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Lech Bałachowski

, Issue 4 , pp.1021-1048. 14. Dymarski C., Dymarski P.: Developing Methodology for Model Tests of Floating Platforms in Low -Depth Towing Tank. Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 2016, Vol. 16, Issue 1, pp. 159-167 15. Garnier, J., Gaudin, C., Springman, S. M., Culligan, P. J., Goodings, D., Konig, D., ... & Thorel, L. : Catalogue of scaling laws and similitude questions in geotechnical centrifuge modelling. International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics, 2007, 7

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Ileana-Monica Popovici, Lucian Popescu and Liliana-Elisabeta Radu

References 1. Canhadas I.L., Lopez R., Silva P., Rodrigures C., Leslie C., Portes A. (2010). Anthropometric and physical fitness characteristics of young male soccer player, Rev. Bras. Cineantropom. Desempenho Hum., 12(4), pp. 239-245. 2. Cordova A., Villa G., Sureda A., Rodriques-Marrovo J.A., Sanchez-Collado M.P. (2012). Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Spanish Children Aged 11-13 Years, Rev. Esp. Cardiol., 65(7), pp. 620-6. 3. Cordun M. (2009). Kinantropometrie , Editura CD Press, Bucureşti (in Romanian). 4

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Ljubomir Pavlović, Nenad Stojiljković, Nikola Aksović, Emilija Stojanović, Zoran Valdevit, Aaron T. Scanlan and Zoran Milanović

motor coordination, and imprinting memories and skills that were practiced. Therefore, consideration of sleep quality and quantity is necessary to understand mechanisms underpinning diurnal variations in physical performance in handball players. To date, diurnal variations in short-term maximal physical performance have been investigated in female handball players ( Mhenni et al., 2017 ), judo athletes ( Souissi et al., 2013 ), and rugby players ( West et al., 2014 ). The existing studies have primarily focused on short-term physical performance using test protocols

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Salwa B. El-Sobkey, Farag A. Aly and Ahmad H. Alghadir

. 1996; 16:25-33. 14. Poh H, Eastwood PR, Cecins NM, Ho KT, Jenkins SC. Six-minute walk distance in healthy Singaporean adults cannot be predicted using reference equations derived from Caucasian populations. Respirology. 2006; 11:211-16. 15. El-Sobkey SB. Influence of physical activity level on Saudi reference values of 6-minute walk test. Middle- East J Scien Res. 2013; 16:164-71. 16. Craig CL, Marshall AL, Sjostrom M, Bauman AE, Booth ML, Ainsworth BE, et al. International physical activity questionnaire: 12-country

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Mehmet Kutlu, Hakan Yapici and Abdullah Yilmaz

when attacking or for placing pressure on opponents when defending (Young and Willey, 2010). Soccer also involves perceptual-motor skills that operate simultaneously in a rapidly changing environment ( Bullock et al., 2012 ; Sheppard and Young, 2006 ). The physical capacities of soccer players may be tested by various physical fitness tests. Fitness tests for soccer can be divided into laboratory tests and soccer-specific field tests. Even though laboratory tests are considered reliable and useful in measuring general fitness levels, their validity at measuring

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Rajmund Tomik

., Postulated, assumed, and actual functions of physical education in preparation for participation in physical education and sport [in Polish]. AWF, Kraków 1990. Frołowicz, T., The efficacy of physical education in primary schools [in Polish]. AWF, Gdańsk 1994. Skalik, K., Reliability and accuracy of Strzyżewski's Questionnaire for Testing Youth's Attitude to Physical Education and Sport in the light of studies on the attitudes of 15-year-olds [in Polish]. In: Strzyżewski S. (ed.), Effects of education in physical education

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Osman Karagul, Gulbin Rudarli Nalcakan, Yeliz Dogru and Murat Tas

. Gribble P.A., Hertel J. (2003). Considerations for normalizing measures of the Star Excursion Balance Test. Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science 7(2), 89-100. 10. Zouabi A., Quarck G., Martin T., Grespinet M., Gauthier A. (2016). Is there a circadian rhythm of postural control and perception of the vertical? Chronobiology International 33(10), 1320-1330. 11. di Cagno A., Fiorilli G., Iuliano E., Aquino G., Giombini A., Battaglia C. et al. (2014). Time-of-day effects on static and dynamic balance in elite junior

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Amy S. Ha, Angus Burnett, Raymond Sum, Nikola Medic and Johan Y. Y. Ng

References Bélanger M, Gray-Donald K, O'Loughlin J, Paradis G, Hanley J. When adolescents drop the ball: Sustainability of physical activity in youth. Am J Prev Med, 2009; 37: 41-49 Bocarro JN, Kanters MA, Cerin E, Floyd MF, Casper JM, Suau LJ, McKenzie TL. School sport policy and school-based physical activity environments and their association with observed physical activity in middle school children. Health Place, 2012; 18: 31-38 Buliung RN, Mitra R, Faulkner G. Active school transportation in the Greater

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Jerzy Saczuk and Agnieszka Wasiluk

cardiovascular endurance of children and youth since 1964: Systematic analysis of 25 million fitness test results from 28 countries. Circulation 128, A13498. 7. Nishijima T., Kokudo S., Ohsawa S. (2003). Changes over the years in physical and motor ability in Japanese youth in 1964-1997. Journal of Sport and Health Science 1, 164-170. 8. Lewis N., Dollmanb J., Dalea M. (2007). Trends in physical activity behaviours and attitudes among South Australian youth between 1985 and 2004. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 10, 418-427. DOI: 10.1016/j

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Mohammed Zerf

-based fitness assessment in young people: the ALPHA health-related fitness , Br. J. Sports Med.,45(6), 518-24. 15. Dragan C., Tamara P., Sergej O. (2013). Assessment of physical fitness in children and adolescents , Physical Education and Sport, 11(2), 135 - 145. 16. Ruiz J.R., España-Romero V., Castro-Piñero J., Castillo M.J., et. al. (2017). ALPHA-fitness test battery: health-related field-based fitness tests assessment in children and adolescents , Nutr. Hosp., 1210-1214. 17. Zerf M., Atouti N., Ben Farouk A. (2017). Abdominal obesity and their