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Agata Wawrzyniak, Jadwiga Hamułka, Małgorzata Drywień, Magdalena Górnicka, Jolanta Pierzynowska, Malwina Wojtaś, Małgorzata Gajewska, Joanna Frąckiewicz and Anna Gronowska-Senger

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Michaela Havrlentová, Zuzana Petruláková, Alena Burgárová, Soňa Gavurníková, Viera Červená, Ernest Šturdík, Ján Kraic and Alžbeta Žofajová

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Muammer Karadeniz, Yasemin D. Akçay, Hatice K. Yıldırım, Candeğer Yılmaz and Eser Y. Sözmen

of several natural antioxidants. J. Agric. Food Chem., 2002, 50, 2464-2469. 39. Teissedre P.L., Landrault N., Wine phenolics: contribution to dietary intake and bioavailability. Food Res. Int., 2000, 33, 461-467. 40. Tousoulis D., Ntarladimas I., Antoniades C., Vasiliadou C., Tentolouris C., Papageorgiou N., Latsios G., Stefanadis C., Acute effects of different alcoholic beverages on vascular endothelium, infl ammatory markers and thrombosis fi brinolysis system. Clin. Nutr., 2008, 27, 594-600. 41. van der Gaag M

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Věra Bunešová, M. Joch, S. Musilová and V. Rada

: Zappia V, Della Ragione F, Barbarisi A, Russo G, Iacovo R (eds): Advances in nutrition and cancer 2. Springer US, 149-158. Duncan SH, Belenguer A, Holtrop G, Johnstone AM, Flint HJ, Lobley GE (2007): Reduced dietary intake of carbohydrates by obese subjects results in decreased concentrations of butyrate and butyrate-producing bacteria in feces. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 73, 1073-1078. doi: 10.1128/ AEM.02340-06. Ferrocino I, Di Cagno R, De Angelis M, Turroni S, Vannini L, Bancalari E, Rantsiou K, Cardinali G, Neviani E

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Michaela Holá, Miloš Ježek, Tomáš Kušta and Jaroslav Červený

., Menchenton, K., 2005: Foliar fibre predicts diet selection by invasive Red Deer Cervus elaphus scoticus in a temperate New Zeland forest. Functional Ecology, 19:495–504. Gebert, C., Verheyden-Tixier, H., 2001: Variations of diet composition of Red Deer ( Cervus elaphus L.) in Europe. Mammal Review, 31:3–4. Hodgman, T. P., Davitt, B. B., Nelson, J. R., 1996: Monitoring mule deer diet quality and intake with fecal indices. Journal of Range Management, 49:215–222. Holá, M., 2012: Spatial and Temporal Variation in the Quality of Summer Foods for Herbivores

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Vaheid Chekani-Azar and Saeid Chekani-Azar

-98. Berger E, Tigemeyer C, Bourquin LD (1991): Intake, digestibility, and in situ digestion kinetics of treated wheat straw and alfalfa mixtures fed to Holstein heifer. J Dairy Sci 74: 3524-3534. Boda K (ed.) (1990): Nonconventional feed stuffs in the nutrition of farm animals. Elsevier, Amsterdam. Boudet AM (2000): Lignins and lignification: selected issues. Plant Physiol Biochem 38: 81-96. Brown WF, Kunkle WE (2005): Improving the feeding value of hay by anhydrous Ammonia treatment

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Elena Peñas, Danuta Zielińska, Piotr Gulewicz, Henryk Zieliński and Juana Frias

of the integral antioxidant capacity of baobab products. Food Chem., 2007, 102, 1352-1356. 4. Domínguez-Perles R., García-Viguera C., Moreno D.A., Brassica foods as a dietary source of vitamin C: a review. Crit. Rev. Food Sci. Nutr., 2014, 54, 1076-1091. 5. Ducsay L., Ložek O., Varga L., The infl uence of selenium soil application on its content in spring wheat. Plant Soil Env., 2009, 55, 80-84. 6. Elwan M.W.M., Abd El Hamed K.E., Infl uence of nitrogen form, growing season and sulfur fertilization on yield and the

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Tamara Nosenko, Tetyana Kot and Volodymyr Kichshenko

, 950-962. 4. Bonnesen C., Eggleston I.M., Hayes J.D., Dietary indoles and isothiocyanates that are generated from cruciferous vegetables can both stimulate apoptosis and confer protection against DNA damage in human colon cell lines. Cancer Res., 2001, 61, 6120-6130. 5. FAO/WHO/UNU. Energy and protein requirements. Reports of a joint FAO/WHO/UNU expert consultation. World Health Organization Technical Report Series 724. WHO. Geneva, Switzerland, 1985. 6. Harris W.S., The omega-3 index as a risk factor for coronary heart

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Anna Żbikowska and Krzysztof Krygier

References Aro A., Van Amelsvoort J., Becker W., Van Erp-Baart M. A., Kalatos A., Leth T., Van Poppel G., Trans fatty acids in dietary fats and oils from 14 European countries: The TRANSFAIR Study. J. Food Comp. Anal., 1998, 11, 137-149. Astrup A., The trans fatty acids story in Denmark. Atherosclerosis, 2006, Suppl. 7, 43-46. Bhanger M. I., Anwar F., Fatty acids (FA) composition and contents of trans unsaturated FA in hydrogenated vegetable oils and blended fats from Pakistan

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Mirosław Jarosz and Katarzyna Wolnicka

. eds., Interakcje leków z żywnością i alkoholem. 2004, Borgis, Warsaw, pp. 3-215 (in Polish). Johnson B. F., Rodin S. M., Hoch K., Shekar V., The effect of dietary fiber on the bioavailability of digoxin in capsules. J. Clin. Pharmacol., 1987, 27, 487-490. Jung H., Peregrina A. A., Rodriguez J. M., Moreno-Esparza R., The influence of coffee with milk and tea with milk on the bioavailability of tetracycline. Biopharm. Drug Dispos., 1997, 18, 459-463. Kardas P., Ratajczyk-Pakalska E., Not