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Krzysztof Lutnicki, Eligiusz Madej, Tomasz Riha and Łukasz Kurek

, 78-85. 33. Parcell S.: Sulfur in human nutrition and applications in medicine. Altern Med Rev 2002, 7, 22-44. 34. Rousseaux C.G., Olkowski A.A., Chauvet A., Gooneratne S.R., Christenson D.A.: Ovine polioencephalomalacia associated with dietary sulphur intake. J Vet Med 1991, 38, 229. 35. Sikora J., Jasiński T.: Martwica kory mózgowej - brak tiaminy, nadmiar siarki czy jeszcze inne czynniki Magazyn Wet 2012, 21, 1060-1062. 36. Smith G.M., White C.L.: A molybdenum - sulphur - cadmium interaction in sheep

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Alpay Güvenç

, Reed RL. Effect of religious practices of Ramadan on sleep and perceived sleepiness of medical students. Teach Learn Med, 2004; 16: 145-149 Maughan RJ, Bartagi Z, Dvorak J, Zerguini Y. Dietary intake and body composition of football players during the holy month of Ramadan. J Sport Sci, 2008; 26 (Suppl. 3): 29-38 McMillan K, Helgerud J, Grant SJ, Newell J, Wilson J, Mcdonald R, Hoff J. Lactate threshold responses to a season of professional British youth soccer. Brit J Sport Med, 2005; 39: 432

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Gliga Camelia, Marcu Simona and Gliga M

al. Dietary calcium intake and risk of fracture and osteoporosis: prospective longitudinal cohort study. BMJ. 2011;342: d1473. 13. Bischoff-Ferrari HA, Willett WC, Wong JB, et al. Prevention of nonvertebral fractures with oral vitamin D and dose dependency: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Arch Intern Med. 2009;169(6):551-61. 14. Watts NB, Bilezikian JP, Camacho PM, et al. American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Medical Guidelines for Clinical Practice for the diagnosis and treatment of postmenopausal

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Maja Lazarus, Andreja Prevendar Crnić, Nina Bilandžić, Josip Kusak and Slaven Reljić

. Burger J, Gochfeld M. Role of wild game in the diet of recreationists in South Carolina. J Environ Plann Manage 2002;45:103-28. doi: 10.1080/09640560120100213 54. Sapunar-Postružnik J, Bazulic D, Kubala H, Balint L. Estimation of dietary intake of lead and cadmium in the general population of the Republic of Croatia. Sci Total Environ 1996;177:31-5. PMID: 8584917 55. National Residue Monitoring Program (NRMP). Uputa za uzimanje uzoraka za potrebe državnog programa monitoringa rezidua (DPMR-a) i postupanje po nesukladnom nalazu [Instructions for sampling for the

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Ilze Konrāde, Ieva Kalere, Ieva Strēle, Marina Makrecka-Kūka, Vija Veisa, Didzis Gavars, Dace Rezeberga, Valdis Pīrāgs, Aivars Lejnieks, Uģis Gruntmanis, Lolita Neimane, Edgars Liepiņš and Maija Dambrova

REFERENCES Anonymous (2007). ACOG Committee Opinion No. 381. Subclinical hypothyroidism in pregnancy. Obstetr. Gynecol. , 110 , 959–960. Anonymous (2008). Assessment of iodine deficiency disorders and monitoring their elimination. A guide for programme managers. Third edition. World Health Organization, UNICEF, ICCIDD. Available from: (accessed 15 May 2016). Anonymous (2014). Sodium intake for adults and children. WHO. Available from:

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Maja Mauric, Kristina Starcevic, Sven Mencik, Mario Ostovic and Anamaria Ekert Kabalin

., Karacay, N., Yamak, U., Kop, C., Altop, A. (2009). Growth, slaughter and gastrointestinal tract traits of three turkey genotypes under barn and free-range housing systems. Brit. Poult. Sci. 50, 487-494. PMid:19735018 18. Herendy, V., Sütő, Z., Horn, P. (2003). Characteristics of improvement in the turkey production in the last 30 years. Agric. Conspec. Sci. 68, 127-131. 19. Simopoulos, A.P. (2013). Dietary omega-3 fatty acid deficiency and high fructose intake in the development of metabolic syndrome, brain

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Peter-Damian Chukwunomso Jiwuba, Lydia Chidimma Jiwuba and Moses Udoha Onyekwere

meal (MOLM) in their diets. Comparative Clinical Pathology.2017;26 (3);621-624. 17. Jiwuba PC, Ahamefule FO, Okechukwu SO, Ikwunze K. Feed intake, body weight changes and haematology of West African dwarf goats fed dietary levels of Moringa oleifera leaf meal. Agricultura, 2016C;13(1-2):71-77. 18. Jiwuba PC, Ezenwaka LC, Ikwunze K, Nsidinanya NO. Blood profile of West African Dwarf goats fed provitamin A cassava peel-centrosema leaf meal based diets. Analele Stiintifice ale Universitatii,, Alexandru Ioan Cuz”, Sectiunea Genetica si

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Albena Merdzhanova, Diana A. Dobreva, Mona Stancheva and Lubomir Makedonski

Catalog (2011), [25] *** Danish Food Composition Databank, Department of Nutrition, National Food Institute (2009). [26] V. Öhrvik, A. Malmborg, I. Mattisson, S. Wretling and C. Åstrand, Fish, shellfish and fish products - analysis of nutrients, LIVSMEDELS VERKET, NATIONAL FOOD AGENCY, Sweden (2012). [27] *** FNB (2011): Dietary reference intakes for Calcium and Vitamin D, [28] *** EFSA, Tolerable upper

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Sandra Sobolewska and Eugeniusz R. Grela

References Bernet M.F., Brassart D., Neeser J.R., Servin A.L. (1993). Adhesion of human bifidobacterial strains to cultured human intestinal epithelial cells and inhibition of enteropathogen-cell interactions. Appl. Environ. Microbiol., 59: 4121-4128. CIE (1976). Colorimetry. 2nd ed. Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage, Vienna. Coumssement P. (1999). Inulin and oligofructose: safe intakes and legal status. J. Nutr., 129: 1412-1417. DuganM.E.R., Aalhus J.L., Uttaro B. (2004). Nutritional

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Chen-Kang Chang, Katarina Borer and Po-Ju Lin

Introduction For the past several decades, the mainstream scientific opinion on healthy diets and the recommendations for dietary intake have favored high-carbohydrate and low-fat (HCLF) diets. This position has led most countries in the world to issue dietary guidelines in favor of lowering dietary fat and increasing starch and fiber intake ( Myers et al., 2013 ). These guidelines have largely been followed as dietary carbohydrate content has gradually increased at the expense of fat ( Johnston et al., 2014 ). Despite the scientific and dietary progress in