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Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation for High-Speed Induction Motor Implemented in Nios II Softcore Processor

References Altera Corporation. (2004). Introduction to Quartus II. USA: Altera Corporation. Altera Corporation. (2015). Making Qsys Components. USA: Altera Corporation. Baszyński, M. and Piróg, S. (2011). Control of High-Speed Low-Power Induction Motor. Electrical Review [ISSN 0033-2097, R. 87 NR 2/2011] in polish. Baszyński, M. and Stala, R. (2011). Control and Modeling of Power Electronics Converters in FPGA Systems. Cracow [ISBN: 978-83-7464-365-5] in polish. Chaurasiya Rohit

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Aspects Of Multicriterial Mathematical Modeling And Of The Fuzzy Formalism For The Hierarchization Of Study Programs Based On Several Quality Characteristics

8. References 1. Voinia, C.S.; Tuşa, Ana; Simion, Carmen, Quality Assurance Systems in Education and Training in Europe, Acta Universitatis Cibiniensis – Technical Series, Vol. LXIV, No. 1, pp.94-97, (2014). 2. Bucur, Amelia, Modeling as a Multiple-Criteria Decision-Making Problem and Simulation, for the Hierarchization of Programs of Study, Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Advances in Automatic Control Modelling and Simulation , ACMOS’13, pp.338-343, Braşov, Romania, (2013). 3. Negoiţă, C.V., Mulţimi vagi şi aplicaţiile

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Thermal Ageing of Power Cable Components Through Penetrations

Veken, Determining high voltage cable conductor temperatures, Euromold, Belgium; [8] Florian Loos, Karl Dvorsky and Hans-Dieter Liess, Determination of temperature in high-voltage cables of finite length with, dynamic current profiles, Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems, Vol. 00, No. 00, June 2013, 1–18; [9] Murat Karahan and Özcan Kalenderli, Coupled Electrical and Thermal Analysis of Power Cables Using Finite Element Method, ; [10] M. Rasoulpoor, M. Mirzaie and S. M. Mirimani, Electrical and Thermal

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Modeling of pollutants in the air in terms of fire on dumps / Modelowanie zanieczyszczeń powietrza w warunkach pożaru na wysypisku

.wasman.2011.04.014. [7] Abdul-Raouf ME, Maysour NE, Abdul-Azim, AA, Amin MS. Thermochemical recycling of mixture of scrap tyres and waste lubricating oil into high caloric value products. Energy Conver Manage. 2010;51(6):1304-1310. DOI: 10.1016/j.enconman.2010.01.007. [8] US EPA (U.S. ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY) AP 42. Fifth Edition. Volume I Chapter 2: Solid Waste Disposal. SECTION 2.5, OPEN BURNING. 1992. [9] Ryan JV. Characterization of emissions from the simulated open burning of scrap tires. Washington, D.C: U

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Bioindication assessment of activated sludge Adaptation in a Lab-Scale Experiment

conditions. Environ Protect Eng. 1991;17(3-4):57-65. [6] Senthilnathan PR., Ganczarczyk JJ. Adaptation and deadaptation kinetics of activated sludge. Proc Indust Waste Conf. 1989;43:301-307. [7] Ohtsuki T, Sakurai K, Noda S, Ichihara J, Masuda T, Ui S. Development of activated sludge adapted to high concentrations of phenol and enhancement of its phenol removal ability by addition of a processed lignite. Indian J Sci Technol. 2009;2(10):1-4. [8] Thiem LT, Alkhatib EA. In situ adaptation of activated sludge by shock loading to enhance treatment of high ammonia content

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Land Forces Academy Review
Review of the NICOLAE BALCESCU Land Forces Academy, Sibiu, Romania
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Exploring Factors Influencing of Project Management Success in Public Building Projects in Nigeria

(ICCIDC-1)”Advancing and Integrating Construction Education, Research and Practice, ., 2008 Karachi, Pakistan, 392-404. [18] Idoro, G. I., Patunola-Ajayi, J. B. ‘Evaluating the strategies for marketing project management system in the Nigerian construction industry’, Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research, 6 (2009). No.2, pp.25-36. [19] Ogwueleka, A. The Critical Success Factors Influencing Project Performance in Nigeria. International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management, 6. (2011) No.5, 343

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