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Nicola Francesco Dotti, Bas Van Heur and Colin C. Williams

. EUROPEAN COMMISSION (1998), Communication of the Commission on Undeclared Work, (12.04.2007). EUROPEAN COMMISSION (2007a), ‘Stepping up the Fight against Undeclared Work’, COM (2007) 628 final, Brussels. EUROPEAN COMMISSION (2007b), Special Eurobarometer 284: Undeclared Work in the European Union, Brussels. EUROPEAN COMMISSION (2014), Economic and Social Developments in Europe 2013, Brussels. EVASON, E. and WOODS, R. (1995), ‘Poverty

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Konrad Szocik

. Understanding Jihad. University of California Press: Berkeley, 2005. 5. Copan, P., Flannagan, M. Did God really command Genocide? Baker Books: Michigan, 2014. 6. Costa, U. da. Wizerunek własny żywota. Transl. K. Dresdner. Państwowy Instytut Wydawniczy: Warszawa, 1960. 7. Diderot, D. Encyklopedia albo słownik rozumowany nauk, sztuk i rzemiosł (Wybór). Transl. E. Rzadkowska. Wydawnictwo Zakładu Narodowego imienia Ossolińskich: Wrocław, 1952. 8. Feierman, J. R. How Some Major Components of Religion Could Have

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José Orosa and Armando Oliveira

. Wang J.: The current status and future aspects in formal ship safety assessment. Safety Science. Vol. 38, 2001. Nas S., Paker S. D. E.: Fire Fighting Training for Officers and Captains: a Problem Based Learning Approach. International Association of Maritime Universities. 9th Annual General Assembly. 2008. (Accessed May 2012) INNOVA Air Tech Instruments A/S. Thermal Comfort [online]. Denmark. 1997. Available from:

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Dashuri Cela, Loreta Kuneshka and Polikron Pulluqi

References 1. National Endowment for the Arts, To Read or Not to Read: A Question of National Consequence, November 2007. 2. Daggett WR, Hasselbring TS. International Center for Leadership in Education. What we know about adolescent reading. Accessed 2007. 3. Associated Press- Ipsos. One in Four Read No Books Last Year. Accessed December 8, 2008. 4. National

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Monika Gabriela Bartoszewicz

References “Le Pen seeks to unite Right for EU fight on immigration.” The Times, Retrieved on October 16, 2013 from “Political Insurgency, Europe’s Tea Parties.” The Economist From the printed edition, January 4, 2014, Retrieved on January 4, 2014 from: Arzheimer, K. “Contextual Factors and the Extreme Right Vote in Western Europe

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Grete Brochmann and Anniken Hagelund

References Alesina, A & Glaeser E 2004, Fighting poverty in the US and Europe. A World of Difference, Oxford University Press, Oxford. Andersen, JG 2004, ‘Danmark, Fremskridtspartiet och Dansk Folkeparti’, in Från Le Pen till Pim Fortuyn - populism och parlamentarisk högerextremism i dagens Europa, eds J Rydgren & A Widfelt, Liber, Malmö. Andersen, JG 2006, ‘Immigration and the legitimacy of the Scandinavian welfare state: some preliminary Danish findings’, AMID Working Paper Series

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Hargita Horváth Futó and Éva Hózsa

kutatások tárgya [Non-verbal communication as the subject of cognitive linguistic research]. Magyar Nyelvőr 1: 4–12. Бархударов, Л. С. 1975. Язык и перевод (Вопросы общей и частной теории перевода). [ Language and translation (Questions of general and special theory of translation )]. Мοсква: «Междунар. отношения». Beke, Márton. 2008. A fordítás mint nyelvek harca. A cseh–magyar fordításról. [Translation as fight between languages. About the Czech-Hungarian Translation.] In: Márton Beke, Andor Mészáros, István Vörös (eds), Művészet-e a fordítás? Útkeresés

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Tomáš Otáhal, Milan Palát and Petr Wawrosz

& applications with calculus. London: Pearson/Addison-Wesley. POTŮČEK, M. (1997). Nejen trh. Praha: Sociologické nakladatelství. RIZZO, M. J. (1979) Uncertainty, Subjectivity, and the Economic Analysis of Law. In RIZZO, M (Eds.), Time, Uncertainty, and Disequilibrium: Exploration of Austrian Themes. Massachusetts Toronto: Lexington Books D.C. SPECTOR, B. I. (2005). Fighting Corruption in Developing Countries: Strategies and Analysis. Sterling: Kumarian Press. STIGLITZ, J. E. (2000). Economics of the Public

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Bożena Cwalina-Ambroziak and Maciej Nowak

. Dematiaceus hyphomycetes. Commonwealth Mycological Institute Kew Surrey, England. Gullino, M.L., Garibaldi, A., 2001. Recognizing and fighting fungal diseases of tomatoes. Colture Protette 30(2): 23-29. Kokalis-Burelle, N., 2002. Biological control of tomato diseases. Books in Soil, Plants and the Environment. Biological control of crop diseases: 225-262. Kurzawińska, H., 2007. Potential use of chitosan in the control of lettuce pathogens. Polish Chitin Society, Monograph XII: 173

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Mariusz Nowak and Ryszard Panfil

Polish]. Monografie MTNGS , 2004, 5, 7-19. 22. Panfil R., Praxeology of sports game [in Polish]. Studiai Monografie AWF we Wrocławiu , 2006, 82. 23. Panfil R., A paradigm for identifying ability competition (providing examples of sport game and fight). Hum Mov , 2011, 12 (1), 16-23, doi: 10.2478/v10038-011-0002-1. 24. Superlak E., Wołyniec J., The assessment of players’ activities’ effectiveness in changeable situations in volleyball [in Polish]. Hum Mov , 2001, 1 (3), 116-117. 25. Panfil R., Superlak