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Wanda Forczek, Tadeusz Ruchlewicz and Anna Gawęda

. Soares A.S.O.D.C., Yamaguti E.Y., Mochizuki L., Amadio A.C., Serraso J.C. (2009) Biomechanical parameters of gait among transtibial amputees: A review. Sao Paulo Med. J., 127(5): 302-309. 21. Tinetti M.E., Powell L. (1993) Fear of falling and low self-efficacy: a case of dependence in elderly persons. J. Gerontol., 48: 35-38. 22. Woodburn J., Helliwell P.S. (1996) Relation between heel position and the distribution of forefoot plantar pressures and skin callosities in rheumatoid arthritis. Ann. Rheum. Dis., 55: 806-810 DOI: 10.1136/ard.55.11.806 23. Wright W

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K. Bagiński, D. Jasińska-Choromańska and J. Wierciak

simulation of natural human gait”, IEEE Trans. on Rehabilitation Engineering 5 (4), 290-299 (1997). [15] D.A. Winter and J.J. Eng, “Kinetic analysis of the lower limbs during walking: what information can be gained from a threedimensional model?”, J. Biomechanics 28 (6), 753-758 (1995). [16] S.-H. Pyo, A. ¨Ozer, and J. Yoon, “A novel design for lower extremity gait rehabilitation exoskeleton inspired by biomechanics”, Int. Conf. Control, Automation and Systems 1, 1806-1811 (2010). [17] L. Vaughan, B.L. Davis, and J. C

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Rebecca E. Fellin, Joseph F. Seay, Karen N. Gregorczyk and Leif Hasselquist

Responses of the lower limb to load carrying in walking man Eur J Appl Physiol 1985 54 145 150 Harman E, Han KH, Frykman P, Pandorf C. The effects of backpack weight on the biomechanics of load carriage. Army Technical Report , 2000 Harman E Han KH Frykman P Pandorf C The effects of backpack weight on the biomechanics of load carriage Army Technical Report 2000 Kawamura K, Tokuhiro A, Takechi H. Gait analysis of slope walking: a study on step length, stride width, time factors and deviation in the center of pressure. Acta Medica Okayama , 1991; 45: 179

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Wojciech Walendziuk

REFERENCES 1. Baratto M., Cervera Ch., Jacono M. (2004), Analysis of Adequacy of a Force Platform for Stabilometric Clinical Investigations, Mediterranean Conference on Measurement , 207-211. 2. Cornilleau-Peresa V., Shabanac N., Droulezd J., Gohe J.C.H., Leef G.S.M., Chew P.T.K. (2005), Measurement of the Visual Contribution to postural steadiness from the COP Movement: Methodology And Reliability, Gait & Posture , Vol. 22, 2, 96-106. 3. Derlatka M. (2012), Human Gait Recognition Based on Signals from Two Force Plates, Lecture Notes in Computer

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Małgorzata Morasiewicz, Piotr Koprowski, Zdzisława Wrzosek and Szymon Dragan

-107. Lisiński P., Stryła W. Zasady usprawniania leczniczego w przypadkach wydłużania kończyn dolnych. Ortopedia Traumatologia Rehabilitacja, 2002, 4, 4, 503-506. Winter D. The biomechanics and motor control of human gait. University of Waterloo Press, Waterloo 1987. Napiontek M. Zasady rehabilitacji chorych leczonych metodą Ilizarowa w obrębie kończyn dolnych. Chirurgia Narządów Ruchu i Ortopedia Polska, 2000, 65, 3, 287-294. Synder M. i in. Zastosowanie aparatu Ilizarowa do wydłużania

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Małgorzata Syczewska, Maciej Krawczyk, Ewa Szczerbik and Małgorzata Kalinowska

electromyographic activity of upper extremity muscles during reach-to-grasp. J. Neurophysiol., 115: 3238-3248. 15. Sibella F., Galli M., Motta F., Crivellini M. (2002) Bio­mechanical model and experimental protocol for upper limb movement analysis. Gait Posture, 16: S94. 16. Sutherland D.H., (2001) The evolution of clinical gait analysis. Part 1: kinesiological EMG. Gait Posture, 14: 61-70. 17. Wickham J., Pizzari T., Stansfeld K., Burnside A., Watson L. (2010) Quantifying “normal” shoulder muscle during abduction. J

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Dariusz Tchórzewski, Przemysław Bujas and Agnieszka Jankowicz-Szymańska

References Almeida GL, Carvalho RL, Talis VL. Postural strategy to keep balance on the seesaw. Gait Posture , 2006; 23: 17-21 Bennell KL, Goldie PA. The differential effects of external ankle support on postural control. J Orthopaedic Sports Phys Therapy , 1994; 20: 287-295 Chiang JH, Wu G. The influence of foam surfaces on biomechanical variables contributing to postural control. Gait Posture , 1997; 5: 239-245 Dietz V, Mauritz KH, Dichgans J. Body oscillations in balancing due to

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Hubert Makaruk, Marak Porter, Marcin Starzak and Edward Szymczak

run of novice long jumpers. Journal of Applied Biomechanics 11, 142-162. 10. Theodorou A.S., Panoutsakopoulos V., Exell T.A., Argeitaki P., Paradisis G.P., Smirniotou A. (2016). Step characteristic interaction and asymmetry during the approach phase in long jump. Journal of Sports Sciences 23, 1-9. 11. Exell T.A., Gittoes M.J.R., Irwin G., Kerwin D.G. (2012). Gait asymmetry: Composite scores for mechanical analyses of sprint running. Journal of Biomechanics 45, 1108-1111. 12. Plessa E.I., Rousanoglou E.N., Boudolos K

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Lilian Gobbi, Jean da Silva and Fabio Barbieri

. R., Watson A., Vallis L. A., Age-related changes in avoidance strategies when negotiating single and multiple obstacles. Exp Brain Res , 2007, 182, 289-299. DOI: 10.1007/s00221-007-0986-0. Silva J. J., Barbieri F. A., Gobbi L. T. B., Adaptive locomotion for crossing a moving obstacle. Motor Control [in press]. Winter D. A., The biomechanics and motor control of human gait. 2 nd ed., University of Waterloo, Waterloo 1991. Figueroa P. J., Leite N. J., Barros R. M. L., A flexible

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Michalina Błażkiewicz, Barbara Łysoń, Adam Chmielewski and Andrzej Wit

angle in the shot put. Journal of Sports Sciences , 2001; 19: 359-72 10.1080/02640410152006135 Linthorne N. Optimum release angle in the shot put Journal of Sports Sciences 2001 19 359 72 McGibbon C, Puniello M, Krebs D. Mechanical energy transfer during gait in relation to strength impairment and pathology in elderly women. Clinical Biomechani cs, 2001; 16(4): 324-33 10.1016/S0268-0033(01)00004-3 McGibbon C Puniello M Krebs D. Mechanical energy transfer during gait in relation to strength impairment and pathology in elderly women Clinical Biomechanics 2001 16 4