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Dispositional Goal Orientation, Beliefs about the Causes of Success and Intrinsic Satisfaction in Young Elite Paddlers

References Ames C. Achievement goals, motivational climate, and motivational processes. In Roberts GC, ed., Motivation in sport and exercise. Champaign, Il: Human Kinetics; 1992, 161-176. Balaguer I, Atienza FL. Principales motivos de los jóvenes para jugar al tenis. Apunts, Educación Física y Deportes. 1994; 31:285-299. Balaguer I. Entrenamiento psicológico del deporte. Valencia: Albatros; 1994. Balaguer I, Atienza FL, Castillo I, Moreno Y, Duda JL

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Laboratory and Field-Based Evaluation of Short-Term Effort with Maximal Intensity in Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

References Attia A, Hachana Y, Chaabène H, Gaddour A, Neji Z, Shephard RJ, Chelly MS. Reliability and validity of a 20-s alternative tot he Wingate anaerobic test in team sport male athletes. Plos One , 2014; 9(12): e114444 Baynard T, Pitetti KH, Guerra M, Unnithan VB, Frnhall B. Age-Related Changes in Aerobic Capacity in Individuals with Mental Retardation: A 20-yr Review. Med Sci Sports Exerc , 2008; 40(11): 1984–1989 Blomqvist S, Wester A, Sundelin G, Rehn B. Test–retest reliability, smallest real difference and concurrent validity of six

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Comparative Research on Inclusive Education in England, Germany, France and Turkey from the Perspective of Physical Activity

: Opportunities, limits, infrastructure. A Report of the Working Group on the Global Metal Flows to the International Resource Panel. 29. Ruffié, S., Ferez, S., & Lantz, E. (2014). From the institutionalization of ‘all disabilities’ to comprehensive sports integration: France joining the Paralympic movement (1954-2012). The International Journal of the History of Sport, 31 (17), 2245-2265. 30. Scelles, N., Durand, C., Bonnal, L., Goyeau, D., & Andreff, W. (2013). My team is in contention? Nice, I go to the stadium! Competitive intensity in the

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Changes of Body Posture in Elementary School Pupils by Applying Propriofoot Concept in P.E. Lessons

: Slovenský zväz rekreačnej telesnej výchovy a športu. 32. LEVEILLE S., 1998. Foot Pain, Disability in Older Women. American Journal of Epidemiology . 33. MALANGA, G. & J. RAMIREZ, 2008. Common Injuries of Foot and Ankle in the Childhood and Adolescent Athlete. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North America . 34. MARKO, M. & E. BENDÍKOVÁ, 2018. Level Changes of Musculoskeletal System in High School Female Students by Physical Program within the Physical and Sport Education . Istanbul : Marmara University. 35. MENZ, H., 2013. Foot

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Use of Mobile Fitness-Related Applications and Active Video Games in High-School Youth

Journal of Preventive Medicine 46(6), 649-652. 4. Vickey T., Breslin J., Williams A. (2013). Fitness - There’s an app for that: Review of mobile fitness apps. The International Journal of Sport and Society 3, 109-127. 5. Bergman R., Spellman J., Hall M., Bergman S. (2012). Is there a valid app for that? Validity of a free pedometer iPhone application. Journal of Physical Activity and Health 9, 670-676. 6. Janicki G. (2009). New aspects of leisure at the turn of the century. In Z. Dziubiński, K. Jankowski (eds), Physical

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The effects of extracurricular physical education classes on gross motor development in primary school children – pilot study

and the motor skill development of children with and without disabilities. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly , 21: 330-347. 31. Veldman S.L., Jones R.A., Okely A.D. (2016) Efficacy of gross motor skill interventions in young children: an updated systematic review. BMJ Open Sport Exercise Medicine, 2(1): e000067. 32. Williams H.G., Pfeiffer K.A., O’Neil J.R., Dowda M., Mclver K.L., Brown W.H., Pate R.R. (2008) Motor skill performance and physical activity in preschool children. Obesity , 16: 1-6.

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Strength in Young Italian Students: Results from Eurofit Test and Comparison Among European Data

References Brettschneider, W. D. & Naul R. (2004). Study on young people's lifestyles and sedentariness and the role of sport in the context of education and as a means of restoring the balance. Final report. Paderborn: University of Paderborn and Council of Europe Directorate-General for Education and Culture, Unit Sport. Telama, R. (2002). ICSSPE and initiatives for physical education. International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education Bulletin 34, 10-12. Saygin, O

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Marketing Sports Products on Facebook: The Effect of Social Influence

). Methodological Issues in Using Data from Social Networking Sites. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. Leng, H.K., Ngiam, H.S., & Kuo, T.Y. (2008). Limitations on the Use of Sports Celebrities in Influencing Consumption Behaviour. Paper presented at the Classifying Disability & Sports Technology Conference, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Singapore. O'Reilly, N., Berger, I.E., Hernandez, T., Parent, M.M., & Seguin, B. (2012). Understanding adolescent sport participation through online social media. Sport, Business and Management: An

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Are there correlations between attention, physical endurance and anthropometric parameters of athletes?

References 1. Bartolomeo P., Chokron S. (2002) Orienting of attention in left unilateral neglect. Neurosci. Biobehav. Rev ., 26: 217-234. 2. Beunen G., Malina R.M., Ostyn M., Renson R., Simons J., Van Gerven D. (1983) Fatness, growth and motor fitness of Belgian boys 12 through 20 years of age. Hum. Biol ., 55: 599-613. 3. Buxbaum L.J., Ferraro M.K., Veramonti T. (2004) Hemispatial neglect. Subtypes, neuroanatomy, and disability. Neurology , 62: 749-756. 4. Corbetta M., Kincade M.J., Lewis C., Snyder A.Z., Sapir A. (2005) Neural basis

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Communication Strategies Used by Physical Education Teachers and Coaches in Residential Schools for the Deaf in the U.S.

. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 13, 400-414. 10. Education for All Handicapped Children Act in 1975, Public Law 94-142. 11. Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004, Pub. L. No. 108-446 Stat. 2647 (2004). 12. ELLIS, M.K., L.J. LIEBERMAN and G.M. DUMMER, 2014. Parent influences on physical activity participation and physical fitness of deaf children. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 19(2), 270-281. 13. JANSMA, P. and R. FRENCH, 1994. Special Physical Education

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