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Victoria Ancuța Rus, Florina Ruța, Maria Sălcudean, Monica Tarcea, Costela Șerban, Călin Avram, Iustinian Simion and Theodora Benedek

: 9. Lichtenstein AH, Appel LJ, Brands M, et al. Diet and lifestyle recommendations revision 2006. A scientific statement from the American Heart Association nutrition committee. Circulation . 2006;114:82-96. 10. Hyun K, Flavia CD. Diagnostic status of hypertension on the adherence to the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet. Prev Med Rep . 2016;4:525-531. 11. Fung TT, Chiuve SE, McCullough ML, Rexrode KM, Logroscino G, Hu FB. Adherence to a DASH-Style Diet and Risk of

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Kalina Gjorgjievska, Dimce Zafirov, Maja Jurhar-Pavlova, Svetlana Cekovska, Emilija Atanasovska, Kristina Pavlovska and Dragica Zendelovska

Pharmacol Sci. 2006; 100: 370-90. 11. Susic D, Fares H, Frohlich E.D. Salt, Arterial pressure and cardiovascular and renal damage. Ochsner Journal. 2009; 9: 197-203. 12. Yuan B, Leenen FHH. Dietary sodium intake and left ventricular hypertrophy in normotensive rats.Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 1991; 261: H1397- H1401. 13. Meulemans D. Determination of total protein in spinal fluid with sulphosalycilic acid and trichloroacetate. Clin Chim Acta. 1961; 5: 757-61. 14. Bartels H and Bohmer M. Serum creatinine

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Joanna Róg and Hanna Karakuła-Juchnowicz

. 2016; 118: 137–146.. 21. Rapoport S.I., Rao J.S., Igarashi M. Brain metabolism of nutritionally essential polyunsaturated fatty acids depends on both the diet and the liver. Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids. 2007; 77(5-6): 251-61. 22. Hussein N., Ah-Sing E., Wilkinson P., Leach C., Griffin B.A., Millward D.J. Long-chain conversion of [13C]linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid in response to marked changes in their dietary in-take in men. J Lipid Res. 2005; 46(2): 269-80. 23. Pawlosky R., Hibbeln J., Lin Y., Salem N.Jr. n-3 fatty acid

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Natasa Eftimovska-Otovic, Risto Grozdanovski, Borjanka Taneva and Olivera Stojceva-Taneva

E, et al. Prescription of individualized dialysаte sodium in patients on chronic hemodialysis. MMP. 2013; 66(3): 174-180. 11. Jablonski Kl, Gates PE, Pierce GL. Low dietary sodium intake is associated with enhanced vascular endothelial function in middle aged and older adults with elevated systolic blood pressure. The Adv Cardiovasc Dis. 2009; 3: 347-356. 12. Chou KJ, Lee PT, Chen CL, et al. Physiological changes during hemodialysis in patients with intradialysis hypertension. Kidney Int. 2006; 69: 1833-1838. 13