conference , Denver, CO, USA, pp. 737

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Active fault tolerant control of nonlinear systems: The cart-pole example

17(4): 491-504, DOI: 10.2478/v10006-007-0041-0. Mahmoud, M., Jiang, J. and Zhang, Y. (2003). Active Fault Tolerant Control Systems , Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg/Berlin. Marcos, A., Ganguli, S. and Balas, G.J. (2005). An application of H ∞ fault detection and isolation to a transport aircraft, Control Engineering Practice 13(1): 105-119. Noura, H., Theilliol, D., Ponsart, J.-C. and Chamseddine, A. (2009). Fault-tolerant Control Systems: Design and Practical Applications , 1st Edn

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Increasing Pursuer Capturability by Using Hybrid Dynamics

.-C. and Chamseddine, A. (2009). Fault-tolerant Control Systems. Design and Practical Application, Advances in Industrial Control, Springer, London. Patsko, V.S. and Turova, V.L. (2004). Families of semipermeable curves in differential games with the homicidal Chauffeur dynamics, Automatica 40(12): 2059-2068. Poveda, J., Ochoa-Llerasy, N. and Rodriguez, C. (2012). Guidance of an autonomous glider based on proportional navigation and virtual targets: A hybrid dynamical systems approach, Proceedings of the AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and

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Output Feedback Control of Switched Nonlinear Systems: A Gain Scheduling Approach

Flexible Ball-Srew Drives, Journal of dynamic systems, measurement and control 136 No. 1 (2013). [11] HORRI, N.-PALMER, P.-ROBERTS, M. : Gain Sched- uled Inverse Optimal Satelit Attitude Control, IEEE trans. on Aerospace and Electronic Systems 48 No. 3 (2012), 2437-2457. [12] KUNCEVIC, V. M.-LYCAK, M. M. : Control Systems Design using Lyapunov Function Approach, Nauka, Moscow, 1977. (in Russian) [13] LEITH, D. J.-LEITHEAD, W. E. : Survey of Gain Scheduling Analysis and Design, Inter. Journal of Control 73 No. 11 (2000

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Robust guaranteed performance PID controller design for non-minimum phase plants

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Mosaic Reasoning for Discoveries

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