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H. S. Ginwal, S. S. Phartyal, P. S. Rawat and R. L. Srivastava

provenances in India. Journal of Tropical Forest Science 12(2): 286-297. GINWAL, H. S., P. S. RAWAT and R. L. SRIVASTAVA (2004): Seed source variation in growth performance and oil yield of Jatropha curcas Linn. in central India. Silvae Genetica 53(4): 186-192. GUPTA, S. P. (1994): Statistical methods, XV Ed. Sultan Chand and Sons, Darya Ganj, New Delhi. HELLER, J. (1996): Physic nut. Jatropha curcas L. Promoting the conservation and use of underutilized and neglected crops. 1. Institute of Plant genetics and Crop Plant

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Lin Wang, Heping Ding and Fuliang Yin

Systems, 10 , 1, 1-8. Douglas S. C., Gupta M. (2007), Scaled natural gradient algorithms for instantaneous and convolutive blind source separation , 2007 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, pp. 637-640, Honolulu, USA. Hyvarien A., Karhunen J., Oja E. (2001), Independent Component Analysis , John Wiley & Sons, New York. Ikram M. Z., Morgan D. R. (2000), Exploring permutation inconsistency in blind separation of speechsignals in a reverberant environment

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Paweł Kosakowski, Dariusz Więcław, Adam Kowalski and Yuriy Koltun

. Freeman and Company , New York, 1-743. Kisłow A. 1966: Configuration and tectonics of the Jurassic strata in the Lubaczów area in the light of seismic data. Nafta 22, 289-292 (in Polish). Kosakowski P., Wróbel M. & Koltun Y. V. 2011: 1-D modelling of the hydrocarbon generation history of the Jurassic source rocks in the in the Tarnogród-Stryi area (SE Poland — western Ukraine). Ann. Soc. Geol. Pol. 81, 3, 473-483. Kosakowski P., Leśniak G. & Krawiec J. 2012a: Reservoir properties of the

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Aiko Shimada, Masashi Takada and Shin Toyoda

be used to investigate the provenance of aeolian dust ( Naruse et al ., 1997 ; Toyoda and Naruse, 2002 ; Nagashima et al ., 2007 ). The heat-treated E 1 ’ center signal intensity, which corresponds to the number of oxygen vacancies in natural volcanic and granitic quartz, is correlated with age, with higher values found in the quartz of older source rocks ( Toyoda and Hattori, 2000; Toyoda and Naruse, 2002 ). The Al, Ti-Li, and E 1 ’ center signal intensities of quartz are useful in determining sediment provenance ( Duttine et al ., 2002 ; Shimada and

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Alicja Caputa, Adam Talaga and Łukasz Rudziński

, 3:159-174; Król M., (1998); Application of moment tensor solution and source spectra to tremor source investigation occurred in Polkowice - Sieroszowice copper mine. (Zastosowanie tensora momentu sejsmicznego oraz analizy widmowej fali sejsmicznej do badani ognisk wstrząsów z rejonu kopalni miedzi Polkowice - Sieroszowice). PhD thesis, Institute of Geophysics PAN Warsaw (in Polish) (unpublished); . Lizurek G., Plasiewicz B. & Rudziński Ł. (2015) Mining Induced Seismic Event on an Inactive Fault. Acta Geophysica 63, 1: 176

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Dejan Stevanović and Predrag Petković

] Emanuel, A.E. (2004). Summary of IEEE standard 1459: definitions for the measurement of electric power quantities under sinusoidal, nonsinusoidal, balanced, or unbalanced conditions. IEEE Tran. On Industrial Applications, 40(3), 869 - 876. [12] Xu, W., Liu, X., Liu, Y. (2003). An investigation on the validity of power-direction method for harmonic source determination. IEEE Trans. Power Del., 18(1), 214 - 219. [13] Cataliotti A., Cosentino V. (2009). Disturbing loads identification in power systems: a single-point timedomain method based

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Ľubica Hudecová

References Hudecová, Ľ. (2010) Prínos pozemkových úprav pre kataster nehnuteľností (Land Consolidation Effect for Real Estate Register), In: 10-th international conference on Real Estate, Karlove Vary, ČR. ISBN 978-80-02-02257-2 (in Slovak). Hudecová, Ľ. - Repáň, P. - Zámečník, P. (2012) Viacnásobné využívanie priestorových údajových zdrojov (Multiple Use of a Spatial Data Source), In: Geodesy, Cartography and Geographic Information Systems, Tatranská Lomnica, ISBN 978-80-553-1173-9 (in Slovak). Object

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Dexin Zhao, Zhiping Huang, Shaojing Su and Ting Li

-2185. 4. Bernecky W. R., Krzych M. J. (2008), Point source localization sonar system and method , Patent Application Publication, United States. 5. Collins M. D. (1995), User’s guide for RAM versons 1.0 and 1.0p , Naval Research Lab, Washington, DC. 6. Cox H., Zeskind R. M., Owen M. M. (1987), Robust adaptive beamforming , IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, 35 , 1365-1376. 7. Debever C. (2009), Study of how environmental fluctuations influence the coherence of acoustic signals , DTIC Document. 8. Debever

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Xiufeng Han and Xinwei Lu

contamination in street dust of Xianyang city, NW China, Environmental Earth Sciences, 68, pp. 2409-2415. Tang, R.L., Ma, K.M., Zhang, Y.X. & Mao, Q.Z. (2013). The spatial characteristics and pollution levels of metals in urban street dust of Beijing, China, Applied Geochemistry, 35, pp. 88-98. Thorpe, A. & Harrison, R.M. (2008). Sources and properties of non- exhaust particulate matter from road traffi c: a review, Science of the Total Environment, 400, pp. 270-282. Turner, A. & Simmonds, L. (2006). Elemental concentrations and

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Vyacheslav Maksimov

On one algorithm for solving the problem of source function reconstruction

In the paper, the problem of source function reconstruction in a differential equation of the parabolic type is investigated. Using the semigroup representation of trajectories of dynamical systems, we build a finite-step iterative procedure for solving this problem. The algorithm originates from the theory of closed-loop control (the method of extremal shift). At every step of the algorithm, the sum of a quality criterion and a linear penalty term is minimized. This procedure is robust to perturbations in problems data.