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Małgorzata Podwyszyńska, Dorota Kruczyńska, Aleksandra Machlańska, Barbara Dyki and Iwona Sowik

study and comparison with clones of different levels of ploidy. 1. Vegetative characters: internodes, leaves and stomata. Agronomie 6: 659–664. L ysák MA, and D oležel J. 1998. Estimation of nuclear DNA content in Sesleria (Poaceae). Caryologia 51: 123–132. N iles WL, and Q uesenberry KH. 1992. Pollen germination of rhizoma peanut cv. Florigraze. Peanut Science 19: 105–107. P ereira -L orenzo S, R amos -C abrer AM, and D íaz -H ernández MB. 2007. Evaluation of genetic identity and variation of local apple cultivars ( Malus

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M. Abo-Youssef, A. El Sabagh, G. Abo-Gendy and A. Mohamed

.S. (2002). Advances in hybrid rice research and development in the tropics. Proceedings of the 4th international Symposium on Hybrid Rice. Hanoi, Vietnam, 14-17 May, 2002, 7-20. Yin, C., Gan, L., Denny, N.G., Zhou, X. & Xia, K. (2007). Decreases paniclederived indole-3-acetic acid reduces gibberellin A1 level in the uppermost internode, causing panicle enclosure in male sterile rice Zhenshan 97A. J. Exp. Bot., 58(10): 2441-2449. Yuan, G.F. (2011). Development of hybrid rice and its prospect. China Agric. Sci. Bull., 27(15): 6-11 (in

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Omid Younesi and Ali Moradi

of mepiquat chloride on elongation of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) internode is associated with low concentration of gibberellic acid. Plant Science 225: 15-23. DOI: 10.1016/j.plantsci.2014.05.005. Vranova E., Inze D., Van Brensegem F. 2002. Signal transduction during oxidative stress. J. Exp. Bot. 53(372): 1227-1236. DOI: 10.1093/jexbot/53.372.1227. Yamazaki J., Ohashi A., Hashimoto Y., Negishi E., Kumagai S., Kubo T., et al. 2003. Effects of high light and low temperature during harsh winter on needle photodamage of Abies

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Karl-Johan I. Bergstrand

-312. Caron J., Rivière L.-M., Charpentier S., Renault P., Michel J.-C., 2002. Using TDR to estimate hydraulic conductivity and air entry in growing media and sand. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 66: 373-383. Carvalho S., Heuvelink E., Cascais R., Van Kooten O., 2002. Effect of day and night temperature on internode and stem length in chrysanthemum: is everything explained by DIF? Ann. Bot. 90: 111-118. Casal J., Smith H., 1989. The function, action and adaptive significance of phytochrome in light‐grown plants. Plant Cell Environ.12: 855

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Jeremi Kołodziejek, Sława Glińska and Sylwia Michlewska

leaf shape in Gossypium hirsutum L. and Gossypium arboreum L. I. The expression of genes for leaf shape in Gossypium hirsutum L. American Journal of Botany 28, 124-138. HANSON, H., 1917: Leaf-structure as related to environment. American Journal of Botany 4, 533-560. HUBER, H., 1996: Plasticity of internodes and petioles in prostrate and erect Potentilla species. Functional Ecology 10, 401-409. HUFF, P. M., WILF, P., AZUMAH, E. J., 2003: Digital future for paleoclimate estimation from fossil leaves? Preliminary results

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M. Ivković, H. Wu and S. Kumar

-21, Mississippi State, MS. p 132-139. BURDON, R. D. (1990): Implications of non-linear economic weights for breeding. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 79(1): 65-71. BYRAM, T. D., J. H. MYSZEWSKI, D. P. GWAZE and W. J. LOWE (2005): Improving wood quality in the western gulf forest tree improvement program: the problem of multiple breeding objectives. Tree Genetics and Genomes 1: 85-92. CARSON M. J. (1988): Long-internode or multinodal radiata pine? - a financial analysis. FRI Bulletin No. 115, Forest Research Institute, New Zealand

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Piotr Owczarek and Magdalena Opała

, the first methodological procedure for the den-droecological dwarf shrub analysis was provided by Bär et al . (2006) . Bär et al . (2006 , 2007 ) constructed the first ring width chronologies of alpine dwarf shrub black crowberry ( Empetrum hermaphroditum L.) from the Norwegian part of the Scandinavian Mountains. Rayback and Henry (2005) as well as Weijers et al . (2010 , 2012 ) used growth increments from the internode length of white Arctic mountain heather ( Cassiope tetragona L.) as the climate proxy records. Of these, Weijers et al . (2012