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Robert Frankowski, Dariusz Chaberski, Marcin Kowalski and Marek Zieliński

–23. [11] Zhu, F., Hsieh, S.C., Yen, W.W., Chou, H.P. (2011). A digital coincidence measurement system using FPGA techniques. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A , 652(1), 454–457. [12] Antonioli, S., Miari, L., Cuccato, A., Crotti, M., Rech, I., Ghioni, M. (2013). 8-Channel acquisition system for Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting. Rev. Sci. Instrum. , 84, 064705. [13] Park, B.K., Kim, Y.S., Kwon, O., Han, S.W., Moon, S. (2015). High-performance reconfigurable coincidence counting unit based on a field programmable gate array

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Nelya V. Doroshkevich, Marina V. Frontasyeva, Viktor S. Doroshkevich, Olena S. Lygina, Artem V. Shylo, Tatyana M. Ostrovnaya, Sergey S. Pavlov, Nadiya N. Pirko, Tatyana Yu. Zelenyak, Tatyana E. Konstantinova, Svitlana B. Lyubchyk and Aleksandr S. Doroshkevich

, Santos-Rocha TA, Rasteiro MG, Antunes F, at al. Toxicity of organic and inorganic nanoparticles to four species of white-rot fungi. Sci Total Environ. 2013;458-460:290-297. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2013.04.019.Epub2013May8. . [4] Doroshkevich NV, Frontasyeva MV, Doroshkevich VS, Shylo AV, Ostrovnaya TM, Pavlov SS, et al. Interaction of P. ostreatus (Jacq.: Fr.) Kummer mushroom with zirconium oxide nanoparticles. Annual report FLNP JINR. 2014;103-107.

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Jagna Chmielowska-Bąk, Inga Zinicovscaia, Marina Frontasyeva, Aleksandra Milczarek, Sabrina Micheli, Mariia Vysochanska and Joanna Deckert

. Components of successful staple food fortification programs: lessons from Latin America. Food Nutr Bull. 2017;38:384-404. DOI: 10.1177/0379572117707890. [11] Manner FGV. Successful food-based program, supplementation and fortification. J Ped Gastr Nutr. 2006;43:47-53. DOI: 10.1097/ [12] Berner LA, Keast DR, Bailey RL, Dwyer JT. Fortified food are major contributors to nutrient intakes in diets of US children and adolescence. J Acad Nutr Diet. 2014;114:1009-1022. DOI: 10.1016/j.jand.2013.10.012. [13] Bouis HE, Salzman A

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Vahid Monfared

Programming with Real-time Simulation. Int. J. Adv. Manufac. Technol. , 74 (2014), No. 1-4 , 1-16, [14] S hrestha , T., S. G ollapudi , I. C harit , K. L. M urty . Creep Deformation Behaviour of Sn–Zn Solder Alloys. J. Mater. Sci. , 49 (2014), No. 5 , 2127-2135. [15] I sik , M. I., A. K ostka , G. E ggeler . On the Nucleation of Laves Phase Particles during High-temperature Exposure and Creep of Tempered Martensite Ferritic Steels. Acta. Mater., 81 (2014), 230-240. [16] M onfared , V., S. D aneshmand , J. N. R eddy . Rate Dependent Plastic

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Shady S. Refaat and Haitham Abu-Rub

References [1] FANG X., MISRA S., XUE G., YANG D., Smart grid - the new and improved power grid: A survey, IEEE Commun. Surveys Tutorials, 2012. [2] BAYINDIR R., HOSSAIN E., VADI S., The path of the smart grid -the new and improved power grid, International Smart Grid Workshop and Certificate Program (ISGWCP), 2016, 1-8. [3] FARHANGI H., The path of the smart grid, IEEE Transactions on Power and Energy, 2010, 8, 1, 18-28. [4] ZHOU X., Development prospects of power grid and power system

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M. Bindea, Claudia Maria Chezan and A. Puskas

), Fasc. 2, Secţia CONSTRUCŢII.ARHITECTURA. Cervenka J., Papanikolaou V., 2008. Three dimensional combined fracture-plastic material model for concrete , International Journal of Plasticity, No. 20, pp. 2192-2220. Cervenka J., 2011. Design of prestressed concrete nuclear containements assisted by numerical simulations , fib Symposium PRAGUE 2011, session 3-4: Modelling and Design. Cervenka V., Jendele L., Cervenka J., 2012. ATENA Program Documentation Part 1 Theory , Prague. Cho J. Y., Kim N. S., Cho N. S., Choun Y. S., 2006. Stress – Strain

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C. Canali, K. Aristovich, L. Ceccarelli, L.B Larsen, Ø. G. Martinsen, A. Wolff, M. Dufva, J. Emnéus and A. Heiskanen

migration of cells during epithelial stratification. The cultured cells are adherent on the electrodes, modulating the interface impedance. Rahman et al. [ 31 ] used impedance spectroscopy to map in vitro cellular morphology using a circular 2D microelectrode array with 8 peripheral electrodes and a central counter electrode. Sun et al. [ 32 ] imaged a multi-nuclear single cell mould Physarum polycephalum grown on a 2D chip consisting of 16 equally spaced electrodes at the periphery of a circular cell culture chamber (Ø 6 mm). Meir and Rubinsky [ 33 ] presented a

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David Cheneler, James Bowen and Georgia Kaklamani

described previously. In order to examine the cellular viability post encapsulation, sections of 1 mm thickness were taken from the centre of alginate discs containing 3T3 cells using a sterilized blade. The sections were immersed in 0.2 μL calceinacetoxymethylester (calcein-AM) for 15 min and 2.5 μL propidiumiodide (PI) for 5 min in S-DMEM at 37 o C. The calcein-AM was cleaved to form calcein in the presence of esterases in live cells resulting in photon emission at a wavelength around 515 nm. In the case of dead-cells, the PI penetrated the cell and nuclear membrane

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Uwe Pliquett, Dieter Frense, Markus Schönfeldt, Christian Frätzer, Yong Zhang, Brian Cahill, Michael Metzen, Andreas Barthel, Thomas Nacke and Dieter Beckmann

plasma) surrounded by an insulating membrane (plasma membrane). The extracellular space is filled with electrolyte as well, but may have a very distinct conductivity with respect to the conductivity of the cytoplasm. Although the cytoplasm contains membrane systems (e.g. endoplasmatic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, nuclear membrane or other membrane enclosed organelles) a pure resistive model for this part is often sufficient for a practical approach [ 29 ; 30 ]. Since intact cell membranes show a low conductance, the low frequency current (f < 10 kHz) will

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Nicolai Todorov Dolchinkov and Nicolai Bonev Nichev

References Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency. (2016). Annual report of 2015, Sofia: Bulgarian nuclear regulatory agency, available at: The Council of Ministers. (2011). National programme on disaster the 2014 -2018, Sofia: the Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers. (2013). National report on the status and protection of the environment in Bulgaria in 2012 of the EEA, Sofia: The Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers