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Influence of Oregano Essential Oil (Oeo) on Prevalence and Oocyst Shedding Dynamics of Naturally Acquired Eimeria Spp. Infection in Replacement Dairy Heifers

-humidity combinations on Holstein cattle as measured by physiological responses. Res. Bull. Missouri Agric. Exp. Station, 862. Lormore M. (2005). The case foraquality dairy replacement program. In: Proc. from Dairy Calves and Heifers: Integrating Biology and Management - A Conference for Dairy Producers and Their Advisors (NRAES-175), 27-29.01.2005, Syracuse, NY, USA. Meyer M.J., Capuco A.V., Ross D.A., Lintault L.M., Van Amburgh M.E. (2006). Developmental and nutritional regulation of the prepubertal bovine mammary gland: II. Epithelial cell

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Common Fisheries Policy and its impact on the fisheries sector in Croatia

. Schweiger, L. (2010): The Evolution of the Common Fisheries Policy: Governance of a Common-Pool Resource in the Context of European Integration. Working Paper No. 07/2010. Institute for European Integration Research, Vienna, Austria Self, E. (2015): Who Speaks for the Fish? The Tragedy of Europe’s Common Fisheries Policy Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law. 48, 2, 577–607. Suris-Regueiro, J. C., Varela-Lafuente, M. M., Garza-Gil, M. D. (2011): Evolution and Perspectives of the Fisheries Structural Policy in the European Union. Ocean & Coastal Management

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Effect Of Priming Of Seeds Of Medicago Sativa ‘Bami’ With Gibberellic Acid On Germination, Seedlings Growth And Antioxidant Enzymes Activity Under Salinity Stress

., Alyari H., Shahabivand S. 2008. The effect of water stress on the antioxidant content, protective enzyme activities, proline content and lipid peroxidation in wheat seedling. Pakistan Journal of Biological Science 11(15): 1916-1922. DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2008.1916.1922. Bybordi A. 2012. Effect of ascorbic acid and silicium on photosynthesis, antioxidant enzyme activity, and fatty acid contents in canola exposure to salt stress. Journal of Integrative Agriculture 11(10): 1610-1620. DOI: 10.1016/s2095-3119(12)60164-6. Farhoudi R., Sharifzadeh

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The Polymorphism of Cytogenetic Markers in the Farm and Wild-Living Raccoon Dog (Nyctereutes Procyonoides) / Polimorfizm Markerów Cytogenetycznych U Jenota (Nyctereutes Procyonoides) W Populacjach Hodowlanych I Dziko Żyjących

-281. Yang F., O ’ Brien P.C., Milne B.S., Graphodatsky A.S., Solanky N., Trifonov V., Rens W., Sargan D., Ferguson - Smith M.A. (1999). Acomplete comparative chromosome map for the dog, red fox, and human and its integration with canine genetic maps. Genomics, 62: 189-202.

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Genetic Variation in Cold Hardiness and Phenology Between and Within Turkish Red Pine (Pinus brutia Ten.) Populations: Implications for Seed Transfer

spruce. Tree Physiology 28: 311-320. SPENCER, D. (2001): Conifers in the Dry Country: A report for the RIRDC/L&W Australia/FWPRDC Joint Venture Agroforestry Program. CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products-Australia, RIRDC Publication No: 01/46, Australia, 60 p. SPITTLEHOUSE, D. L. (2005): Integrating climate change adaptation into forest management. Forestry Chronicle 81: 691-695. STONECYPHER, R. W. (1992): Computational methods, pp. 195-228. In: Handbook of quantitative forest genetics edited by L. FINS, S. T. FRIEDMAN and J

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Evaluation of Aerial Biomass Yield and Essential Oil Content of Seven Species of Tanacetum

-119. Anonymous 1984. Hungarian pharmacopoeia, VII Kiadas, I. Kotet, Medicine Publication. Blumenthal M. 1998. The Complete German Commission E Monographs: Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines. Tansy Flower and Herb. Unapproved Herbs. The American Botanical Council/Integrative Medicine Communications, pp. 379-380. Brown A.M.G., Edwards C.M., Davey M.R., Power J.B., Lowe K.C. 1997. Effects of extracts of Tanacetum species on human polymarphonuclear leucocyte activity in vitro. Phytotherapy Research 11: 479-484. DOI: 10.1002/(sici)1099

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Comparative Meiotic Chromosome Studies in Nine Accessions of Tecomella undulata (Sm.) Seem., Threatened Tree of Indian Desert

Bignoniaceae. Annamalai Univ Publ 1,2 and 3: 1-207. VIR, S., S. K. VERMA and S. K. JINDAL (1994): Relative appearance of important insect pests on select genotypes of Tecomella undulata (Sm.) Seem at Jodhpur. Annals of Arid Zone 33: 161-163. ZICKLER, D. and N. KLECKNER (1999): Meiotic chromosomes: Integrating structure and function. Annual Review of Genetics 33: 603-754.

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Performance and Genetic Parameters of Somatic and Zygotic Progenies of Coastal Douglas-fir at 71/2-Years across Washington and Oregon, USA

exchange, water relations, and frost hardiness. Can. J. For. Res. 32: 1822-1828. BRUCE, D. and D. J. DEMARS (1974): Volume equations for second-growth Douglas-fir. Forest Service Research Note PNW-239, USDA, PNWFRES: Portland, Oregon. CAMPBELL, R. K., R. M. ECHOLS and R. W. STONECYPHER (1986): Genetic variances and interactions in 9-year Douglas-fir grown at narrow spacings. Silvae Genet. 35: 24-32. CHELIAK, W. M. and D. L. ROGERS (1990): Integrating biotechnology into tree improvement programs. Can. J. For. Res. 20: 452

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Problems in the Analysis of Genetic Differentiation Among Populations – a Case Study in Quercus robur

investigated by an efficient PCR method. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 91: 1253-1256. GREGORIUS, H.-R. (1987): The relationship between the concepts of genetic diversity and differentiation. Theor. Appl. Genetics 74: 397-401. GREGORIUS, H.-R. (1998): The system analytical approach to the study of hypotheses. URL GREGORIUS, H.-R. (2002): An integrative approach to modeling mating systems of tree populations. In: B. DEGEN, M. D. LOVELESS, A. KREMER 2002. Modelling and

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Experimental Paper. In vitro synthesis of mucilage in Plantago ovata Forsk affected by genotypes and culture media

compounds. J Sci Food Agric 2016; 96:232-244. doi: 10. Blumenthal M, Goldberg A, Brinckmann J. Herbal medicine: expanded commission E monographs, In: Integrative medicine communications, by Newton MA 2000:314-321. 11. Kokate CK, Radwan SS. Mucilage in callus culture of higher plants. Phytochemistry 1978; 18:662-663. doi: 12. Shirsand SB, Suresh S, Swamy PV. Formulation design and optimization of fast dissolving clonazepam tablets. Ind J

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