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Pietro Carveni, Santo Benfatto, Sebastiano Imposa, Rosanna Maniscalco, Maria Puntillo and Giovanni Sturiale

References Adorni G., Carveni P., 1993a: Geomorphology and seismotectonic elements in the Giarre area, Sicily. Earth surface processes and landforms, 18 , 275-283. Adorni G., Carveni P., 1993b: Anomalies of hydrographical pattern caused by seismotectonic events. (Anomalie del reticolo idrografico causate da eventi sismotettonici sul basso versante orientale del vulcano Etna). Boll. Acc. Gioenia Sc. Nat. Catania, 26 , 342, 196-206. Aubouin L., Le Pichon X., Monin A. S. (Eds.), 1986

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Dmitry A. Ruban

- implications for biodiversity studies. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 358, 1-7. Stanley, S.M., 2007. An analysis of the history of marine animal diversity. Paleobiology 33 (sp6), 1-55. Veeken, P.C.H., 2006. Seismic stratigraphy, basin analysis and reservoir characterisation. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 509 pp. Walliser, O.H., 1996. Global events in the Devonian and Carboniferous. [In:] O.H. Walliser (Ed.): Global events and event stratigraphy in the Phanerozoic. Springer, Berlin, 225-250. Zambito, J

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Juraj Králik and Juraj Králik

References [1] EN 1990 (2002), Eurocode - Basis of structural design. CEN Bruxelles. [2] IAEA, Safety Report Series No. 28. “Seismic Evaluation of Existing Nuclear Power Plants.” IAEA, Vienna, 2003. [3] IAEA Safety Guide 50-SG-QA6 (1995), Rev. 1, "Quality Assurance in the Design of Nuclear Power Plants”. [4] IAEA, Safety of Nuclear Power Plants: Design, Requirements, No. NS-R-1, Vienna, 2000. [5] IAEA Safety Standards, Extreme external events in the design and assessment of

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Piotr Moska, Grzegorz Poręba, Andrzej Bluszcz and Agnieszka Wiszniowska

, King JW and Williams DF, 1995. Continental climate response to orbital forcing from biogenic silica records in Lake Baikal. Nature 378 (6559): 769-771, DOI 10.1038/378769a0. Duller GAT, 2004. Luminescence dating of Quaternary sediments: recent advances. Journal of Quaternary Science 19(2): 183-192, DOI 10.1002/jqs.809. Hutchinson DR, Golmshtok AJ, Zonenshain LP, Moore TC, Scholz CA, and Klitford KD, 1992. Depositional and tectonic framework of the rift basins of Lake Baikal from multichannel seismic data

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Ján Šefara, Miroslav Bielik, Jozef Vozár, Martin Katona, Viktória Szalaiová, Anna Vozárová, Barbora Šimonová, Jaroslava Pánisová, Sabine Schmidt and Hans-Jürgen Götze

References Alasonati Tašárová Z., Bielik M. & Götze H.-J. 2008: Stripped image of the gravity field of the Carpathian-Pannonian region based on the combined interpretation of the CELEBRATION 2000 data. Geol. Carpath. 59, 3, 199–209. Alasonati Tašárová Z., Afonso J.C., Bielik M., Götze H.-J. & Hók J. 2009: The lithospheric structure of the Western Carpathian-Pannonian region based on the CELEBRATION 2000 seismic experiment and gravity modeling. Tectonophysics 475, 454–469 Alasonati Tašárová Z., Fullea J., Bielik M. & Środa P. 2016

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Alessio Valente, Andrzej Ślączka and Giuseppe Cavuoto

evoluzione inframiocenica delle zone es-terne appenniniche [Relations between the "internal Flysch" and Apennine domains: a reinterpretation of the Pollica, San Mauro and Albidona Formations in the intra-Miocenic evolution of the external zones of the Apennines]. Memorie della Società Geologica d'ltalia 41, 285-297. Atkinson, G., 1984. Simple computation of liquefaction probability for seismic hazard application. Earthquake Spectra 1, 107-123. Audemard, F.A. & De Santis, F., 1991. Survey of liquefaction structures induced by recent moderate earthquakes. Bulletin of

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M. Alper Şengül, Şule Gürboğa, İsmail Akkaya and Ali Özvan

tectonics of the east- northeastern region of Van city [Van İli doğu-kuzeydoğu yöresinin stratigrafisi ve tektoniği]. TUBITAK Journal of Nature 14, 628–644 (in Turkish with English abstract). Ambraseys N.N. & Finkel C.F. 1995: The seismicity of Turkey and adjacent Areas: A historical review 1500–1800. Eren publishing and booktrade, İstanbul, 1–240. Arpat E., Şaroğlu F. & İz H.B. 1977: 1976 Çaldıran earthquake. Earth and Human 2, 1, 29–41. Bhattacharya A.R. 1992: A quantitative study of hinge thickness of natural folds: some implications for fold

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Bizhu He, Xiufu Qiao, Cunli Jiao, Zhiqin Xu, Zhihui Cai, Xianpu Guo and Yinli Zhang

. Sedimentary Geology 135, 117-135. Sarkar, S., Choudhuri, A., Banerjee, S., Van Loon, A.J. & Bose, P.K., 2014. Seismic and non-seismic soft-sediment deformation structures in the Proterozoic Bhander Limestone, central India. Geologos 20, 89-103. Seilacher, A., 1969. Fault-grade beds interpreted as seis-mites. Sedimentology 13, 155-159. Seilacher, A., 1984. Sedimentary structures tentatively attributed to seismic events. Marine Geology 55, 1-12. Simms, M.J., 2003. Uniquely extensive seismites from the latest Triassic of the United Kingdom: evidence for bolide

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Oskar Głowacki, Grant B. Deane, Mateusz Moskalik, Jarosław Tęgowski and Philippe Blondel

References B artholomaus T.C., L arsen C.F., O’N eel S. and W est M.E. 2012. Calving seismicity from iceberg-sea surface interactions. Journal of Geophysical Research 117: F04029. B łaszczyk M., J ania J.A. and K olondra L. 2013. Fluctuations of tidewater glaciers in Hornsund Fjord (Southern Svalbard) since the beginning of the 20th century. Polish Polar Research 34 (4): 327–352. B londel P., T ęgowski J. and D eane G.B. 2013. Laboratory analyses of transient ice cracking in growlers. Proceedings of 1st International Conference

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Wieske Paulissen, Stefan Luthi, Patrick Grunert, Stjepan Ćorić and Mathias Harzhauser

thurstbelts and basins of Central and Eastern Europe. EAGE Spec. Publ. 5, 331-341. Sen A., Kendall C. G. S. & Levine P. 1999: Combining a computer simulation and eustatic events to date seismic sequence boundaries: a case study of the Neogene of the Bahamas. Sed. Geol. 125, 1-2, 47-59. Steininger F. F. & Rögl F. 1985: Die Paläeogeographie der Zentralen Paratethys in Pannonien. In: Papp A., Jámbor Á. & Steininger F. F. (Eds.): Chronostratigraphie und Neostratotypen, Miozän der Zentralen Paratethys VII, M6, Pannonien