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A Model Parameter Extraction Method for Dielectric Barrier Discharge Ozone Chamber using Differential Evolution

International Ozone Association, 24 (5), 321-328. [11] Olivares, V.H., Ponce-Silva, M., Osorio, R., Juarez, M. (2007). DBD modeling as a function of waveforms slope. In Power Electronics Specialists Conference, 17-21 June 2007. IEEE, 1417-1422. [12] Guofeng, J., Wei, Z., Zhengwei, Y., Zhiyong, H., Yuanjia, S., Dongdong, W., Gan, T. (2012). Image segmentation of thermal waving inspection based on particle swarm optimization fuzzy clustering algorithm. Measurement Science Review, 6 (12), 296-301. [13] Meo, A., Profumo, L., Rossi

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Application of Linear Discriminant Analysis in Dimensionality Reduction for Hand Motion Classification

). Evolutionary fuzzy discriminant analysis feature projection technique in myoelectric control. Pattern Recognition Lett. , 30 (7), 699-707. Khezri, M., Jahed, M. (2011). A neuro-fuzzy inference system for sEMG-based identification of hand motion commands. IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron. , 58 (5), 1952-1960. Rafiee, J., Rafiee, M.A., Yavari, F., Schoen, M.P. (2011). Feature extraction of forearm EMG signals for prosthetics. Expert Syst. Appl. , 38 (4), 4058-4067. Phinyomark, A., Limsakul, C

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Recognition of Thermal Images of Direct Current Motor with Application of Area Perimeter Vector and Bayes Classifier

digital signal processing methods. Tehnicki Vjesnik-Technical Gazette , 21 (3), 485-493. [29] Fidali, M., Urbanek, G. (2012). The application of evolutionary algorithms in the search of relevant statistical features of infrared images. Qirt Journal , 9 (1), 33-54. [30] Shapiro, L.G., Stockman, G.C. (2002). Computer Vision . Prentice Hall. [31] MathWorks. (2015). MATLAB and SimuLink for Technical Computing . . [32] Hachaj, T., Ogiela, M.R. (2013). Application of neural networks in detection of abnormal brain perfusion

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Simple Prequalification Models

using evolutionary algorithm, Archives of Civil Engineering, 54, 2, 371-394, 2008. 26. W.K.M. Brauers, E.K. Zavadskas, Z. Turskis, T. Vilutien¨e, Multi-objective contractor’s ranking by applying the MOORA method, Journal of Business Economics and Management, 9, 4, 245-255, 2008. 27. R. Ginevičius, V. Podvezko, Multicriteria graphical-analytical evaluation of the financial state of construction enterprises, Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 14, 4, 452-461, 2008. 28. S. Mitkus, E. Trink˝unien¨e, Reasoned

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An Analysis of the Performance of Genetic Programming for Realised Volatility Forecasting

Evolutionary Algorithm. in Proc. of the 2004 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, pp. 5824-5829, 2004. [14] S. B. Hamida and R. Cont. Recovering Volatility from Option Prices by Evolutionary Optimization. Journal of Computational Finance, vol. 8, No. 4, Summer 2005. [15] W. Abdelmalek, S. B. Hamida and F. Abid. (2009). Selecting the Best Forecasting-Implied Volatility Model Using Genetic Programming. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Decision Sciences, [online]. vol. 2009, Article ID 179230. Available: http

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Development of C-Means Clustering Based Adaptive Fuzzy Controller for a Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle

, Attitude control of flapping wing micro aerial vehicle based on double fuzzy sliding mode control, in Advanced Materials Research, vol. 468. Trans Tech Publ, 2012, pp. 704–707. [22] A. A. Al-Mahasneh, S. G. Anavatti, and M. Garratt, Nonlinear Multi-Input Multi-Output System Identification using Neuro-Evolutionary Methods for a Quadcopter, IEEE, pp. 217–222, 2017. [23] M. M. Ferdaus, S. G. Anavatti, M. A. Garratt, and M. Pratama, Fuzzy Clustering based Nonlinear System Identification and Controller Development of Pixhawk based Quadcopter, in Advanced

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Problems of the Selection of Construction Technology for Structures in the Centres of Urban Agglomerations

Krakowie Górnictwo i geoin_ynieria, 3, 319-327, 2017 41. R.I.P. Perez, A.Carballal, J.R. Rabunal, O.A. Mures, M. D. Garcia-Vidaurrazaga, “Predicting vertical urban growth using genetic evolutionary algorithms in Tokyo's Minato ward” Journal of Urban Planning and Development 144(1) 2018 42. L.S. Pheng, C.J Chuan „Just-in-time management of precast concrete components Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 127(6), 494-501, 2001 43. E. Radziszewska-Zielina „Assessment methods of partnering relations of Polish

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The Impact Of Increased Stability And Efficiency Through Automatic Control System For A Steam Power Plant

References 1. Marian Popescu, Ilie Borcoși, “Increasing productivity at the level of the power plant by optimizing the distributed systems and hierarchical systems”, Annals of the University Constantin Brancusi, Series Engeneering, ISSN 1842-4856. No.3/2013, pp. 241-244, (2013) 2. Ion Marian Popescu, “Necessity Implementation of advanced control algorithms in the complex processes in the energy industry”, Annals of the University of Craiova, Series: Automation, Computer, Electronics and Mechatronics, ISSN 1841-0626, Vol.11 (38), issue 1, (2014

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Novel Fuzzy-Based Self-Adaptive Single Neuron PID Load Frequency Controller for Power System

References Bensenouci, A. and Ghany, A.A., (2010). Performance analysis and comparative study of LMI-based iterative PID load-frequency controllers of a singlearea power system. Power, 4, p.7. Blevins T. and Nixon, M. (2011). Control Loop Foundation Batch and Continuous Processes. North Carolina: International Society of Automation. Duman, S., Yorukeren, N. and Altas, I. H. (2012). Load frequency control of a single area power system using Gravitational Search Algorithm. International Symposium on Innovations

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The Effect of Interference Parameters on the Exploitation Capabilities of an Underwater Vehicle

References [1] Dulęba I., Metody i algorytmy planowania ruchu robotów mobilnych i manipulacyjnych, EXIT, Warszawa 2001 [Methods an algorithms used for planning movement of mobile and manipulation robots - available in Polish]. [2] Fossen T. I., Fjellstad O. E., Nonlinear modelling of marine vehicle in 6 degrees of freedom, ‘Journal of Mathematical Modelling of Systems’, 1995, No. 1. [3] Fossen T. I., Guidance and Control of Ocean Vehicles, John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 1994. [4] Garus J., Dynamika i

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