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Changing role of women in the Irish society: an overview of the female consumer

on Tax and Welfare” Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland 42 2012-13 1 14 Kochuyt, T. (2004). ‘Giving away one’s poverty. On the consumption of scarce resources within the family’. The Sociological Review , 52: 2, 139-161. 10.1111/j.1467-954X.2004.00462.x Kochuyt T. 2004 ‘Giving away one’s poverty. On the consumption of scarce resources within the family’ The Sociological Review 52 2 139 161 Leeflang, P.S.H. and Van Raaij, W.F. (1995). ‘The changing consumer in the European Union: A meta-analysis’, International Journal of Research

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Assessing the wage gap between public and private sector employees in Ireland: issues, evidence and challenges

public or private sector and other characteristics, such as gender, educational level, age and occupation. However, the last NES was carried out in 2009, and the CSO now gathers these earnings measures from existing administrative data sources in order to comply with requirements of the European-level Structure of Earnings Survey (SES). The SES provides comparable information on the relationships between the level of earnings and individual characteristics, such as gender, age, occupation and education, for European Union (EU) Member States. The survey is a large

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Remaining active in the labour market: Trends and characteristics of the over 50s

26 per cent of all economically active males between the ages of 50 and 64 and females for 23 per cent of all females participating in the labour market in the age range 15 to 64. Figure 1 50 to 64 age group as a proportion of all the economically active people from 15 to 64 Comparatively an increase in the older workers occurred in the 27 countries comprising the European Union (EU) with the exception of Romania and Portugal between 2000 and 2010 in the 55 to 64 age group ( Eurofound, 2012 ). By 2010 Ireland recorded above average rates of

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Pension provision by small employers in Ireland: an analysis of Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) using bounded rationality theory

to Retirement Pension Information , Synthesis Report , Luxembourg: Publication’s Office of the European Union. Stevens Y. Van Assche L. 2013 The Right to Retirement Pension Information, Synthesis Report Luxembourg Publication’s Office of the European Union Storey, D., Saridakis, G., Sen-Gupta, S., Edwards, P. and Blackburn, R. (2010). ‘Linking HR formality with employee job quality: The role of firm and workplace size’. Human Resource Management , 49: 2, 305-329. 10.1002/hrm.20347 Storey D. Saridakis G. Sen-Gupta S. Edwards P. Blackburn R. 2010 ‘Linking HR

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Equity versus equality norms of justice and organisational commitment: the moderating role of gender

relevance to justice perceptions. A second related but important goal of the current study is to examine whether an employee’s gender moderates the relationships between equity- versus equality-based justice perceptions on employee commitment. Studies on gender and pay indicate that women tend to be underpaid than men due to both access discrimination and pay discrimination ( Milkovich et al., 2014 ). In the context of pay, despite the European Union’s initiative to narrow the wage gap between men and women, Zeigler (2006 : 213) points out the wage gap between men and

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Building to grow or growing to build: insights from Irish high-growth SMEs (HGSMEs)

Regulatory regime and market changes, both positive and negative, played an important role in growth. The case firms adopted an opportunistic approach to environmental change, and an ability to react quickly to exploit changing market demands has led to business survival and growth. Across the case companies, there were a number of reactive strategic decisions that demonstrate how opportunities were created from external changes and how the firms transitioned through challenges. For example, the European Union (EU) market regulatory changes affected the wider financial

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Claiming too much, delivering too little: testing some of Hofstede’s generalisations

. His successors as general secretaries of that organization supported them. 21 Source: participant observation. The very low level of strikes in ‘masculine’ Austria during the first five-year period considered in this paper ( Table 4 ) is in large part attributable to a long-standing ‘social partnership’. The causes of the huge increase in strikes in Austria during the second five year period ( Table 4 ) are complex and include the weakening of welfare policy goals – in part due to external, i.e. European Union fiscal obligations, and the election of a neo

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