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Shapes Of Energy-Active Segments Of Steel Buildings

R eferences 1 Kowal Z., Szychowski A.: Energy-active arch structures as roof covers (in Polish), 38 KN KILiW PAN i KN PZITB, Krynica 1992, pp. 47-52. 2 Kowal Z., Szychowski A.: Structures spatiales energoactives, Int. Seminar on Structural Morphology, Montpellier 7-11.09.1992, France, pp. 370-378. 3 Kowal Z., Szychowski A.: Energy-active spatial structures (in Polish), Inż. i Bud. 1/1993, pp. 3-5. 4 Kowal Z., Malec M.: Steel energy-active girders as elements of load-carrying structures, Harmony with Nature, Ises Solar World Congress

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Dynamic Numerical Analysis of Steel Footbridge

References [1] BARCIK, W. - BILISZCZUK, J. - MACHELSKI, C.: Projektowanie stalowych kładek dla pieszych Design of steel footbridges, Dolnośląskie Wydawnictwo Edukacyjne, Katowice 2007, ISBN: 9788371251597 (In Polish). [2] PAŃTAK, M.: Analizy dynamiczne w projektowaniu kładek dla pieszych, Dynamic analysis in the design of footbridges, Przegląd budowlany 6/2016, Wydział Inżynierii Lądowej Politechniki Krakowskiej, pp. 78-82 (In Polish). [3] VIČAN, J. - GOCAL, J. - ODROBINAK, J. - MORAVCIK, M. - KOTEŠ, P.: Determination of Railway Bridges Loading

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Analytical Determination of Residual Stresses from Surface Topography Created by Laser Cutting Technology

Machine Tools and Manufacture 2009; 49 (14):1152–4. [7] Harničárová M., Zajac J., Stoic A. Comparison of different material cutting technologies in terms of their impact on the cutting quality of structural steel. Technical Gazette 2010; 17 (3): 371-76. [8] Steen WM. Laser Material Processing. 2nd editionSpringer–Verlag; 1998. [9] Kaplan A. An analytical model of metal cutting with a laser beam. Journal of Applied Physics 1996; 79 (5): 2198–2208. [10] Kar A., Rockstroh T., Mazumder J. Two-dimensional model for laser-induced materials damage

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Analysis of Correlation between Stresses and Fatigue Lives of Welded Steel Specimens Based on Real Three-Dimensional Weld Geometry

REFERENCES 1. Alam M.M.. Barsoum Z.. Jonsén P.. Kaplan A.F.H.. Häggblad H.A (2010). The influence of surface geometry and topography on the fatigue cracking behaviour of laser hybrid welded eccentric fillet joints. Applied Surface Science . 256. 1936–1945. 2. ASTM E739-91(1998). Standard Practice for Statistical Analysis of Linear or Linearized Stress-Life (S-N) and Strain-Life (ε-N) Fatigue Data. ASTM Int West Conshohocken PA 1998;03.01. 3. Barsoum Z.. Gustafsson M. (2009). Fatigue of high strength steel joints welded with low

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Mechanical State of Multi-Story Structures Induced by Wind Action

5.1 References Barszcz, T., Marzena B., Andrzej B., Mateusz W., 2012. Wind speed modeling using Weierstrass function fitted by a genetic algorithm . Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 109, pp. 68-78. Blaga, F., Alexa P., 2016. Statics and kinematics in structural dynamic response to wind action. SDSS 2016, pp. 59-65. Chen, X., Ahsan K., 2005. Evaluation of equivalent static wind loads on buildings . Proc., 10th int. conf. on wind eng.(CD-Rom). Chopra, A. K., 2007. Dynamics of Structures, 3rd Edition. Prentice

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Making Use of the Principle of Energy Dissipation in the Seismic Design of a Steel Structure of a Steam Boiler / Využití Principu Disipace Při Seismickém Návrhu Ocelové Konstrukce Parního Kotle

University Press, 2010, XXI, 694 pp. ISBN 05-214-0598-X. [4] NEWMARK, N & HALL, W. Earthquake spectra and design (Engineering monographs on earthquake criteria, structural design, and strong motion records . California.: Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, 1982, 103 pp. ISBN 09-431-9822-4. [5] TEPLÝ, B. Pružnost a plasticita . 2. vyd. Brno: CERM, 2000, 199 pp. ISBN 80-214-1622-X. (in Czech) [6] ELGHAZOULI, A. Seismic design of buildings to Eurocode 8 . New York: Spon Press, 2009, XVI, 318 pp. ISBN 978

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Experimental Study on Steel Tank Model Using Shaking Table/ Badania Eksperymentalne Modelu Zbiornika Stalowego Na Stole Sejsmicznym

to harmonic and seismic excitations, Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 36 (2007) 1701-1717. 4. De Angelis M., Giannini R., Paolacci F.: Experimental investigation on the seismic response of a steel liquid storage tank equipped with floating roof by shaking table tests, Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 39 (2010) 377-396. 5. Instrukcja ITB 364/2007: Wymagania techniczne dla obiektów budowlanych wznoszonych na terenach górniczych, Warszawa, Instytut Techniki Budowlanej 2007. 6. Jankowski R

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Seismic Isolation of Bridges Using the Principle of Electromagnetic Attraction and Repulsion

: „ Simulation of Artificial arthquakes ”, Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics, Vol. 2, Issue 3, pages 249-267, 1973 [6]. R.W. McCune, C. G. ARMSTRONG, D.J. ROBINSON: „ Mixed Dimensional Coupling in Finite Element Models ”, Int. Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Vol 49 pp. 725-750, 2000 [7]. DASSAULT SYSTEMES: „ Abaqus Analysis User’s Guide ”, 2012 [8]. COMPUTER SIMULATION TECHNOLOGY: „ CST EM Studio Manual ”, 2012 [9]. FARZAD NAEIM, JAMES M. KELLY: „ Design of Seismic Isolated Structures–From Theory to practice ”, John Wiley

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Application of artificial neural networks to predict the deflections of reinforced concrete beams

–81. [11] G uzelbey I.H., C evik A., G ogus M.T., Prediction of rotation capacity of wide flange beams using neural networks , Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 2006, Vol. 62, 950–961. [12] P ala M., C aglar N., A parametric study for distortional buckling stress on cold-formed steel using a neural network , Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 2007, Vol. 63, 686–691. [13] C haudhary S., P endharkar U., N agpal A.K., Bending moment prediction for continuous composite beams by neural networks , Advances in Structural Engineering, 2007

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Damage Detection of A T-Shaped Panel by Wave Propagation Analysis in the Plane Stress / Wykrywanie Uszkodzen W Tarczy Typu T Z Uzyciem Analizy Propagacji Fal W Płaskim Stanie Naprezenia

References 1. J.F. Doyle, Wave propagation in structures: spectral analysis using fast discrete Fourier transforms (second ed.). Springer-Verlag, New York 1997. 2. S. Gopalakrishnan, A. Chakraborty, D.R. Mahapatra, Spectral finite element method: wave propagation, diagnostics and control in anisotropic and inhomogeneous structures. Springer-Verlag, London 2008. 3. D.S. Kumar, D.R. Mahapatra, S. Gopalakrishnan, A spectral finite element for wave propagation and structural diagnostic analysis of composite beam

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